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Each Person - Changing Cultures | Matt Norbury | The Enterprise World

Each Person is leading the way in employee recognition and rewards, doing more for you, your people, and the planet.

Each Person understands there is no one-size fits all model for engaging and inspiring staff. That is why Each Person provides a flexible, tailored, easy-to-use, easy-to-reward and automated solution to fit the needs of diverse, people-first companies.

An easy-to-use and automated system, Each Person is designed to help businesses retain and attract talent in an increasingly competitive world of workplace cultures. With 66% of employees now saying they would quit their job if they don’t feel recognised, Each Person can be quickly embedded as your recognition and rewards system before it’s too late.

Each Person helps Human Resources teams create and sustain a culture of valued, motivated, and engaged employees through ‘in the moment’ recognition and rewards – rewards which are not just related to consumer products but to mental, physical and financial wellbeing as well.

1. Each Person – Capturing and Managing Talent for You 

Each Person is a software solution provider, aimed at enabling employers to attract and retain their people. Each Person and its team go a step beyond this process by helping protect future generations.

For an employer, it’s always a tough task to keep hold of their human resource, to keep them aligned, and attracted to their business. This task has become more challenging than ever now. Employee expectations are constantly rising, as the role of the employers moves massively from being someone who pays a salary to someone responsible for their employee’s mental, financial, and physical health.

Each Person and its team help employers deliver that. It’s about helping them to have a culture that appreciates their employees and shows that their efforts matter, they matter. Each Person achieves this through their revolutionary employee recognition and rewards automated system.

“It’s part recognition and it’s part reward. And sometimes they’re combined and sometimes they’re separate. But it’s about a living and breathing situation with employers looking into their workforce.” – Team Each Person 

2. Who are Each Person, and how have they established themselves to become a leading HR software solution provider?

Each Person offers cutting-edge employee recognition, peer-to-peer recognition, manager to peer recognition, enabling the business to attract and retain talent in today’s increasingly competitive world of workplace cultures. 

They also offer long service programs, nomination schemes, employee savings programs, and more as they know a lot of things take importance with employers and how they engage with their employees.

And the other side of their software is the rewards. It’s about having a reward offering that allows employers to give employees rewards, be that in points form or actual physical gifts.

Each Person features include:

  • Employee Rewards & Vouchers (powered by epoints)
  • Ecards
  • Nomination schemes – like employee of the month!
  • Staff Savings Club
  • Cashback (highest in the market)
  • 6% interest paid on staff Epoints balance
  • Eco initiatives
  • HR dashboard
  • Real-time report generation 

And so much more

During the initial phase of Each Person, their major concern was to establish credibility and create trust in the market. Since the HR software solution space is a fiercely crowded market, there are lots of different offerings for employers that they can leverage to look after their people and provide benefits to them. 

Also, Each Person and its team were transitioning from being an exclusive reward provider to evolving their offering to deliver a compelling and comprehensive recognition solution integrated with rewards. That involved a lot of technical challenges and required out-of-the-box thinking and solutions.

It is the unique offerings, benefits, and successful implementations of Each Person that has allowed them to push past the competition and gain a dominant position in the market as one of the most trusted HR service providers!

3. What is the All-inclusive platform of Each Person and how is it a class apart?

It’s the broadest reward range in the market!

There’s something for everyone and you can use your points to buy things, effectively the points mean you save money. There’s a big saving element as every time you shop through the platform, even if you’re using points, you earn Epoints Cashback, and that Epoints Cashbacks can save you money on your future orders.

So, it delivers huge savings to employees at a time when the cost of living is a massive burden on people and this is a great way of helping them save money. In addition, Each Person enables employees to save for big spending occasions and automate the saving out of the salary, helping them put money aside and build up towards Christmas day or a birthday or a holiday.

Each Person’s all-inclusive platform offers a 6% interest on savings versus keeping money in the bank, where you get little to no interest. Each Person’s all-inclusive platform is bringing together a very compelling reward range which incidentally also includes learning and development opportunities to upskill and learn new skills, but with a great savings program.

What pulls great engagement to Each Person’s all-inclusive platform is the combination of all these rewards into a single offering, whereas a lot of employers fall into the trap of having a separate silo kind of deals, perks, etc. whose offering isn’t connected with their wider business and therefore resulting in lower to nil interactions.

Each Person’s platform is highly sought-after and a class-apart owing to the dedication and focus of the team on listening to customers and understanding their problems. They understood their challenges and unleashed their creativity to solve problems using their technology and reward scheme to help employers save resources and time.

The team has automated things that consume time and resources, enabling their clients to embed their values and create a fantastic work culture that celebrates people and that supports their employees!

4. How Each Person waded through the challenges imposed Covid-19 pandemic?

The workplace has drastically changed in the past two years and continues to evolve at pace with hybrid and displaced workforces now commonplace. Connecting, motivating and supporting staff well-being is now imperative for businesses.

The covid-19 pandemic just accelerated a trend that was already happening – Remote Working. That created additional pressure on businesses, and that pressure was that their employees felt less connected to their employers than ever, less appreciated, felt isolated, and remote.

The pandemic also accelerated a trend around financial pressures people are under. And recently the cost of living crisis is getting lots of headlines. And that puts employers under huge pressure to change the way that they interact with their employees and change the way they appreciate their efforts. 

They had to adopt digital solutions because physical technology isn’t viable anymore and to be smarter with the solutions they put in place because a lot of processes at the heart of HR needed to be automated. 

Each Person’s solution was directly aimed at trying to help prevent that problem. So, the timing of the pandemic, and their solution, aligned companies to sail through those challenges. Thus, the Covid-19 pandemic reinforced the need for solutions like Each Person’s and reinforced the fact that employers have to do a lot more, have to invest in their people, and invest in solutions that make it easier to show their employees they’re appreciated.

“I think the balance is that as a provider and as a platform, we need to be transparent and demonstrate both sides of things. So, we invest heavily in reporting and real-time insights so that employers know what’s happening across their workforce, what value has been generated for their employees, and how people are being looked after, both from a quantitative perspective, but also the detail of how people are treating each other from a quality perspective.” – Matt Norbury, Founder and CEO, Each Person

5. How Each Person goes a step beyond and does more for the planet, specifically climate change?

Since its inception, team Each Person wanted to make sure that their product was intrinsically linked with delivering a positive outcome for climate change. They achieve this goal by partnering up with lots of eco causes. Also, they donate 5% of their annual profits to eco projects.

During new client launches, they plant one tree for every onboarded employee, funding that tree planting initiative. They also make it easily accessible for employees to donate and support eco projects using the Epoints they collect on their platform.

The idea behind these points is they can be spent on anything employees want to buy, but also if they choose to, they can support eco-projects such as planting trees, and more.

6. Leadership at Each Person

Each Person as a company, catering to the employees and enabling employers to retain and attract talent speaks a lot about Each Person’s core values. Their all-inclusive offerings and superior software solutions, taking the HR services into the future. 

What’s made this possible is a dedicated, focused, and caring team breaking boundaries and inducing creativity to offer unparalleled services to their clients. But all of it wouldn;t be possible without an effervescent, capable, and equally caring leader.

Matt Norbury is the Founder and CEO of Each Person.

Matt started his first tech startup when he was doing his A levels at school, at the age of 17.  He deferred entry into a university and learnt everything about running and nurturing a business while being in the field. This has allowed him to amass a multitude of skills and invaluable experience, enabling him to understand complex challenges and offer simple solutions.

Matt feels one of the key achievements of his journey is the group of highly passionate people he brought together as a team. Highly driven people that care about making a difference, people who are inspirational and their achievements are also admirable.

“We built great products over the years. Some of those products haven’t commercially worked, but I see some of those failures as big achievements as well because you learn a huge amount about yourself. And finally, our clients, we’ve got some of the biggest names employers in the world that choose to trust each person. And we have a great relationship with them. So that’s a big achievement”, Matt adds. 

7. How does Matt look after the team of Each Person?

We look after our team. We use our platform. We recognize them frequently and we compellingly reward them. 

We genuinely care about each individual that works with us, whether it’s everyone from our senior leadership team to an intern. We don’t treat anybody any differently, no matter what stage they’re at in their career.

And I think a big part of that shows in the culture and the way that people are very invested personally in our success and genuinely care about delivering great things for the employees and the employers that use our platform!

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