Instagram Is Reportedly Testing A Custom Sticker Tool

Instagram Is Reportedly Testing A Custom Sticker Tool | The Enterprise World

According to a report from Engadget, Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, recently showcased a new custom sticker feature on the platform through a video shared on his broadcast channel. This upcoming tool is expected to allow Instagram users to pick a subject in a photo, remove its background, and utilize it as a sticker in a manner similar to regular stickers used in posts for stories or reels. Users will apparently have the ability to create custom stickers not only from photos stored on their own devices but also from “eligible images they encounter on Instagram.” This suggests that it may be possible to create stickers from other users’ content, although there will likely be an option to decline this.

Instagram’s forthcoming custom sticker feature seems reminiscent of the sticker feature introduced to iOS 16 by Apple last year, which permits users to include custom stickers in Instagram posts. You can even fashion stickers from other people’s content by taking screenshots.

 Adam Mosseri demonstrates how features will work 

Nevertheless, the potential capability to create stickers directly from other users’ images within Instagram could simplify the process. Instagram is currently in the testing phase of this sticker creation feature, which will enable users to produce custom stickers from their personal photos and, in certain situations, from the photos of other users.

These stickers can then be placed over other content in Reels or Stories. Adam Mosseri provided a brief demonstration of how this feature will work in the shared video on his broadcast channel. Additionally, he mentioned that users will be able to generate these stickers from “eligible images seen on Instagram.” While further details were not disclosed, this implies that users may have the option to allow their images to be used for sticker creation.

It is essential to note that this feature is still in the testing phase and has not yet been made available to all users. In recent developments, the platform has also started testing a new polling feature that will appear in the comments section under feed posts.

Number of participants in a specific poll will be visible to other users

Instagram is gearing up to introduce a feature that allows users to create polls in the comments section of their posts. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced this new feature in a video shared on his broadcast channel, highlighting that the testing phase has already commenced and it will soon be available for all users. This enhancement opens up additional avenues for content creators to engage with their audience, generating more interaction around their posts.

These comment section polls will bear a resemblance to the polls seen in Instagram Stories, which have been available to users for quite some time in the form of stickers. In the image shared by Mosseri, it’s evident that the number of participants in a specific poll will be visible to other users. The exact duration for which polls will remain open once posted, and whether users will have the option to select different timeframes for continued voting, akin to Twitter polls, remains unclear at this point.

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