Logicata- Applying Another Layer of Expertise to Your AWS Infrastructure

Logicata- Applying Expertise to Your AWS Infrastructure Karl Robinson

Information and data management have become crucial aspects of every modern business. Without proper and secure cloud management, your business security could be at risk and be vulnerable to downtime and threats. But with the advancements in cloud management services, you can ensure complete security of your company’s data and important information. 

One of the most recommended cloud platforms is Amazon Web Services (AWS). With its operational flexibility, enhanced security and compliance, and pay-as-you-go pricing, AWS comes in as a savior for many companies. 

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s issue on The 5 Best AWS Managed Service Providers – 2022 is Logicata, an enterprise driven to provide you with the best AWS Managed Services with their extensive expertise. 

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The team at Logicata understands the specific requirements of our SaaS customer base in terms of uptime, performance, and security.

The Company-

Logicata is an AWS Partner specializing in AWS consultancy and AWS Managed Services. Logicata is part of Nous Technology Group.  The group vision is to enable people to flourish through the application of technology. The group unifies three discrete operating entities which together form an experienced team – delivering a credible solution for Logicata’s clients who are looking to operate in the Cloud. 

The group comprises: In-Tuition Networks – renowned for managed hosting services since 2002; Metagûsto – creators of enterprise SaaS software also established for many years; and Logicata – a rapidly growing, young company helping clients excel with consulting and managed services for the cloud. It’s the perfect blend of competence, experience, and track record – demonstrated by their exciting client wins.

“We’re a 100% virtual organization, with key hubs in the UK and Italy. Our team is made up of engineers and technical founders who have spent their careers building cloud solutions since before the term ‘cloud’ existed.”

Logicata clients are typically small to mid-sized software companies who are looking to transform. They may be start-ups looking to build on the AWS Cloud, or scale-ups looking to migrate to the cloud from traditional on-premise or hosted infrastructure. Some may already be in the cloud but need help with scaling their infrastructure to meet growing demand from their customers.  Or they may be looking to completely modernize their application to become truly Cloud Native.  Whatever stage the customers are at on their AWS cloud journey, Logicata can add value and accelerate that journey.

“The team at Logicata understands the specific requirements of our SaaS customer base in terms of uptime, performance, and security.”  

Cutting Through the Complexities-

Starting a business in a crowded market is always challenging – particularly at the start of a global pandemic.  But as a remote-first business Logicata did not have to worry about changing the way they worked – all the team needed was to focus on standing out – finding their ideal prospects and helping them to find the right solutions. 

“There is no single formula for this – what works for one business might not work for another – what worked in the past may not work today.”  

In previous businesses, the team had managed to climb the Google rankings very swiftly and be easily found amongst much more established peers. But when it came to Logicata, the company struggled to do that in their early days. The only solution was to focus on paid search advertising and LinkedIn outreach.   With these strategies in place the company had some strong early success, and with their LinkedIn outreach campaign working wonders, the team also succeeded in driving more traffic to the version 1 of the Logicata website. Since version 1 of the website did not convert this traffic very well, the team then shifted their focus on building a version 2 website, which was much more conversion focused. 

During the process of building a strong foundation for the company, one of the toughest challenges was hiring good talent. Owing to the distributed nature of Logicata’s business, the company was able to recruit in multiple countries, which helped them tap into a larger pool of candidates who were skilled and talented in their fields. 

The Growth Factor-

The first turning point for the company came when they launched version 2 of their website. With that in place, they almost immediately saw 3 times more inbound inquiries. With this, there also was a significant increase in the quality and value of the leads that the company was able to generate. 

With challenges upfront, the leadership has to come up with innovative solutions to tackle those challenges to set sail for a smooth journey ahead. For Logicata, that catalyst was their new website. With that, the experienced team at Logicata turned in successful content marketing strategies, that included regular blog posts and weekly video updates on all things related to AWS. 

“This helped us create a significant number of quality leads.”

The below chart shows how the company’s revenues have increased with their effective marketing strategies. 


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The chart shows how the company’s revenues have increased with their effective marketing strategies.

“Logicata focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients, rather than short sharp consulting engagements.”

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Logicata’s  Products and Services-

Logicata takes security very seriously and has just been certified to the ISO27001 standard for the management of information security, audited by BSI. Compliance standards are often table stakes for many of the customers Logicata works with. 

The company recently embarked on a year-long journey to implement their Information Security Management System, which was audited by BSI who certified Logicata with zero non-conformities.

“We’ll also be working on further compliance certifications in the future including SOC2 and PCI DSS.” 

Their current suite of services includes- 

AWS Managed Services-

Their industry leading InfrAssure AWS Managed Service offers a comprehensive bundle of services to ensure that the customer’s AWS infrastructure is  performant, highly available, secure and cost optimized.  InfrAssure includes monitoring, 24×7 support, incident management, cost optimzation, security posture management and continuous improvement.  By trusting Logicata to look after their AWS infrastructure, customers can free up their developers to focus on writing code and delivering new product features, which is where the real business value lies.  Logicata AWS Managed Service is a great alternative to hiring additional staff – and often more cost effective.

Application Performance Management-

Logicata’s Managed Services can extend into the application layer, leveraging their strong pedigree in software development.  With the managed application service, customers benefit from end to end application obervability.  This enables the Logicata team to identify and remediate application performance issues before they are spotted by the user, ensuring the ultimate end customer experience. 

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AWS Migration-

Logicata’s AWS Migration Service enables business to unlock the infinite potential of AWS by migrating their infrastructure to the cloud.  They leverage decades of experience to plan and execute customer AWS migrations, rather than just leaving it to automated tools.  Logicata can migrate customers’ applications from on-premises infrastructure, traditional managed to host environments, or even from other public clouds.  They have a tried and tested process starting with discovery, and leading into planning, design, build, and migration execution.

AWS Cost Optimization-

Logicata are experts at finding cost savings without compromising efficiency or scale.  They have helped businesses to save up to 30% on their monthly AWS fees.  Without proper management and ongoing review, businesses can easily spend more than they need to. 

Logicata’s services enable their customers to adopt the latest cloud technology in a secure and cost-optimized way, giving them a platform on which they can build out their applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Many of the customers have started out small, and don’t even know the scaling challenges they will face as their business gains traction.  

“Logicata is there to support this growth and make sure our customers can scale without friction.”

A Competent Team-

All of Logicata’s consultants and engineers are permanent staff members. With authentic and tailored services to enhance their portfolio, the company doesn’t use any contractors or temporary staff to augment their team. 

“We feel this is very important for the quality and consistency in our service delivery.”

More than just a bunch of employees in a room, Logicata promotes a healthy competition among the employees. This helps them to push their boundaries, think out of the box. With competitive salaries, competitive benefits, regular social meet-ups at nice locations, like the last one which was in Rome, Logicata gives its employees a dynamic culture to work in. 

“Our Team is unique due to the breadth and depth of experience and our remote, distributed nature.”

Karl Robinson – Leading the Way-

CEO & Co-Founder

Logicata is Karl’s 3rd Startup/Scale up venture. 

Karl started his journey in IT sales, where he sold document management solutions in 1998. With new technologies, predominantly the internet setting off a digital revolution, Karl shifted his interests to take part in that revolution and took a sales role at a large multinational Internet Service Provider (PSINet). Working there helped him add a solid technical foundation in the Internet technology, which served as the bedrock of his career ever since. 

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CEO & Co-Founder

With the knowledge he gained in PSINet, he went on to join a much smaller ISP (Mistral Internet), where he joined as the first salesperson. His dedicated efforts helped him build a sales team of 20 people in a business of over 100 people. Here Karl became a shareholder and led the business as Managing Director. 

“That was an 8-year journey which saw the business grow from £1m revenue to £21m revenue and be acquired by a national telecoms company (KCOM Group).” 

After taking some time out, Karl was approached by the founder of Mistral Internet to launch another startup in the hosting & cloud space (StratoGen).  He led the commercial development of this business which grew from £0 to £5m in 5 years and was sold to a UK ISV (Access UK Limited).  

He then went on to work for another hosting company, and realised that the days of traditional hosting were numbered, and if he wanted to survive and develop, he needed to be in Public Cloud.  

So from there, he joined a cloud consulting and managed service provider (Cloudreach) where he began his public cloud certification journey.  

“So, as I’m not a big company guy, I decided to build my own public cloud consulting and managed services provider – Logicata.”

Karl’s Message to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“You only live once, and if you don’t get out there and try out that big idea, you’ll never know if it could have worked or not, or if it could have made a difference to your life, and to the world we live in.”

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