QJumpers- Leading the Way in Recruitment Innovation

QJumpers- Leading the Way in Recruitment Innovation | Simon Oldham

Sourcing talent is the first step in the recruitment process. And in today’s recruitment market, everybody is looking for talent. If you don’t know who and where the good candidates are, it is difficult to recruit them. This is why there is a need for a recruitment sourcing strategy. 

Often, the best candidates are passive, those who are not actively seeking and applying for jobs. And since they are not looking, you have to seek them out. And to do this, you need to create a recruitment sourcing strategy with some technology.

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of Most Trusted Recruitment Solution Companies is QJumpers, a company that makes your hiring experience a success. 

The Company-

QJumpers is an innovative cloud-based Sourcing and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) founded in New Zealand. Their relationships with their clients is paramount to the company’s success, through honest, open feedback the team produces innovative new solutions and happy customers.

“We were the first to fully embed an Artificial Intelligence based web talent sourcing tool into an ATS.”

QJumpers has used gamification and talent pool matching from its inception and has continued to develop as new technology becomes available. The company has clients across all sectors mainly in the middle-sized market in the US, New Zealand and Australia such as Toyota, SPCA and Bupa.  

“Our goal is to make finding and hiring talent as fast and painless as possible for our clients through AI, automation, and collaboration.”

Cutting Through the Complexities-

When the company was launched, they tried to provide a talent pool based matching system – matching candidates in their talent pool to jobs that the clients wanted to fill. 

“We had a chicken and egg situation where we did not have enough candidates in the talent pool to match to jobs, and also not enough jobs to help attract candidates to join the talent pool.”

In 2006, when the company was in its initial stages, they didn’t focus on building an applicant tracking system. Instead, they focused on the hiring problems. The growth of the company kick-started when they added the integrations to major job boards to their talent pool system. Adding the job boards to the talent pool proved to be the perfect solution for the company’s chicken and egg dilemma. 

The second key decision that helped QJumpers grow was allowing unlimited users to access the system for each organisation.  This enabled the workflow to be shared through organisations and allowed people from all levels of the hiring process to be involved. 

“Finally, launching our Artificial Intelligence Talent Sourcing module as a separate product in 2021 was another key point in our growth path.”

This opened up access to new markets such as enterprise level clients and staffing agencies. 

The Growth Quotient-

With the exception of 2020, the year of Covid, revenue growth has always been positive. Post Covid has seen a sharp rise in revenue of the company.

“The key to our success is that we place our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

The dedicated team of QJumpers like open and transparent conversations with their customers. One of the most important things is client feedback; this keeps them up to date with any changes in market and helps them to develop new functionality to meet the needs of their clients. 

The company’s development team is always aware of how each change in the functionality is going to impact the use for its clients. 

“We think about ease of use for all users – not just the system administrators.”

Their Products and Services-

QJumpers has three major services as part of its souring and applicant tracking system.  Their main differentiator is that they have their own AI Talent Sourcing tool fully embedded into their applicant tracking system.  No integrations are needed.  This service can also be purchased on its own, which is popular now that recruiters are looking for new and innovative sourcing options.

“The ATS is obviously at the heart of what we do.”

Having come from New Zealand where the recruitment process is more collaborative, QJumpers’ ATS has been developed to suit remote hiring and collaboration.  Even before Covid-19, this was where the mid-market was heading for recruitment.  

There are extra modules that can be added to the ATS, the most popular being the onboarding module which includes digital signing of offer letters and employment agreements.

Applicant Tracking System-

QJumpers have 15+ years pedigree in building and implementing recruitment platforms, and have continually taken leaps forward by putting the power of recruitment into the hands of people who know the business the best.

Their collaborative technology gives control and transparency to decide what permissions are allocated to hiring managers and what recruiters handle.

With QJumpers you have the flexibility to configure and reconfigure your hiring workflows to suit your needs – whenever you need to. Automate, collaborate, communicate, change, adapt or re-invent; because HR never stays the same!

The QJumpers ATS will improve productivity and save you precious time that you might otherwise waste in manual work; it will keep your data organised and accessible to all your team members to review; reporting will allow you to assess your recruitment performance and provide useful insights to better manage your recruitment process; and perhaps most importantly, it will boost your employer brand and provide your candidates with a more organised and engaging recruitment process.

AI Talent Sourcing Tool-

QJumpers’ sourcing technology has continued to evolve with the release of the second generation talent sourcing tool, powered by artificial intelligence.

If you want to know where the very best talent is and make them an offer… QJumpers has got the tool for you! Alleviate your candidate sourcing headaches and uncover the talented employees that often you struggle to find.  The AI Talent Sourcing tool searches the web – not just job boards or company databases.  This opens up new sources of talent which were previously unreachable.

Advanced Candidate Search-

QJumpers’ advanced search functionality enables more granular searching, greater visibility of candidates, and better results. Filter options include candidate’s years of experience, location range, job titles, skills, seniority, industry, time at current company, level of education and a diversity filter.

Created the perfect search parameters? Store your search thread (and label them accordingly), making it much quicker and easier to find candidates for similar future roles.

“At QJumpers there’s nothing more important to us than helping our clients find the perfect match for their vacant jobs, and as such we know that we need to be a ‘perfect match’ for our clients!”

The Road Ahead-

By listening to the clients and keeping abreast of innovative technologies, the team gets a good idea of what the market needs are. And with that in mind, they look for their own unique solutions to these problems in a way that does not complicate the system for the end users.  

“We don’t like to follow. If there is a better way, we’ll find it.”

As for the new services, there is always something new at QJumpers! There is a really awesome addition coming to their AI Talent Sourcing tool which will help to differentiate it even further and they are also releasing some new AI matching capabilities into the rest of their applicant tracking system and talent pool.  

The next release however, is going to significantly help streamline their clients’ recruitment workflows by adding in their own marketplace of pre-integrated assessment, background check and video interviewing services.

Simon Oldham- Leading the Way-


When Simon was 10, he learnt how to program and make his own games.  His first job involved using technology to automatically match colour for paper and textiles. He became technical support for Ciba-Geigy Asia. Later, he spent 6 years based in Singapore travelling throughout Asia and was promoted to Asia-Pacific Sales and Marketing Manager and then Asia South Divisional Manager.  

“I felt that my ideas and energy were not being used to their full potential and decided to leave the corporate life.”

In 2005, Simon joined his business partner in what was to become QJumpers. They started building what was to become an Applicant Sourcing and Tracking System – although they didn’t know that’s what it was at the time!  Since then Simon has been looking for innovative technologies to help solve the clients’ recruitment problems.

“Launching QJumpers in 2006 was really exciting.  Getting our first major client in 2008 was a turning point.”

In the early days getting the company profitable was a relief.  Since then Simon and his partner have been on a continual rise and have won awards like the most innovative recruitment software provider in the US last year.

“Launching in the US was a key achievement, but we are now on that difficult path to success again.  It is like we are starting all over again.”

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