How Does A Vending Machine Work?

How Does A Mechanism of a Vending Machine Work?| 4 Useful Uses | The Enterprise World

When using a vending machine, do you ever reflect on how does it work? Well, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to start a vending machine business, you need to be familiar with its functions and Mechanism of a Vending Machine. We use a vending machine smoothly and get the product of our choice in no time.

But this process is made smooth by a network of complex operations happening inside the machine.

It is an electronic device operated by plugging it into a switch. The keypad inputs codes and sends a command to the machine to dispense the items required.

The springs inside the machine carry the products that are operated by a tool. They drop down the item matching the code on command to complete the procedure.

Now let us talk about the Mechanism of a Vending Machine in depth.

The Mechanism of a Vending Machine ;

1.  The Intellect of the Vending Machine

When talking about a Mechanism of a Vending Machine, we can call the keypad or touchpad as its brain because that’s where the central computer runs from.

Just like a human brain, the keypad can take both input and output. It inputs the code the customer enters, and the output is directed to the machine to act on the request suitably.

It helps the machine to understand which item is asked for by the user, and it accordingly dispatches the item bearing the specific code.

2.  Process of Payment Collection

Payment can be made by cash, bank cards, QR code, or UPI ID, and a different method is used for all of them. 

How Does A Mechanism of a Vending Machine Work?| 4 Useful Uses | The Enterprise World

In India, Wendor is the first company who launched the smart Mechanism of a Vending Machines which is able to accept digital payments and cash payments as well.

a.   Bank Cards

If you choose to make the payment by means of debit or credit cards, you need to insert your card in the card reader. It then collects your data and encrypts it.

The computer system receives the collected data and verifies it, and sends the information to a card processor.

The processor then responds and commands the computer to either accept the transaction or reject it.

If the transaction details are accepted, you will receive the product and the money will be charged from your card. If not, it asks you to choose other means of payment.

b.   Banknotes or Coins

If you pay with fiat money, you enter it into the slot provided for the same. In the case of coins, the electromagnet with sensors attached inside the machine measures the diameter of the coin, the type of metal used, and the thickness of the coin.

It helps detect if the correct amount was inserted inside the machine. When the coin is settled inside the machine with a ‘clink’ sound, and the machine starts working, you get to know that the process is completed.

If you insert a banknote in the slot, it goes through an authentication process by a sequence of optical scanners.

The scanner takes a photograph of the note and passes it to the computer’s brain to check the banknote’s authenticity. Since the currencies change as the government wants, the software for the machine has to be updated with these fields.  

After checking for the authenticity of the money, if the coin turns out to be fake, it is discarded and returned via the coin chute. In contrast, the banknote is returned through the same slot by which it was inserted.

c.   QR Code or UPI ID

This process is quicker to carry out as it removes the hindrance of both the electromagnet and the scanner.

You can simply scan the QR code from your mobile wallet or use your UPI ID to make the payment directly from your phone.

3.  Handling Out of the Items

The arrangement of the items inside the vending machine is often visible to the customer, they are arranged in columns with the help of a spring or in a tray.

How Does A Mechanism of a Vending Machine Work?| 4 Useful Uses | The Enterprise World

Those coils are connected to each other through a motor. After the computer receives the product code and the money, it commands the motor to dispense the product. Once the command is received, the coil is unlocked, and the product is dropped down for the customer to collect.

4.  Tray or Drop-Box

The last part of both the vending machine’s working and usage is the drop-box. It is at the bottom of the vending machine. To ensure that the items are correctly dropped,  a Mechanism of a Vending Machine is installed with laser beams.

Once the item is unlocked from the coins and drops down, the beam sensors send a command to the computer about the successful completion of the process.

The flap of the drop-box opens to allow you to collect the purchased product. But if the product does not pass through the beam, a command is sent to the computer, and your money is refunded.

Do all Mechanism of a Vending Machines use the same process?

No, all types of vending machines do not use the exact mechanism. The procedure mentioned above is prominent in vending machines containing snacks and packed food items.

But when we talk about beverage vending machines, the process for dispensing the product may differ a little.

A vending machine containing carbonated drinks or coffee has a tray instead of a drop-box.

Cup holders or carriers are used to store coffee cups or soda bottles instead of the coils. The cup is then dispensed over to a tray and is collected by the customer.

How Do You Restock the Vending Machine and Collect the Money?

The glass door of the vending machine is locked, so to restock the Mechanism of a Vending Machine you need to open the glass door with the help of the key.

When you successfully open the door, the next step is to pull out the slots to arrange and restock the items in the coils. Once that is done, you can either lock it up again or collect the cash.

When you open the machine’s door, you will find a banknote holder right at the back of the slot to insert the banknotes.

How Does A Mechanism of a Vending Machine Work?| 4 Useful Uses | The Enterprise World

You can collect those notes out from there. For coins, there would be a coin stash at the bottom of the machine that stores the coins.

You can simply take it out to empty it inside your bag and put it back in the same place. After collecting the money, you can lock up the machine again.

Final Thoughts

Vending machines are rapidly gaining popularity in India, and venturing into this field can benefit you with good fortune.

You can easily access these machines and get your desired product. Understanding how it works is not that complex after all, but like other electronic devices, it uses a set chronological order.

This article provides you with a detailed explanation about the working of a vending machine, restocking it, and collecting money from it. We hope it was helpful and will give you a headstart for your vending business!

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