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“An entrepreneur is someone who starts and runs their own business”

Jessica Morissette, a fearless leader making waves in the digital world. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce her as The Most Influential Woman Business Leaders To Watch. 

The precise definition of an entrepreneur may vary, but when it comes to being an ambitious one, Jessica Morissette is a clear portrait of it. The simplest way to think of it is someone who takes on the risk of starting a new business. 

Entrepreneur is responsible for all aspects of their business, right from the initial planning stages to the day-to-day operations. They are also responsible for the financial risks and rewards of their business. If the business is successful, they will reap the rewards and if it fails, they will suffer the consequences. 

It is evident that it takes a huge deal to become successful at a business, as each one is unique and each entrepreneur has their own goals. However, there are some common qualities that many successful entrepreneurs share such as creativity, determination, and risk-taking and Jessica is the spokesperson of these. 

With JM Virtual Solutions, Jessica is creating a strong foundation for female entrepreneurs and small businesses. She sees herself as a proud small business marketer helping female entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their goals using the power of social media marketing

Where has this beautiful journey started? 

1. Get, set, go 

“Today, I am happy to say that as a social media strategist with a passion for supporting female entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

The outset of Jessica’s journey started at the beginning of the pandemic. She had been working in the hospitality industry for almost seven years at the time. Unfortunately, like many others, she too had to go through the effects of the pandemic and was laid off from her position as a Front Office Manager and Sales Coordinator. In the blink of an eye, the world changed drastically around her, and she knew realised that in order to adapt, she would need to make some adjustments. 

Family is something that always comes though. An insightful conversation with her sister and her entrepreneurial journey as a Virtual Assistant has given Jessica the right direction to achieve new heights. 

“At the time, I thought I could never run my own business.”

After recalling the conversation and some extensive research, Jessica took a Virtual Assistant (VA) course, and finally launched JM Virtual Solutions, LLC by the end of December 2020. This gave Jessica the absolute freedom, the vision to support others while using her full potential. 

When she first launched JM Virtual Solutions, she was doing general virtual assistant work, clueless as to which services to offer or whom to get connected with. Thus, she dabbled in a bit of everything and working with any client who was willing to work with a new VA. 

Before she could niche down her business into Social Media Marketing, it took Jessica about four months of exploration. However, soon enough, her new found passion knew no limits. She could achieve everything that she dreamed of. 

“Doing what I do has given me the ability to impact the lives of women entrepreneurs every day. I couldn’t be more proud of an achievement like that.”

Going ahead, she plans to work on the Master of Science degree in marketing with a concentration in social media. Well, what can we say! After all, Social Media is her calling. 

2. JM Virtual Solutions – A game-changer 

JM Virtual Solutions launched in December of 2020 with a mission to support female entrepreneurs and small businesses. As the founder, strategist, and creative behind JM Virtual Solutions, Jessica’s focus is on using the power of social media to help female entrepreneurs and small businesses get visible, implement strategies, and simplify their social media marketing to grow their businesses. 

With a clear mission to ensure the clients achieve all of their social media goals, the company creates a customized social media strategy for each business so the brands can continue to thrive. The company has had the pleasure of working with over fourteen women in the online space, helping them implement social media strategies that align with their business goals to help them achieve. 

“I feel blessed to be able to wake up every day to do work I am truly passionate about that also provides me with the freedom I was looking for and best of all, there are no limitations as to where my business can go.”

3. Stepping stones 

In the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey, Jessica faced a few challenges in her share. As a new small business, there is a constant juggle for sure, especially for a solo businesswoman without a team backing her up. 

The initial challenge of being an entrepreneur was efficiently managing the workload. However, Jessica overcame these challenges with an interesting yet practical approach. Having an initial acknowledgment of her time and its use for an efficient work pattern, she implemented more systems and processes. The outcome was quite productive with more accomplishments during the work hours and less feeling of overwhelming. It’s time to take a leaf out of Jessica’s book. 

“The second challenge I faced a lot, especially in the early stages of my journey, was imposter syndrome. There were times when I thought I could not build a successful and sustainable business. After weeks of jumping on discovery calls, pitching to clients, just to receive a no became very defeating after a while. What helped me through these moments was utilizing affirmations and positive self-talk. I believe mind-set is a powerful thing in everything we do. When we have the right mind-set, I truly believe we can achieve anything.” says Jessica. 

The last challenge was getting the clarity of the audience. Once that was niched down to social media marketing, things fell into place. The company noticed greater results. 

4. Strategies to success 

“I contribute a lot to where I am today to having a positive mind-set.”

At the beginning of 2021, the company restricted its business, right from pricing strategy. This not only gave the business the needed opportunity to scale but also it got more aligned with its clientele. It became the right fit for everyone. 

The strategies behind the success of JM Virtual Solutions are nothing short of consistency, hard work, motivation, right communication, niching down the target audience, and most importantly, understanding the needs of the audience. Having a clear message that resonates with the audience is really the key. Once there is an understanding on how to solve the client issues and how to communicate with the solutions, the business is golden from there on. 

According to Jessica, “In the beginning, your entrepreneur journey will be hard. You’re learning constantly, trying to determine what works and what doesn’t. However, with consistency, hard work, and motivation, you will continue to move forward and in doing so work toward building a successful business. This has been my experience from when I started JM Virtual Solutions to where the business is now.” 

2022 has been an exciting year for JM Virtual Solutions as the business is starting to gain recognition for the growth it is achieving and the impact it is making within the social media space. 

5. Making a change 

“JM Virtual Solutions is the bridge that connects its clients to their audience.”

What makes JM Virtual Solutions stand out is that the business really takes the time to understand its clients and who the audience is that they are targeting. The company creates a customized social media marketing strategy that humanizes the client’s business and puts them directly in front of their target audience. Having started with the strategy, the company moves on to planning content, content creation, and copywriting. 

They believe in an omni-channel approach when it comes to social media marketing. They cater to the clients’ needs by taking care of all of their social media marketing. 

JM Virtual Solutions focuses on providing three primary services that set the clients apart from the rest of the market: 

Social Media + Content Marketing: Have a custom social media marketing strategy created for your business. Use social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic + content marketing to attract, engage, and retain your audience by creating and sharing the right content.

Social Media Strategy VIP Session:

Book a 1:1 60-minute Social Media Strategy intensive call where I create a customized social media plan for your business + an analytics call to see what’s working and what needs to be improved.

Social Media Audit: 

A personalized video from me walking you through my suggestions on how to revamp your current social media platforms.

Next power move 

“I believe social media is a powerful tool for businesses if used correctly.”

In the next five to ten years, JM Virtual Solutions aims to create a top-tiered social media agency to assist women entrepreneurs to succeed and achieve their goals. 

Building a team of like-minded individuals would allow the company to provide more opportunities to those looking to start a career or business in social media marketing as well. 

By growing the business into an agency, the company will be able to make more impact while empowering others. 

Words of wisdom – Jessica Morissette 

“My advice to the next generation of aspiring and budding Business people is to dare to be different, dare to be bold, and never be afraid to stand up and stand out. Follow your heart, and your passion, and know that no dream or goal is unattainable. The only way to reach success is to keep moving forward. There will always be obstacles on your path, but by pushing forward you will always be one step closer to obtaining success. Remember, there is no failure, only the opportunity to learn and grow.”

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