JUNE | 2022

Most Reliable OTT Solution Provider

Most Reliable OTT Solution Provider features,

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed the world of business to go digital. And this was a perilous time, but it opened a new door of opportunities. One of the services that has become highly relevant is OTT services. But as the space grew, a lot of companies came into the picture, aiming for the top spot.

Featured in this edition are some of the earliest names and pioneers in the OTT industry. These companies, services, leadership, and standards are milestones for the whole industry. They offer an innovative, intuitive, and seamless service that makes sure your customers get an unmatched OTT experience!

On the cover story, we have Lightcast. Lightcast.com has been one of the leading https://www.lightcast.com/names, showcasing its expertise via comprehensive and innovative multi-platform distribution and end-to-end OTT solutions. The company started its journey in 2010, with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. They aim to enable publishers to create and manage TV Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Social Accounts in real-time.

Grab an exclusive interview with AGK Karunakaran, President, and CEO, MulticoreWare. MulticoreWare is a software development company that offers cutting-edge products and services on multicore and multi-thread CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, and various AI hardware accelerators.

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