It’s Really a Time to Break Mediocrity!

It’s really a time to break mediocrity.

It’s Really a Time to Break Mediocrity!

The Internet is a real invention of democratic values! The journey of the Internet, which started from four or five metropolises in India, from the high-rise settlements where even the most expensive services could be afforded at the outset, continues today across rugged roads, mountain ranges to various corners of the country. Today, nearly 70 million people in the country use the Internet. The number of Internet users has more than doubled in the last five years.

Time to Break Mediocrity!

In the last five years, the face of the rapidly evolving Internet has changed dramatically, with rapidly changing technologies, consequently cheaper smartphones in the market, and in addition data rates falling due to competition from Internet service providers. Today, India is a huge market for the cheapest smartphones in the world. Internet service rates in India are very low compared to other countries.

1 GB of data costs around Rs 18.5 in India, but the rest of the world spends an average of Rs 600 for the same amount of data. Given this huge price difference, the current era is a boon for Internet users in India. As a result of this cheapness, as many internet users as there were in the country in the first twenty years have been connected to the Internet in the last five years.

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Today, many businesses are emerging that are completely internet dependant, but at the same time, government schemes, banking, even schooling … everywhere, the use of the Internet as an alternative to facilitation is increasing. Laptops at home, students sitting in front of mobiles, and teachers teaching them from a distance, a picture that seemed impossible even a few months ago have become a part of the daily life of most people around the country today. It’s a Time to Break Mediocrity!

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In these few years, the sudden expansion of the digital universe and the upheaval that followed has come to a turning point. We have stopped here! Now is the time to move beyond innovation and unspoken enthusiasm to focus on building this digital world with more vigor.

In a sense, the Internet is the epitome of what it is all about. Everyone should take as much as they can see from their window. Take a stroll, fill your eyes; Just remember that what we are seeing while doing this is a micro part of a larger world. It’s a Time to Break Mediocrity!

Innovation is the key to a happier future and the future is now!

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