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Technology has taken over the world. IoT, Cloud Computing, IT Consultancies are the next niche for any start-up. Innovation is the need of the hour, breaking stereotypes is what counts the most. Technological advancements, the extensive use of AI and analytics in almost every field, it has forced people to get out of their comfort zones, and present something new to the world.

Over the decade there have been countless innovations in computer technologies. Cloud computing, an absurd term a decade ago, has today become the necessity of every organization. Not just those, but better security solutions, have also emerged. Read the stories of such trailblazing, innovative companies, who have presented the world with their different and exceptional services. 

Cloud Computing Industry

Read the stories of entrepreneurs who have brought up uniqueness in different fields. Stories of entrepreneurs who have given a different touch to the otherwise traditional and straightforward services and presented their clientele with innovative services.

The second issue of The Enterprise World, Trailblazing Companies to Watch 2019 features insights into the industrial development of Kansas City, the city of jazz. Explore the city and know more about its culture and traditions. Know the truths about cloud computing and also know facts from around the business world in the special feature of Fact Page. 

Featuring for the cover story is Atempo, a globally renowned data protection and management software, vendor. And many more companies who have pioneered in the field of the cloud computing industry. Providing unique and creative solutions to the companies is FluidX Creations. A premier security solution provider, Praesidio Group, and, any such more trailblazing companies. 

In the interview with The Enterprise World, read the exclusive dialogue with Victor Ruiz of actiMirror and Deepak Vijayraj of Unite IT Consulting. 

The key to keep moving is to keep innovating. 

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