3 Tips For Marketing Your Criminal Defense Practice

Marketing Your Criminal Defense Practice

Criminal defense lawyers may be brilliant at their job but they might not know the best way to market their criminal defense practice to get more clients or to adequately broadcast their success with past cases. Like any other type of business, a criminal defense practice needs to grow and thrive and earn more profit. None of these goals are possible without excellent marketing strategies that go beyond reliance on client testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Here are Tips For Marketing Your Criminal Defense Practice

1. Have A Formidable Website 

The first step in marketing your legal firm is to have an authoritative website that is designed well, has a lot of up-to-date information, and has a section for client feedback and support. Most criminal lawyers know the importance of projecting the right message to a jury on a case and having a great website does the same thing for potential clients. 

Clients that need help or consultation on criminal charges are looking for a lawyer that projects confidence, efficiency as well as value for money. You have the opportunity to put your best foot forward in your website so you inspire confidence in the client and attract them to the notion of hiring you. 

For the purposes of a website you may need to have a professional photoshoot done to display those images there, you may also need to have a series of short videos created or a blog as digital marketing trends worldwide dictate a much higher response rate when clients and customers are given visual marketing material to go through. For example, if they type Jacksonville criminal lawyer they should have a few videos to see to convince them that this is the right lawyer for them.

2. Have A Widespread Presence

Having only a great, responsive website with a low loading time is not enough. You need to also be on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook in order to reach out to more people who may be in need of your services. Since billions of people are hooked on social media platforms, many of your local potential clients may not even be using search engines like Google to find criminal attorneys so do not miss out on a potential customer base by failing to utilize social media marketing strategies such as sponsored content, short videos, and customer profiling. 

If you decide you only want to be on a single social media platform then choose Instagram as people prefer to direct message companies there to get a response and it is widely preferred and used and hosts a plethora of marketing tools for companies to use with its business accounts feature. Instagram is also a quick way to answer potential client queries (without having to formulate a whole email) regarding reducing felonies or what their rights are in any criminal charge levied against them. 

3. Expert Content Wins Over Clients

If your firm specializes in a certain type of criminal law such as felonies or property crimes and so forth, you need to exhibit your expertise through authoritative articles and videos on the subject. The client needs to feel no one knows more than your firm about how to handle criminal law implications of that sort. 

While your website should have those ‘about us’ or ‘services’ pages, it also needs to have an in-depth blog to educate anyone looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Hire a professional writer or video editor to help you create winning content that displays how good you are at your job and what your success rate is. 

A good tip is to use simpler language and diagrams or photos and videos wherever you can because it is hard to define an ideal client in criminal law. You need to therefore cover a lot of bases and keeping it simple and keeping all your content accessible and user-friendly can help you reach customers who are not at all experienced with legal jargon. 

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