Multibagger Securities and Advisory Pvt. Ltd – Your Companion to Assure the Security of Tomorrow

Manish Goyal - Multibagger Securities

Multibagger Securities and Advisory Pvt. Ltd – Your Companion to Assure the Security of Tomorrow

Uncertainty is the essence of life. We do not know what circumstances we will have to face in the coming time. That is why we need to secure the future of ourselves and our family. And to do so there is the only way, Investments! Investments are both important and useful in the context of present-day circumstances. Investment can do a lot more than that, it helps you to create wealth, plan your retirement, get financial freedom, start a new business, etc.

Today, with the boost in the digital economy there is a significant change in almost all sectors which is empowering businesses and individuals to grow more. To climb the sky touching mountain of success we must take risks. Strategically taken risks can help you to achieve your desired.

In this context, we at The Enterprise World, feel great to feature Multibagger Securities and Advisory Pvt. Ltd as a cover story for our special issue The Best of 5 Recommended Stock Market Advisors for 2021.

Mr. Manish Goyal, CEO, and his team of expert professionals is striving hard to transform their client’s portfolio.

The Company

Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt. ltd was incorporated in Feb 2017 to bring quality in the equity research and advisory field.  It is a SEBI Registered and ISO 9001 Registered Investment Company incorporated mainly for quality research & advisory in Indian equity markets with a special focus on identifying Multibagger Stocks. After its inception, the company is growing very well and has both domestic and international clients.

Cutting through the Complexities

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat!

Multibagger also faced some initial hurdles and they dealt very well with them which helped the company to create a unique position in the market.

The most important task and challenge they faced, in the beginning, was to change the mindset of investors from gambling to investing. The majority of investors were looking towards the stock market as a casino and most of them were engaged in short term trading to make quick money. Multibagger tried and succeeded in educating investors that stock investing is a science and we should take a stock investing as a business instead of treating it as a gamble.

And after all this, there comes a point in the organization, when you start seeing steady growth. For Multibagger, it didn’t take a lot of time as their trustworthy services, hard and smart work paid off soon.

It is said that Numbers don’t lie. So the company focused on making wealth for investors with consistency and then their past performance spoke itself. With every passing month and year, their track record kept improving and so investors showed high confidence in their services.  The company also got exclusive rights for using the word ‘Multibagger’ from the government of India.

Company graphs are on the uptrend similar to their stock picks ever since they started the company. They are catering to clients in approx. 12-15 countries now and their AUM is increasing exponentially

We believe that Truth is infectious. We just kept focusing on quality equity research and then client satisfaction leads to word of mouth publicity for us.

Manish Goyal

Their Offerings

Currently, they are providing long term multi-bagger stock picks. The company focuses mainly on quality small-cap ideas. The company is different in the way that it substantiates its past performance with original Facebook posts

The team of experienced professionals at Multibagger aims to make this company a one-stop solution for many financial services. They are planning to launch PMS services in near future and after that, they will foray into other areas of capital markets also.

Currently, the company offers one kind of long term investing plan. Soon they are planning to announce a plethora of comprehensive services at the right time.

Manish Goyal – A visionary leader in the investment landscape

Mr. Manish Goyal, CEO at Multibagger is a chartered accountant from 2004 batch and he did his BCOM (Hons) from Delhi University.

When we asked him about his achievements he said, “Most important achievement I think I got is making wealth for my friends and clients. In addition to that, I am granted exclusive rights to using the word ‘Multibagger’ by the government of India”

Multibagger 1

Manish says, “Stock market has changed a lot in last 15-20 years. A lot of new regulations and checks & balances are brought in by SEBI to protect the interest of investors. Retail investors also have become more intelligent with time”

He says he admires Warren Buffett a lot and the business story of most innovative businessman Elon Musk’s journey inspires him a lot.

Sharing his views on constant vigilance he says, “I think constant vigilance is a need because in the last few years many well-known companies have nosedived due to corporate governance issues. An investor should be vigilant towards new developments taking place in company, industry, and economy.”

The driving force

The unmatched leadership at Multibagger believes that a happy mind is more productive and efficient. So they focus on providing a good quality of life to employees and give them a good working environment to bring the best out of them. They offer the work from home facility also if required. “The thing which makes my team unique is that I choose a person who has a passion for research and investing. So they enjoy their work and this increase their efficiency and success ratio”, Manish commented.

About Happy Clients

Multibagger’s clients are very happy with them. The only complaint they have with the company is that they found them very late. Because by the time some investors found them, they had already lost a lot of money in intraday and FNO trading on the advice of fly by night tips provider. Manish says, “I get a lot of emotional emails and messages from investors after they read my website and how it changed their financial life.”

I don’t have enough words to express gratitude towards Mr. Manish Ji…It’s been a wonderful experience since I have started acting on his advice in the stock market.

His research is fantastic, and I have made lots of profit in the stock market. Best example One stock Mr. Manish shared in October 2020 which got +++250% in 21 days ( Seven Tech in October  it was at trading at Rs 14 and now it is Rs 48.) The best example for trust!!! This is my personal experience.

I would urge all prospective investors of the stock market to take help from Mr. Manish; he is a Chartered Accountant by profession who can understand the financial data of a company better than any other professional. –    TS Narasimhan

Have been tracking Mr. Manish’s picks for four years or so … you need to have a lot of patience and hold those stocks for long-term, no need to track those shares on daily basis, just buy and forget for a couple of years and allow those stocks to grow many folds. –    Pragati Tra

I was looking for someone who does a fundamental analysis of stocks. I searched a lot and finally found Manishji. I was with him only for 6months and reaping benefits already. One of the stocks doubled in 4 months and another is about to double. Very humble, down to earth guy. We have a few common interests and hence our talk, communication goes beyond investment! If you are with Manishji, rest assured that your investments are in safe hands! –    Harish MK

Only when the tide goes out, you discover who was swimming naked.

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