Managecore named Google Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP

Managecore Google Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP | Frank Powell

Leading the Industry by  Trust, Transparency, Communication with 100% Customer Success

Efficient SAP landscape managed services help companies to simplify, automate and centralize the management and operations of their core ERP systems thus making it one of the best-orchestrated solutions. The diversity of SAP solutions is such that it helps your company organize and improve your business processes, workflow, and data security. 

Along with the operations delivery, there also are many other services involved. And for most companies, this service provider journey usually starts with cloud migration. Making your company stronger with their managed services support is what Managecore, an SAP solutions provider does to empower your organization. The Enterprise World is proud to feature Managecore on the cover of its The Best SAP Managed Service Providers in 2022. 

The Company-

Most recently Managecore was awarded Google Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP.

This award recognizes the Company’s ongoing achievements with SAP customers on Google Cloud. Being recognized as a Google Cloud Specialization Partner demonstrates Managecore’s commitment to providing exceptional customer success by migrating and optimally managing high-performing SAP landscapes on Google Cloud.

“Managecore is proud to be named a Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year. This award recognizes our efforts to excel in the SAP Specialization area, resulting in substantial success for our customers in 2021,” stated Frank Powell, Managecore President/Partner.

Managecore was purpose-built to provide the very best in technical managed services for SAP customers. Including building and delivering the best Cloud architecture that can optimally support running complex high performing SAP environments. 

Being the first ever mid-market SAP consulting company to support SAP of Google Cloud, has garnered them with several Google Cloud achievements. Some of which include-

  • Migrated the first SAP S/4HANA Production Landscape onto Google Cloud.
  • Managecore was one of the first certified SAP on Google Cloud Specialization Partner Globally (1 of only 4)
  • Partner Embedded Sales- Managecore solution architect is part of Google Internal SAP solution architecture team. 
  • Completed Fastest SAP to Google Cloud Migration in 9-Weeks
  • Implemented first go-live in North America for RISE with SAP on Google Cloud
  • Holds 100% success rate for SAP to Google Cloud – Migration Project through to Ongoing Steady State Support 

The Growth Quotient-

“Managecore has consistently achieved triple digit growth since inception.”

This rapid growth success was recognized for Managecore when it was named the Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award in 2022. 

“Google Cloud Specializations recognize partner excellence and proven customer success in a particular product area or industry,” said Nina Harding, Global Chief, Partner Programs and Strategy, Google Cloud. “Based on their certified, repeatable customer success and strong technical capabilities, we’re proud to recognize Managecore as Specialization Partner of the Year – SAP on Google Cloud.”

To grow continually, what matters the most is always being on the forefront of innovation. For Google Cloud, Managecore was the leader for SAP workloads. Serving this role, the company implemented the first-ever North American live RISE with SAP solutions on Google Cloud. 

Managecore was also one of the first Google Cloud and SAP partners to debut a companion solution for rising with SAP on Google Cloud (ManagecoreiQ+). 

Managecore’s Arsenal of Services-

The company is a certified SAP partner and Premier Google Cloud Partner that can support the full implementation and migration of an SAP environment to the Google Cloud via the ManagecoreMg and CloudLINK migration automation solutions. 

What sets them apart from the rest of the SAP solution providers is that the Managecore team architects a Google Cloud solution that is tailored to any SAP environment’s requirements. With this process, Managecore can ensure that they include a comprehensive migration plan to the public cloud. With its strong and definitive features, the process minimizes the impact on businesses and reduces risks, and there you have it- a successful migration project. One that also includes performing on SAP HANA, S/4HANA, or BW4/HANA upgrade. 

“Managecore then supports the full SAP application and cloud infrastructure in the new environment with our intelligent cloud managed services, ManagecoreGo and SAP managed services, ManagecoreiQ and cloud migration automation CloudLINK”

ManagecoremG – No Risk SAP to Cloud Migrations

Bringing over 20 years of experience in the ERP industry, ManagecoremG safely migrates SAP customers to the Cloud via a proven, fully-managed, zero-risk process implemented by a knowledgeable and certified team of Managecore’s SAP and Cloud infrastructure experts.

CloudLINK  –

Migration automation. As an extension of Managecore’s SAP migrations services offer ManagecoremG; CloudLINK powers Cloud migrations, by deploying a unique set of tools that automates your Cloud migration to ensure 100% success.

ManagecoreGo –

ManagecoreGo is intelligent Cloud hosting service of your SAP and IT systems including infrastructure support and ongoing monitoring. The public cloud, similar to on-premise infrastructure requires day-to-day support and ongoing management just like any other hardware environment. 

Distinguishing the Marketplace-

One of the core policies of the Company goes by is that of building relationships on trust and transparency. The more you understand your client’s pain points in detail, the better solutions you can come up with. This has helped the team maintain long-lasting relationships with all their clients, and maintain 100% customer success.

Transparency is another major factor that helps companies build its varied customer base. With the transparent nature of services, the clients can see exactly what the team sees, and with this, it becomes easier for them to understand the Why’s and What’s of the Company’s services. 

“We exceed every aspect of what our clients expect from an MSP,” said Kristin Taner, Chief Marketing Officer  Managecore

Helping Companies Gain Scalability-

Managecore ensures customers’ critical SAP systems are optimally running 24/7/365 and is one of the only partners with 100% customer success. 

Here is what some companies have to say-

“Managecore felt like the perfect fit for us, and their approach made this big set of goals we had in mind achievable. We added a lot of layers into this project, such as a HANA upgrade and other value-added efforts, while not having any internal experience with moving from on-prem to the cloud. Managecore, combined with RISE with SAP, put us on the right path.” Robyn McCall, Chief Information Officer, GCP Applied Technologies

“We were able to help GCPAT complete this migration so quickly thanks to the power and ease of using Google Cloud. A lot of people will think these timelines are not feasible or projects of this scope can’t be done quickly and correctly, but Managecore’s knowledge and Google Cloud’s flexibility makes anything possible,” said Frank Powell, Managecore President. 

The company’s project are 100% successful and that is paired with the reliability of Google Cloud infrastructure so Managecore customers are delivered a solution they can be highly confident in.

“Managecore provided the expert guidance we needed to successfully and confidently migrate our SAP systems and database to Google Cloud. Since the changeover to Google Cloud, we have had 100 percent uptime of our SAP systems. Working with Managecore and Google Cloud will help us to maximize the value of our SAP applications that support manufacturing now and in the future.” Michael Puleo, Global Director, IT BK Medical. 

Frank Powell- The Leading Force


“Entrepreneurship is the technology field is attainable. When you have an idea or passion, your confidence as an entrepreneur is unstoppable and you will find a way.”

Managecore president – Frank Powell is an experienced Information Technology executive that excels in high-level strategic and operational guidance to help manage and grow businesses. With almost 30 years of experience in IT and over 20 of those years specifically in SAP, his thought leadership on industry trends, process improvement, and best practices at SAP events, conferences, and educational webinars are invaluable assets for companies.

Frank started Managecore in 2016 because he had a passion for SAP services, Managecore was created to disrupt the way Managed Service Providers operate. Past customer feedback was used to develop Managecore’s unique service methodology to address common concerns of customers. 

Frank prides himself in creating a transparent delivery model whereby all information related to the support of the customers is effectively communicated. He felt accountability is one of the most important traits that sets Managecore apart from other MSPs. 

“If you have a passion for something and work hard anything is possible. Do not be afraid to be the first. Managecore broke the mold by going where other MSP’s did not and became a pioneer for SAP workloads on Google Cloud. We are proud of our success and rapid partnership growth as now a Google Cloud Partner of the Year.”

Building Managecore- One Person at a Time-

Managecore employs highly sought-after, skilled SAP and Cloud engineers, who share the same values as the leadership team to deliver the very best in SAP and Cloud solutions. 

“We believe that full transparency provides more efficient long-term SAP and IT managed services support. Openness isn’t a just choice we make – it’s part of our organization’s DNA, just as much as our SAP expertise and years of IT experience.” said Nick Miletich, Chief Technology Officer  Managecore

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