Unexpected Itinerary Change Leaves MSC Meraviglia Cruise Passengers in Cold Surprise

Itinerary Change Leaves MSC Meraviglia Cruise Passengers in Cold Surprise | The Enterprise World

(Source – MSC Cruceros)

Passengers aboard the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship were in for an unexpected turn of events when their planned Bahamas getaway took a detour to New England and Canada. The MSC Meraviglia Cruise, initially set to sail to the tropical Bahamas, had to alter its course due to unseasonable and rapidly deteriorating weather conditions, making it unsafe to venture into the southern Atlantic Ocean from New York City, as explained by Field Sutton, the director of communications at MSC Cruises USA.

Heading to colder regions

The abrupt change in itinerary caught passengers off guard, with Lakeya Allen from Bloomington, Illinois, sharing her experience. She received notification of the change at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, mere hours before she and her three children were set to catch a flight to New York City. The unexpected shift left Allen rushing to Walmart for winter clothes, as the ship, now heading to colder regions, was ill-equipped for the new weather conditions.

In an interview with CNN, Allen expressed her disappointment, saying, “We still have shorts, bathing suits, and sunscreen with us.” Despite the inconvenience, guests were presented with two options: cancel their trip for a future cruise credit at their convenience or proceed with the altered itinerary.

MSC Cruises justified the decision, stating that canceling the MSC Meraviglia Cruise entirely would have affected thousands of vacation plans. The logistical challenges of securing last-minute berths for unplanned stops and provisioning the ship along a new route made a voyage to Canada and New England the only viable alternative, according to the cruise line’s official statement.

For Allen and her family, the sudden change meant adapting to a completely different vacation experience than initially envisioned. Having planned the trip to the Bahamas since February as a Christmas gift, Allen already had family waiting for them on the island and in New York City. She shared, “I told myself that we would do something different this year and instead of buying gifts, we were going to travel and make memories.”

 Ensure the safety and well-being of MSC Meraviglia Cruise passengers

Despite the initial shock, passengers attempted to make the best of the situation. In a video, kids were seen jumping into an outdoor pool in New York’s 40-degree weather. However, as the ship made stops in Boston and Portland, passengers found themselves searching for sweaters and coats.

Currently in Portland, Allen said, “We’re on TikTok trying to find what to do in Portland or what’s in this area because we didn’t plan for this.” The unexpected adventure continues as the MSC Meraviglia cruise is set to arrive in Saint John in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, where the weather forecast predicts a high of 27 degrees F (-3 C) and a low of 12 F (-11 C) on Thursday.

Cruise ship itineraries are subject to change, as outlined in the contracts of carriage, and may involve diversions around weather systems. MSC’s contract specifically states, “The Carrier does not guarantee that the Cruise Ship will call at any or every advertised port or follow any particular route or schedule.” Such changes are not uncommon within the cruise industry, often aiming to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers amid unpredictable weather conditions.

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