Interview with Alex Bobes – CTO of CasinoAlpha and Philanthropist 

Interview with Alex Bobes: CTO of CasinoAlpha and Philanthropist | The Enterprise World

We had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Bobes, an innovative mind and leading expert in the world of technology. 

As the CTO of CasinoAlpha, Alex Bobes continuously tries to use the best tech protocols to offer a seamless navigation experience for users. We discussed his tech-based, multifaceted approach to expanding businesses and his contribution to supporting his community. Let’s dive into Alex’s unique insights on emerging thriving businesses and learn more about Taxi Gratis’ uplifting mission. 

Who is Alex Bobes?

Alex Bobes: “As an information technology specialist for over a decade, I have had the chance to cultivate expertise across multiple pivotal areas such as Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. However, my theoretical knowledge is channelled into my mission to apply these technologies to help transform organizations and lead their business towards growth in their competitive industries. 

I constantly strive for innovation and seek ways to overcome inevitable obstacles as I explore the next step in the digital frontier to meet tangible business goals. My formula for success implies a tech-based approach and hands-on leadership to equip companies with a clear pathway to prosper in today’s digital landscape.”

How did you become an expert in your field? What makes you stand out?

Alex Bobes: “My analytical approach has always revolved around technical skills, even at the beginning of my career, while completing my studies in tech and law and then serving in IT support positions. From there, I gained the insights and experience I required to pursue senior engineering and management positions, guiding teams across several industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and now gaming.

I am passionate about staying up-to-date so that I can find innovative ways to enhance users’ experience and provide a safe gaming space. “

What is CasinoAlpha, and how has it evolved since you became CTO?

Interview with Alex Bobes: CTO of CasinoAlpha and Philanthropist | The Enterprise World

Alex Bobes: “CasinoAlpha is a reviewing platform focused on comparing the industry’s online casinos. Its primary mission is to provide players with unbiased recommendations. Since joining CasinoAlpha’s team, I have focused on enhancing our casino database, improving our website’s performance and security, and developing in-house tools to optimize our reviewing process. 

Also, our project is now available globally, so our team is determined to reach international players.”

What are your goals for CasinoAlpha?

A.B.: “CasinoAlpha’s mission is to raise awareness on the importance of responsible and safe gaming practices. Thus, we stress the importance of players’ safety and making informed decisions online. We prioritize informing our users on the pros and cons of each service, maintaining a transparent and objective perspective. As competitive as this market gets, users can easily be deceived. Through my work, I aim to provide secure gaming services tailored to players’ needs and custom to worldwide regulations. 

In the future, I hope we can make a difference in the gambling space and inspire operators to implement fair practices according to the regulations and authorities so players can truly have a seamless experience.”

What is TaxiGratis? Tell us more about your latest philanthropic background. 

Alex Bobes: “TaxiGratis is a non-profit organization meant to provide free transportation to patients who cannot afford it, especially people battling severe illnesses or disabilities. Disabled patients do not have access to proper vehicles and cannot benefit from their treatments as effortlessly as others. TaxiGratis was founded in 2013 and currently relies on donations and volunteer work. It is a dear project of mine, and I am determined to use my platform to make TaxiGratis even more known and help as much as we can.

For example, TaxiGratis offered support to the medical staff during the pandemic, providing free transportation. It is important to help others in need, especially in times of crisis, as we needed to protect our medical staff during a health crisis.”

How do you inspire your team at CasinoAlpha to continuously aim to deliver better results?

Interview with Alex Bobes: CTO of CasinoAlpha and Philanthropist | The Enterprise World

Alex Bobes: “My principle behind managing a team is simple – I lead by example. I push my team to understand our users’ needs and preferences to find the right solutions to their obstacles. Another important aspect is celebrating my teams’ achievements and informing them of their performance and potential. I am keen on guiding them patiently and maintaining our shared commitment to improve players’ experience. 

Also, managing a team means investing in your people – that’s why I make sure my team members always have access to tools and training opportunities that make their job easier while also updating them on the latest tech trends.”

What are two professional goals you are hoping to achieve?

Alex Bobes: “There’s always room to improve and take our projects to the next level. Our next step involves the expansion of our project to wider markets, and that’s what we are aiming for our CasinoAlpha global project.

However, when it comes to TaxiGratis, my main focus is spreading awareness and gaining more volunteers. My goal is to create a medium-sized fleet of vehicles dedicated full-time to patients in need, and who knows, maybe in the future, we can help more people in need of free and accessible transportation throughout the entire country.”

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