Microsoft to remove Huawei laptops from the stores after Google

Microsoft to remove Huawei laptops

Microsoft to remove Huawei laptops from the stores

The USA-China trade war is spreading its roots in the technology companies too. After the Trump governance listed the products and services on which the tariff will be implemented, it has now ordered to crack down on the Chinese tech companies. After Google, Now Microsoft is all set to remove Huawei Laptops from their physical stores.

The leading American company Google has already taken action on the issue. Google canceled Huawei’s Android license over the weekend although the existing models will continue the Google security and android application services. But for the coming models, it has canceled its business with the Chinese tech giant, which has caused Huawei a major blow. This move has come as a result of the addition of Huawei to the ‘Entity List’ by the US Government. It means that the US tech companies will not be able to do business with the Chinese major tech companies without ‘explicit approval’ from the government.

After Google, the software giant, Microsoft is also taking steps to cancel business relations with Huawei laptops, although Microsoft is still silent on its potential ban on the Windows application. It has not spoken anything on whether the Chinese companies will obtain licenses for operating Windows or not.

After Google, Now Microsoft is all set to remove Huawei Laptops from their physical stores.

Huawei’s best Windows laptop, MateBook X Pro was to be seen nowhere in the Microsoft stores. MateBook X Pro is the best Windows alternative to Apple’s MacBook Pro, but with the cancellation of the Windows license to Huawei laptops, it will no longer stay in the market. This Microsoft ban could also affect the server solutions of Huawei, as Huawei and Microsoft both operate on a hybrid cloud solution for Microsoft’s Azure stack, using the Huawei servers that are Microsoft certified.

Huawei was reportedly stockpiling chips, indicating that the company was ready for such a ban. The company has also been working on the replacements to both the Android and Windows operating systems. For now, Huawei has been given a 90-day extension to provide the software updates to the Android-powered handsets and has also allowed them to continue the operation of existing networks and equipment.

For a further ban on the operations of Huawei Laptops in the US market, the US-based chipmakers, Intel and Qualcomm might also follow the latest Government orders.

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