Recent Inventions in Cancer Treatment in the USA

inventions in cancer treatment

Recent inventions and innovations have given way to much progress in cancer treatment. According to a report, cancer deaths have dropped to as much as 1.8% for men, 1.4% for women, and 1.4% for children due to better treatments and prevention. Early detection of cancer, better preventive measures, and advanced Inventions in Cancer Treatment have made this possible. Here are the recent inventions in cancer treatment that are helping in the reduction of cancer deaths.

1. Gathering Genomic Data

The genomic data means the genome and DNA of a person. This is a new program where the medical institutes are forming a database of the people’s genomes. They will then undergo genome sequencing which will help them to find out more about their DNA. This will help to speed up medical research. This research will help to target Inventions in Cancer Treatment to the individuals who may probably suffer from cancer and take precision medicine to a different level. There will be early detection of cancer in the patients and it will speed up the recovery process.

The Ratio of Cancer Deaths has dropped due to Early detection of cancer, better preventive measures and advanced inventions in cancer treatment.

2. Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is a medical process where there is a customization of health care, so that the medicines, treatments are targeted and tailored to a particular individual. This has helped the patients with cancer as the right treatment is given to the patient throughout the course at the right point which helps for an efficient treatment and brought inventions in cancer treatment. Precision medicine takes into account the medical history of each patient, the test results, examines the genetic make-up of each patient, and then targets the medicine in that particular way.

3. Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy is a process in which there is a stimulation of the artificial immune system to treat cancer. It improves the immune system’s natural ability to fight cancer cells. The scientists analyze the tumors to identify the biomarkers so that they can indicate which immune therapy will succeed to turn the attacks on the cells. Recently immunotherapy drugs are used to treat different types of cancers such as bladder cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, head and neck cancer, and kidney cancer.

4. Radiotherapy

Brachytherapy or the radiotherapy used to treat cancer, especially prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. The process involves the planting or leaving of small radioactive particles or seeds at the site of the malignant tumor and brought inventions in cancer treatment. These implants help to provide stable tumor implants and have a limited risk of radiation side effects.

5. BRCA Testing

BRCA testing is a kind of blood test that uses DNA analysis to identify harmful changes or mutations that might have taken place in either of the two breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1 or BRCA2. This BRCA test can determine whether a person carries a BRCA mutation gene. This test is not routinely performed and is performed only on women who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

6. Use of ct scan to detect lung cancer

X-Rays usually do not help to detect the nodes in the lungs that may lead to lung cancer as they provide a 2D image of the lungs. But a CT scan provides a 3D image of the lungs because it takes many pictures of you as it rotates you around. The computer then combines these images of the slices of your body part under examination and provides a 3D image. It thus helps to show the lung tumors, and also the size, shape, and position of the tumor.

These latest inventions in cancer treatment have helped to reduce the deaths by cancer. Evolving technologies will help to detect cancer earlier and will be even more efficient.

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