Apple’s iTunes is dead after 18 years

Apple’s iTunes is dead after 18 years

iTunes by Apple is a media library, Internet radio application, and media player.

On Monday at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced that it will now shut down the iTunes application after it running successfully for 18 years. Apple announced that the Mac devices will now have three different, dedicated applications for music, podcasts, and TV. This transition will take place when the latest version of the Apple Mac’s operating system: macOS Catalina will release in the fall.

“Users will have access to their entire music library, whether they downloaded the songs, purchased them, or ripped them from a CD,” read a press release. This will surely put the users in doubt that what will happen to their previous downloaded music in the library. But Apple has confirmed that when the users will update their software, their current music downloads will go to Apple’s new music application, the movie purchases will migrate to the new Apple TV app. However, the Windows users will not see any kind of change in their iTunes application and all the gift cards will still be valid.

While the company promises that the users will not lose any content, there will be different and quirky ownership rules applicable to it. Apple has said that the syncing of the music will be managed on the Finder, macOS’ file manager; however, Apple has not commented on how syncing will work on the Windows machines.

iTunes will continue as a music store but with the new music app, it will have more features similar to that of Apple’s music streaming service. Apple has seen a decline in its sales because of the confluence of factors. People will be able to manage their downloaded music collection. Apple announced that it will only be ending the paid download offering. Also, the older iPods which include the iPod shuffles and iPod video players will continue playing the song downloads.

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