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Mozaic Works - Engage in Excellent Learning | Maria Diaconu

Mozaic Works is an award winning company with its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, and presence through partners in more than 10 European countries.

As the saying goes Software is eating the world (nb: Marc Andreesen). As a consequence, majority of organizations, no matter the industry they are in, are becoming technology companies, and the trend will continue. This adds pressure to companies to become user-centric and create digital products that embed the value provided by their business. For example, a bank is less likely to call a customer to a clerk’s office in person in order to issue a credit card; instead the client installs a mobile app and creates a virtual card. 

Business agility and agile mindset are key enablers of the digital transformation. The agile way of work focuses on small teams, able to deliver independently incremental improvements to products, with added value for the customers and end-users. This helps business agility – the ability of organizations to adapt fast to a changing world and to ever increasing demands of their customers. 

However, achieving business agility is not an easy endeavour. Helping companies with this specific need, and providing them with structured hands-on training and customized learning programs to help their teams with the change is Mozaic Works, featured as The Enterprise World’s The Most Reliable Agile Consulting/Services. 

About Mozaic Works 

Mozaic Works, founded in 2008, strives to provide high-quality, high-value services to its customers. From the very founding, the entire team has been focused on delivering its clients long-lasting learning with immediate application. As an award winning company and customers from 15 European countries and US, Mozaic Works has not been a typical company providing the same trainings to their clients. It has always been their motive to provide meaningful services, customized to fit the context, current state, and business objectives of every customer.  

 “We identify and anticipate the needs of our present and future customers” 

Maria Diaconu, the founder of Mozaic Works has always been obsessed with doing things a little differently. There is a constant scope for innovation in the company and among the team members, where they all push to move the industry forward. This means that Mozaic Works is identifying trends in the market and addressing them through either practical hands-on learning programs or adaptive training on the job programs.  

As an example, the Mozaic Works teams has foreseen the need for high-quality online trainings and designed their signature learning programs, optimised for remote practical hands-on learning, and inspired from top level universities such as Oxford University. One way of delivery is 4-week to 6-week learning programs, featuring live online sessions, practical assignments for the learners, and lots of practical exercises with feedback from the senior instructors. Understanding the techniques fast, and then applying them directly in production is the main change and shift in thinking that Mozaic has provided to its customers. 

“We are helping our customers to become more agile and innovative.” 

Mozaic Works team has helped customers in various industries to set the stage and deliver key applications in less than 12 weeks, or to deliver high-value to their users on existing products in less than 6-weeks. This was a large improvement compared to previous attempts taking, in some cases, more than a year.  

What Makes Mozaic Works Different? 

The Mozaic Works team has identified a shift in delivery of training. Learning programs provided by any university, or let’s say the most prestigious university, the Oxford has been following the same traditional pattern.  

But the course of education took a huge turn when the pandemic hit. Offline or the traditional mode of learning had to be shifted to online. And even the most established universities and institutions took their sweet time adjusting to these changes. 

While at the same time, Mozaic Works formulated their entire model to disrupt the learning modules years before the pandemic started. All the other industries had to shift to the online mode of teaching, whereas Mozaic was a pioneer in this field, also providing short 4-day, 4-week or 6-week practical hands-on learning courses to its customers.  

“Apart from the method we follow, this is one thing that differentiates us from the rest.” 

Mozaic Works’ method of teaching is a key differentiator in their success, and in their customers success. But that’s not the only differentiator: Mozaic Works trainers and instructors are senior practitioners themselves, with at least 15-20 years experience in their field of expertise. When creating and delivering the learnings, the teaching is enhanced by their practical experience, with lots of real examples, insights, case studies, interactive contextual discussions, and stories. 

“The key to innovation is to always be in competition with yourselves.” 

While enjoying constant organic growth due to their reputation, Mozaic Works concentrates on giving their customers more than just organisational agile courses.  

The Mozaic Works team has also been helping their clients with their expertise and a hands-on approach to: product management, software architecture, agile leadership and agile management, which has helped their clients design their products in an efficient way.  

The company has also created learning programs for various roles, to acquire the skills faster and to speed up their learners’ career journey: from developer to architect, from specialist to Scrum Master and then Advanced Scrum Master, from Project Manager to Product Manager, or from Business Analyst to Product Owner or Product Manager. 

Some of Mozaic Works’ Most Celebrated Learning Modules Include- 

Advanced Scrum Master Skills 

Growing high-performing teams is hard. Discover, experience, and learn how a Scrum Master can be effective as facilitator, enabler, change agent, coach, and interface of the team with the rest of the organization. 

You should attend this learning program if you want to: 

  • Improve your facilitation skills with your team 
  • Learn and help your team have an efficient estimation process 
  • Have a solid estimation in a complex environment 
  • Use experiments for continuous improvement 
  • Learn and refine how you interact and work with the organization you are part of  

Advanced Certified Scrum Master 

By attending this workshop, you learn and experience how to: 

  • Facilitate better dialogue between the Product Owner, Scrum Team members, customers, stakeholders, and executives 
  • Respond confidently when encountering resistance to change, lack of engagement, low motivation, and unavailability of key people 
  • Increase engagement to encourage greater accountability, commitment, and buy-in 
  • Scale Scrum and Agile beyond a single team 

By attending this program, you’ll also gain the next benefits: 

  • Build on your foundational knowledge with enhanced implementation skills 
  • Distinguish yourself in the global marketplace 
  • Stand out in your industry as a member of the globally recognized Scrum Alliance community 
  • Show advanced value to your employer (or potential employer) as a highly trained Agile professional 

Scrum Master Journey 

Discover, experience, and learn how a Scrum Master can be effective as facilitator, enabler, change agent, coach, and interface of the team with the rest of the organization. 

A Scrum Master grows the team and supports improving their results in time. Learn how to: 

  • define the internal structure for fast and productive collaboration in an agile manner by using Scrum framework 
  • increase visibility and transparency inside the organization, at all levels 
  • align teams’ activity with the business goals set by the management 
  • help team members understand the “why” behind the applied practices and principles in a Scrum context 
  • help management to create an agile culture, offer support for self-organizing teams and sustain the continuous improvement direction  

From Developer to Architect 

Switching from a Developer to an architecture role can be difficult. Suddenly you need to face long-term problems, risks, possible failures, and the certainty of making decisions that will backfire sooner or later. 

Understand how to start and how to grow as a Software Architect: 

  • Clarify your role, your responsibilities, and collaboration with developers, business people, and product people 
  • Clarify what is software architecture, how it’s created, and how it evolves over time 
  • Familiarize yourself with the most common modern architecture styles and concepts 
  • Understand how to deal effectively with cross-functional concerns and risks 
  • Practice your communication style to adapt to each type of audience you will have 
  • Build the fundamental diagrams required for useful communication within the teams 

Agile Business Analysis 

Achieve business goals efficiently while being agile. In this practical training, experience what makes a Business Analyst a valuable role and how to make continuous improvement in business analysis. 

Agile Business Analysis is the use of business analysis techniques and practices in an agile environment. In this hands-on course, learn how to identify challenges and define objectives to achieve business goals in an efficient manner. 

Agile Product Management 

Learn how to manage the different phases of a product through agile techniques, from product discovery to established product, and from strategic planning to tactics and continuous improvement.  

By attending this practical, hands-on training understand and experience: 

  • Practices of product discovery 
  • How to build a product strategy in a changing world 
  • Planning releases and adjusting to feedback 
  • Refining requirements 
  • Continuous improvement  

Software Architecture Principles 

In this practical workshop participants learn through applied knowledge and practical hands-on exercises what the architect role means, needed principles and practices to create and maintain the architecture of a software product at high standards. 

By attending this practical, hands-on training understand and experience how to: 

  • Have 360 degrees view on software architecture, being able to understand all the stakeholders of the system 
  • Minimize the risks of software systems 
  • Improve the reliability of software architecture 
  • Easily spot modularization smells inside a system 
  • Be able to create flexible architectures that are easy to change 

Impact Mapping 

After an organization decides to increase its agility, eventually they need to change the way roadmaps and strategic product plans are built. A relatively new technique, Impact Mapping helps move strategic planning from speculation to hypothesis and fast testing. 

This workshop will teach you lightweight techniques for identifying and deriving requirements from strategic business goals. 

This program is for you if you want to learn how to use impact mapping to: 

  • Strategically plan improvements instead of only implementing features 
  • Reduce waste by focusing on the most important changes 
  • Identify assumptions to mitigate development risks 
  • Improve the speed of your strategic planning 

Maria Diaconu- Leading the Way- 


Maria is a tech entrepreneur, strategy advisor, tech start-up mentor and former programmer focused on building long-term innovative teams within the global organizations. 

As Mozaic Works founder and CEO since 2008, she’s built self-managing teams, pursuing innovation while serving almost 1,500 customers around Europe and USA. She and her Mozaic Works team offers World Class Education for Leaders and Innovators, for Technology Creators and Developers. 

With more than 20 years experience in the tech field, Maria has been part of many great teams. Challenging the status quo is one principle she loves to see followed by the teams she’s working with. From experience, she can say that both agility of business and innovation are depending on it. 

Besides running Mozaic Works, Maria is advising on strategy, and mentoring start-ups and young entrepreneurs. 

With Oxford University certifications on Blockchain strategy and Scenario Planning, and MIT certification on AI strategy, she is actively sharing her knowledge in a number of prestigious international business communities, and collaborating on various strategic projects with her business partners. 

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