Kumar Subramaniam- A Most Excellent Leader in Health Technology

Kaaspro Enterprises

Kaaspro Enterprises is an information technology and services company that focuses on the health information management environment. The idea of founding an exclusive digital health record services company that helps the medical fraternity to enhance its efficiency and productivity was conceptualized by Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, the Co-founder, and CEO.

Started in the year 2010, this organization has become the leader in providing exclusive cloud-based EMR/EHR platforms for doctors, hospitals, and all medical practitioners who leverage cloud technology to provide solutions that enable medical practices of all types and sizes to simplify their processes while ensuring data accuracy and security. The ability to present practice-specific solutions to manage crucial health information effortlessly, and simplifying complex processes through intelligent systems are the specialty of this forward-looking medical information service company.

Mr. Anish Kumaramangalam, Co-Founder and CTO have created a unique position in the market with the hard and smart efforts at Kaaspro Enterprises and a talented team driven by passionate people.

In an interview with Mr. Kumar Subramanian let’s discover more about the 75Health and their quality solutions offerings in the health technology sector.

We at Kaaspro Enterprises endeavor to identify and correct inconsistencies while providing innovative, updated functionality and features in our health information management systems.

  • What were the initial challenges you faced?

Kaaspro Enterprises has been focusing on providing simple yet effective solutions to health care providers and medical facilities to render their regular processes convenient and quick. Process automation and digitization was the primary channel through which this had to be achieved.  The task of enabling medical professionals to enter, store, and share sensitive medical data of patients without compromising on security was challenging.

Although making use of electronic medical record systems to manage critical health information dates back a few decades, it was relatively a new concept for several medical professionals and health care organizations. It required a lot of dedicated efforts to strike a balance between fulfilling the needs of the health care industry and educating the providers about the innovative electronic health information management system.

  • Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

Kaaspro Enterprises has always believed that blending convenience with technology helps an organization to enhance its efficiency and productivity. Kaaspro Enterprises takes the innovation route to fuel growth and achieve success amid competition. At one stage during our evolution, we integrated a video-conferencing feature within the application to ensure that a client was accessible to their patients even while traveling. This connectivity that enabled our clients to be integrated and not get isolated was the first turning point in our growth.

Another break came when we developed a built-in referral module within our 75Health products to facilitate a treating physician to effortlessly refer his or her patient to a specialist. The feature enabled the specialist to access all the patient information from the referring professional as well. This functionality ensured to keep all the medical professionals and the patients in the loop. These facilities were instrumental in the growth of our products.

  • How has the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics?

Kaaspro Enterprises started humbly in 2010 to help health care professionals and individuals with an easy, accurate way of medical data management. With our interaction with various clients and professionals from varied medical specialties, we came to understand that innovative health information systems, specifically web applications, were the future of medical record management. They were about to play a significant role in enabling the medical industry with convenient and quick access to crucial medical information and providing enhanced communication.

Kaaspro Enterprises have been providing services that were focused on serving the medical community and the health care providers since Kaaspro Enterprises’ incorporation.  Our graph started climbing when Kaaspro Enterprises took to designing and developing robust and reliable health care technology products in line with the current demand and requirements.

In addition to ensuring that our medical data administration technologies warranted maintenance of accurate health information and its easy sharing, Kaaspro Enterprises made it a point to streamline the financial and administrative processes of our clients. We helped medical practices and providers with their regular processes, simplifying the processes while enhancing their practice productivity and efficiency. This was what took us to the next level in our growth. Today, we are among the top-ranked electronic health information service providers in the globe, thanks to the success of our digital products and the demand for automated medical information solutions.

  • What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?

The primary reason for our prolonged partnership with clients is the fact that we make the effort to achieve deep insights into their present and future requirements. Moreover, we work on our clients’ settings and provide specific solutions for the processes that call for prior attention. Our capability to design information systems that take care of clients’ unique needs while ensuring scalability has been the key factor that makes us stand apart.

 At Kaaspro Enterprises, it is our motto to attend to the individual, unique needs of each client and provide the most appropriate, timely solutions that exceed their expectation. It is one of the aspects that ensure our sustenance and success amid all the ups and downs.

  • What are the services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Kaaspro Enterprises has been founded on the objective of providing technology solutions that empower health care providers and medical organizations with timely and quick access to critical medical data so that the quality of care and patient outcomes can be enhanced. To achieve this, we have been focusing primarily on developing products that facilitate managing health information accurately. At present, 75Health focuses on medical information systems such as electronic medical record software and electronic health record software.

Unlike other service providers, our suite of 75Health products ensures the presence of complex and novel features in a simple, convenient way. Our systems are simple, yet intelligent. Regularly fine-tuning our products according to the changing standards and reimbursement models in the medical industry sets our products and services different from our peers.

  • How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your services?

There has been a lot of activity in the health care technology front during the last few years. Information technology has helped improving not just medical record management but several other processes in the health care setting as well, in an unprecedented way. There are several medical data administration products. We at Kaaspro Enterprises aim at making use of our cloud-based platforms for ensuring effective, quick, and secure health information management.

Our products and services will be based on intelligent systems that enable providers and medical practices to enhance their efficiency and care quality.

Our solutions will a range of medical facilities from single physician practices to multi-specialties to meet the unique requirements. We intend to provide effective solutions to the health care sector, ensuring increased care quality and patient safety.

  • Is there any new addition to the list of services? Anything exciting you would like to share?

Kaaspro Enterprises has been spending a lot of effort and resources on the research and development of new medical information management products. The latest addition to the list of our technology products that serve the health care industry is personal health record software. This simple and effective form of medical record enables individuals to maintain all their medical data in a relevant and secure manner.

In line with the future trend, we have been working on developing the mobile version of the personal health record software that facilitates managing and organizing people’s regular activities related to their health.  Individuals, with the use of their mobile devices, can manage their real-time diary to track critical medical parameters. Personal activities such as diet, exercise, and calorie intake may also be recorded and shared.

  • Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

I was the co-founder of Kumaran Systems, and I have headed the Internet products and services, taking care of the responsibilities since Kaaspro Enterprises’ inception. I have experience of three decades there and ensured that the organization achieved an outstanding business performance.

With my education at the prestigious P.S.G.Institute, Coimbatore, and my experience and exposure at Kumaran Systems, I have gained expertise related to the nuances of information technology. My interest in medical information administration systems and the interactions I have had with health care providers have enabled me to conceptualize the innovative electronic health record software.

  • What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

Co-founding an information technology-based business and leading the organization toward steady success has been one of the key achievements in my career spanning a few decades. I have had the honor to build Kaaspro Enterprises Kumaran Systems from scratch and guide it toward flourishing success was the most satisfying part of my entrepreneurial life.

I have played a significant role in building the team and developing modern electronic medical record software. We have had a successful run as one of the leading health information web application developers such as the innovative electronic health record and practice management system. I consider these as milestones in my entrepreneurial life.

  • How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

We believe in encouraging our staff to come up with innovative ideas. At Kaaspro Enterprises, employees are not only trained and up-skilled regularly but also motivated and incentivized for participating and suggesting creative ideas. With constant collaboration among the team members and our clients, we have achieved to update our products to serve the health care industry in the most accurate and updated manner.

With the ability to think out of the box and perform efficiently by leveraging technology most optimally, our team achieves t come up with the most modern health care technology products such as the 75Health electronic medical record software and 75Healh practice management system. This is what makes our team stand apart.

  • It’s a rat-race out there. How do you cope with that?

Like in all the contemporary industries, the health information technology service industry is also ridden with heavy competition and fierce fighting for the top slot. With all-around development of health information technologies and multiple vendors pitching for their market share, succeeding and sustaining in the health information technology services market is no easy job.

We at Kaaspro Enterprises endeavor to identify and correct inconsistencies while providing innovative, updated functionality and features in our health information management systems. We ensure that our products are scalable and user-friendly. This way, we efficiently meet the challenges of competition and stay ahead of our peers.

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