Manuj Adlakha: Steering CargoPeople to New Horizons

Manuj Adlakha: Steering CargoPeople to New Horizons | The Enterprise World

At the forefront of every successful organization stands a business leader whose vision and determination shape its future. These leaders are more than just decision-makers; they are visionaries with the unique ability to anticipate the future, inspire innovation, and cultivate a culture of excellence. Their leadership is crucial for navigating the complexities of the market, transforming obstacles into stepping stones for growth, and empowering their teams to reach new heights of achievement. The true hallmark of these leaders lies in their commitment to excellence, ability to foster a collaborative environment, and dedication to ethical practices.

Among such influential figures is Manuj Adlakha, the Founder MD at CargoPeople. Manuj Adlakha exemplifies what it means to be a visionary leader in today’s fast-paced logistics sector. His deep understanding of the industry, combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, has positioned CargoPeople as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Under Manuj’s leadership, the company has achieved memorable milestones and has been recognized for its efficiency and trustworthiness globally. Through a unique blend of foresight, sustainability, and community engagement, he has made CargoPeople a model of success and an inspiration to others.

Illustrious Professional Journey 

Manuj Adlakha started his professional journey in 1996 as a Assistant Manager Sales and Marketing and moved fast to become the Group Business head for Neoteric  a 2000 cr IT Solutions Company. Over the years, he honed his expertise in product management, new product launches, brand positioning, and go-to-market strategies. Before pursuing entrepreneurship in 2010, Manuj garnered extensive experience working with both Indian and multinational companies as a consultant. With a deep-seated passion for fostering business growth, he founded CargoPeople with a mission to help  an  organizations grow globally  by managing their delivery commitments to their overseas buyers. 

Additionally, Manuj Adlakha is an accomplished author, having penned a book titled “Idea to Execution,” which explores the process of goal setting for success in life. Notably, his professional background includes consultancy roles for leading companies such as Philips LiteOn Digital Solutions and Neoteric Infomatique Ltd, where he contributed to strategic planning and business development initiatives. With over a decade of experience in marketing, business management, and product management, Manuj holds a Masters in Marketing Management and specializes in marketing strategy formulation, product positioning, and distribution structuring.

What is CargoPeople?

“Your Cargo our People”

Based in New Delhi and established in 2011, CargoPeople Logistics and Shipping Pvt. Ltd. is a multimodal logistics company, a one-stop solution for all its clients. Offering competitive prices for both busy and remote ports, the company specializes in sea and air freight services. CargoPeople has a global presence through its strong international network of partners. The company also covers significant ports Pan India ensuring seamless freight forwarding services. 

Since its foundation, the company has always aimed at being partners in growth and not just be a logistics service provider. 

“We always help our customers and international partners quadruple their profits with our seamless logistics solutions.”

Overcoming Challenges

During the initial stages, CargoPeople encountered several challenges, including assembling the right team and aligning their vision with the company’s culture. Additionally, establishing efficient systems and processes posed a significant hurdle. To surmount these obstacles, the company invested heavily in technology, focusing on developing a comprehensive B2B portal. This portal enables customers to access live quotes, track shipments, and streamline communication seamlessly. Moreover, CargoPeople forged robust partnerships by joining various international networks and reputable trade bodies in India, fostering trust and collaboration within the industry.

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

As a leading multimodal logistics company, CargoPeople focuses on providing a diverse range of services tailored to meet global trade needs. Renowned for its expertise in handling lithium battery shipments, industry leaders highly recommend CargoPeople. With specialized services in Latin America and the CIS region, the company also offers a weekly air console to China, ensuring efficient connectivity.

1. Air Freight

CargoPeople offers top-tier air freight services with a strong global network, guaranteeing safe and cost-effective shipments within specified timeframes. The company’s dedicated experts assess cargo size and recommend optimal transportation options, leveraging the latest software for transparency and customer updates.

2. Sea Freight

With a commitment to flexibility, CargoPeople delivers comprehensive sea freight services through a vast network of agents and carriers. The company’s global reach and adaptability to growing volumes make it a competitive choice for full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), and custom clearance requirements.

3. Value-Added Services

CargoPeople caters to various industries, including wine, oil & gas, perishable goods, furniture, and consumer goods, offering specialized handling and consultancy services. The company’s expertise in perishable cargo ensures timely and careful delivery, especially for goods like fruits, flowers, vegetables, and non-vegetarian products.

4. Consultancy and Door-to-Door Delivery

Beyond freight forwarding, CargoPeople provides consultancy services on import/export regulations, exchange rates, customs clearance, and logistics. The company also offers door-to-door delivery services across Europe, East Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, the USA, and Australia, streamlining the shipping process for customers.

Enhancing Logistics Efficiency

CargoPeople extends its comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to enhance efficiency and provide peace of mind to clients.

1. Cargo Insurance

To ensure complete financial protection against physical loss or damage, CargoPeople offers cargo insurance with competitive rates and flexible terms. The company handles all claims on behalf of the client, integrating insurance consultation seamlessly with cargo information.

2. Warehouse & Distribution:

Integrating supply chain management, CargoPeople provides warehousing, custom bonded warehouses in Delhi and NCR, and contracted warehouses in major metro cities across India. Its distribution network ensures reliable domestic delivery with features like warehouse management systems and cold storage options.

3. Custom Clearance

Offering export/import custom clearance services at major sea and airports in India, CargoPeople also provides consultancy for companies new to international business or seeking clarification on customs regulations. With expertise in handling various industries, it streamlines documentation and formalities for quick and smooth clearance.

Innovation in Business Growth

Manuj Adlakha underscores the pivotal role of innovation in driving business growth. He emphasizes that companies embracing innovation are better equipped to navigate and thrive in a rapidly evolving market landscape. Adaptable and resilient, these companies are adept at identifying new ways to meet customer needs, streamlining processes, and gaining a competitive edge. Manuj emphasizes the importance of proactively seeking innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition and maintain relevance in the market. 

Navigating Post-COVID Business 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Manuj offers insightful observations on the business landscape. Acknowledging the disruptions in supply chains and the consequential shifts in consumer behavior, Manuj Adlakha emphasizes the necessity for agile leadership. He advocates for swift adaptation to these altered dynamics, emphasizing the wholehearted embrace of technology as a fundamental strategy. According to Manuj, this technological integration is pivotal for streamlining operations and meeting evolving customer expectations. Furthermore, he stresses the importance of cultivating a resilient team capable of navigating uncertainties.

Dynamic Workforce

Manuj Adlakha underscores the indispensable role of a motivated and skilled workforce in driving business growth. He emphasizes that a team armed with creativity, productivity, and a shared vision is essential for fostering efficiency, innovation, and world-class customer service. With these attributes, businesses can navigate challenges effectively and capitalize on opportunities for expansion. At CargoPeople, Manuj leads an exceptional team of 65 passionate individuals who are dedicated to realizing the company’s vision. Their collective efforts contribute significantly to CargoPeople’s success, fueling its growth trajectory and reinforcing its position as a leader in the logistics industry.

Achievements through the Journey

Throughout its remarkable journey, CargoPeople has achieved notable achievements that have contributed to its growth and reputation in the logistics industry. The company has been honored with prestigious accolades, including being awarded as the Fastest Growing Logistic Company by Lufthansa and the ETNow program “Runway to Success.” Additionally, CargoPeople has earned recognition as one of the Top 10 most trusted logistics companies in India, further solidifying its standing in the market. Notably, the company has achieved exceptional year-over-year (YOY) growth for the past four years.

Expanding Horizons

Manuj Adlakha highlights CargoPeople’s twofold growth trajectory: expanding across India and entering the global market. This strategic vision entails establishing operational hubs across various Indian locations, ensuring comprehensive service coverage nationwide. Simultaneously, CargoPeople aims to penetrate international markets, marking a significant leap towards global expansion. Noteworthy is the announcement of an upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2026, signaling confidence in the company’s potential for growth and success. 

Praises from the Clientele

Manuj Adlakha highlights a notable client experience where CargoPeople played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the supply chain processes for manufacturing partners. By implementing automation solutions, CargoPeople helped these partners overcome supply chain challenges and achieve “Just in Time” inventory management. This transformative approach not only optimized inventory levels but also resulted in substantial monthly savings for the clients. 

Why Choose CargoPeople? 

Manuj Adlakha: Steering CargoPeople to New Horizons | The Enterprise World
Safe & Secure
Specialized handling of sensitive items
Cost Savings & Easy Payment Methods

Affordable solutions with easy payments
Transport Optimization

Optimized transport for efficiency
24/7 Support
Round-the-clock assistance
Timely Delivery
Assured punctual shipments
Planning & Support
Tailored plans and support
2,000k Delivered Packages50 C Countries Covered1,000K Satisfied Clients4,586M Tons of Goods

“Business is about loving the people who do business with you & giving them more value than they have any right to expect.”

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