The W Group Assisted Living Communities- Promoting an Independent Lifestyle to Senior Citizens

The W Group- Promoting Lifestyle to Senior Citizens | Berry Weiss

Old age can be very challenging, especially if one desires to live alone. When you decide to live alone, there are a number of aspects you have to consider, like good, healthy, and nutritious food, your other daily chores, and much more. For senior citizens, the number of things to look after is double that of a regular person. First things first, they can need immediate medical attention at any given point in time. And as the body and mind age, it can also put them at risk of increased mental and health diseases.  

Featuring for the cover story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of Enterprising Companies of the Year is The W Group Assisted Living Communities, a company that is dedicated to promoting an independent lifestyle to senior citizens. 

The Company-

The W Group Assisted Living Communities is one of the largest adult home/ALP organizations in New York State. Almost 10 years ago, Berry Weiss realized that residents throughout the state needed a safe compassionate, and caring place to live when they could no longer remain alone in their homes. The mission became to build communities that would be able to simulate an at-home care facility that could assist its residents with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, medications, and meals all within a safe and caring environment.  

“We started The W Group Assisted Living communities with 3 facilities located within the 5 boroughs. Today, we own and manage 30 facilities in New York and Florida.” 

The success of The W Group Assisted Living Communities is based on the motto that “Our residents come first” and absolutely no kind of expense is spared to see to it that they are well cared for and safe. Every member of the company is completely dedicated to it, and not just because it has turned out to be a bigger venture, but it is because of the fact that every employee is committed to working for the betterment of society, in every way possible.  

“I feel a deep responsibility to our care for thousands of caregivers and administrative staff.” 

Services that Set The W Group Assisted Living Communities Apart-

While The W Group Assisted Living Communities does not sell any products, caring, compassionate and quality service is a focus of the company’s policies.  As mentioned before, the care of the residents is the company’s most important concern.  In deciding to invest in another community, look at ways in which one can improve the quality of life for the residents in the community.  

“Whether it is investing in the infrastructure of the building or simply providing them with recreational and improved physical care, our goal is still the same – “Our Residents Come First”.”

The company believes that its residents should live an independent lifestyle, where they can determine how they go about their daily life and make their own choices. 

Assisted Living 

Each of the communities strives to allow the residents to maintain their independence while receiving the discreet assistance they require. The company’s degree of care is tailored to each individual situation and is backed by industry-leading quality standards. 

Adult Care Services 

The company nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of the residents by taking care of their physical needs, providing opportunities for social interaction, and offering a wide range of programs and activities based on individual preferences.  

Medical Services 

The W Group’s Assisted Living Communities highly trained Physicians and Specialists treat every patient based on their individualized clinical needs. Their onsite medical assistants act as a member of the Long-Term Care facility’s team. They coordinate all levels of primary and specialty medical care for every patient as needed. 


Each of the residents is given the opportunity to focus on their passions. They enjoy the peace of mind of not worrying about cooking, cleaning, or any housework. The team is committed to providing a peaceful, stress-free, and independent lifestyle. 

Doing Things The W Group Assisted Living Communities Way- 

“Understanding the needs of our communities while understanding the needs of their families, is our commitment.” 

The team promises that their affordability, comfortability, and security will be second to none. Our way provides a superior level of care to residents while promoting the independent lifestyle they desire. 

Commitment to Quality 

The company’s quality enhancement program ensures that they do things the right way, the first time, and with standards that exceed expectations. Each of the communities are reviewed by the state as well as by their internal review team to ensure the highest standard of care. 

Bespoke Care 

When living at home is no longer an option, The W Group Assisted Living Communities offers its residents the care and services that they need to feel safe and at the same time have a sense of independence. Each of their communities provide individualized care, a family type environment, and recreational programs to keep our residents healthy and active. Their team of devoted professionals provides the necessary support but also empathize each of the resident’s desire for independence. 

A Better Life 

The company believes in creating a safe and caring environment for those who may be struggling to maintain an independent lifestyle. Their residents experience a range of amenities and services associated with the community. 

  • A vibrant and meaningful social life filled with educational and entertainment opportunities. 
  • Daily fitness opportunities are made available to improve mobility, strength, and wellness. 
  • A dining experience filled with freshly prepared food and accommodating various dietary needs and choices. 
  • Around-the-clock emergency assistance with 24-hour staff and alert systems in each 

  • Housekeeping services and maintenance staff are made available to every resident. 
  • Transportation for various appointments and independence are made available. 

Berry Weiss- Leading the Way- 


Berry Weiss started in the health care field almost 20 years ago.  His first ownership experience was with Preferred Homecare of New York, which currently services approximately 10,000 patients throughout New York State. A number years ago they opened Preferred Homecare of Florida and are rapidly expanding their base throughout southern Florida.  

The W Group Assisted Living Communities became a natural extension of my health care journey.  And at this time their success has far exceeded even my wildest expectations.  Over time he has built a rather unique relationship with The W Group Assisted Living Communities employees.   

“My door is always open and our management team is constantly rewarding our employees with opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.” 

Experiences that Shaped the Company- 

One rather unique experience that shows a lot about The W Group Assisted Living Communities was when we had an unexpected emergency in one of our Adirondack communities.  Members of our management teams drove up to the Adirondack facility and worked throughout the night alongside the facility staff and members of the DOH to ensure all of the residents were safely moved along with their possessions and medications to one of our nearby sister communities.  

The Promise of The W Group Assisted Living Communities- 

“For several years, The W Group Assisted Living Communities have allowed residents across New York and Florida to create invaluable memories. In keeping with the promise that our residents come first – we believe that no matter where an individual lives, who they are, or what their diagnosis is, they deserve nothing less than quality care. This is our passion. We provide all of our residents with a comfortable, affordable, and secure home environment. Our carefully-selected personnel provides compassionate and reliable professional services at each of our facilities. 

Our Mission is to provide an unparalleled living experience while promoting the protection and improvement of the health and well-being of our residents and the community beyond. We strive to promote dignity, respect, and independence as much as possible, in an environment that will become a home away from home. Our passion is healthcare, and our vision is to always put our residents first.”

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