IT jobs are the most coveted worldwide, according to new study

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  • New data from Compare the Market Australia has revealed that Information Technology (IT) is the most searched industry in the job market
  • Construction and Healthcare were also popular industries for job vacancy searches
  • On a national level, IT jobs were the most searched for in 15 of the 39 countries included in the study

There is a large cohort of people reviewing their career after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down businesses and had people (who didn’t lose their job) working from home. 

According to research from Compare the Market, the IT industry is the most searched industry within the job market, out of 19 industry categories, based on internet searches for the term “IT jobs”. 

Across 39 countries included in the study, there were 3.560 people per 100,000 searching for IT jobs online each month, based on the total population. A fairly broad term, Information Technology is a crucial aspect of our modern society, and since the pandemic IT jobs have been in even more demand than ever before.

IT vacancies were followed by interest in Construction and Healthcare, which had a search rate of 2.723 and 2.721 per 100,000 respectively. The global COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how crucial these industries are, which could be why they are so popular in online searches in recent months.

The table below showcases the monthly search rate for the 19 different industries analysed in Compare the Market’s report.

Industry search termSearch rate per 100,000
IT jobs3.560
Construction jobs2.723
Healthcare jobs2.721
Retail jobs1.662
Real estate jobs1.290
Mining jobs1.166
Hospitality jobs1.070
Education jobs1.029
Admin jobs0.928
Defence jobs0.683
Manufacturing jobs0.557
Communication jobs0.466
Transportation jobs0.330
Industrial jobs0.193
Energy jobs0.182
Water treatment jobs0.133
Creative industries jobs0.026
Emergency service jobs0.015
Professional service jobs0.007

General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, Adrian Taylor, notes that business managers should keep in mind that different industries will be wanting to tap into this market of jobseekers – which makes hiring staff more competitive than ever before.

“There is a great opportunity for businesses right now looking to access a growing cohort of jobseekers, but it is still hard to hire new staff. With a lot of focus on getting head counts up its important businesses don’t forget to have support and coverage in place for when things go wrong,” says Taylor.

“Businesses may also want to consider management liability to help cover any issues regarding managers and employees. This helps protect the business and the employees by ensuring there is liability and compensation support in the event of unfair dismissal lawsuits.”

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