NaturHouse: Democratizing Personal Diet Services in Retail by Educating on Healthier Dietary Habits

NaturHouse: Democratizing Personal Diet Services | The Enterprise World

In the current scenario, there is a recognized need to address the global issue of unhealthy dietary habits and overweight. Therefore, the prevalence of these health issues has reached a global scale, prompting a need for innovative solutions to promote healthier lifestyles and combat the negative impacts of poor dietary choices. By offering an exclusive line of natural products and a nutritional education program, NaturHouse is positioning itself to address this need. Combining natural products with education aims to contribute to a positive shift in dietary behaviors and address the broader issue of unhealthy dietary habits and overweight globally.

Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle on a Global Level

Established in Spain in 1992, NaturHouse’s mission revolves around educating individuals and promoting healthier lifestyles and improved dietary habits. As a primary outcome, it aims to facilitate weight loss in a straightforward, entirely natural, and cost-effective manner. Moreover, its approach extends beyond mere weight reduction, emphasizing the acquisition of skills to maintain achieved results over the long term while simultaneously contributing to preventing metabolic disorders. Founder Felix Revuelta (CEO) envisioned, three decades ago, the democratization of personalized diet services by bringing them into the retail sector. Over these years, with a customer base exceeding 7 million satisfied individuals, NaturHouse has continued to expand its presence, introducing our franchising business format to new territories. 

In 2005, Raffaello Pellegrini (Group CEO) had the opportunity to meet Mr. Revuelta, actively seeking a Spanish-speaking manager with an entrepreneurial background. At that time, the objective was clear: establishing and elevating the Italian market from its nascent stages. Over the years, this endeavor proved immensely successful. By 2015, when the company achieved listing on the Madrid stock exchange, Italy emerged as the second-largest market in terms of sell-out, boasting an extensive network of over 500 shops. Remarkably, the Italian branch took the lead in profitability, showcasing the remarkable growth and strategic success achieved under Raffaello’s management. 

In a significant turning point for the company, Mr. Revuelta, recognizing Raffaello’s substantial contributions and leadership capabilities, made a pivotal decision in February 2023. He entrusted Raffaello with the entire group’s CEO role, endowing him with full responsibilities. This appointment marked not only a recognition of past accomplishments but also a strategic move to entrust the reins of the entire organization to an individual who had played a crucial role in the flourishing trajectory of the Italian market.

From building the Italian market to steering it towards becoming a cornerstone of the company’s success, his leadership played a pivotal role. The decision to appoint him as the CEO of the group in 2023 is a reflection of Mr. Revuelta’s confidence in Raffaello’s ability to lead the company forward into new realms of growth and prosperity. It underscores not only the achievements of the past but also the trust placed in Raffaello to navigate the company through the dynamic landscape of the future. 

Proliferating with the ‘NaturHouse Method’

After five years of meticulous commercial refinement, NaturHouse expanded its footprint by opening four additional shops. In 1997, recognizing the limitations imposed by the pre-e-commerce era, the company ventured into franchising. This strategic move was prompted by the necessity to increase the “NaturHouse Method” in different cities and countries. Without online commerce options, establishing new physical shops was the sole method. The franchising contract emerged as the optimal solution, allowing the company to expand its network while retaining control over crucial elements like shop locations, layouts, service quality, product scale economies, and brand identity.

Central to the exclusivity of NaturHouse is its proprietary know-how encapsulated in the “NaturHouse Method,” seamlessly blending complementary professional services with herbal supplements. From the perspective of franchisees, the distinctive nature of NaturHouse’s franchising model lies in its ability to provide a cost-effective means of entering the nutrition business, offering a substantial return on investment and the satisfaction of contributing to people’s improved and potentially prolonged lives.

NaturHouse has meticulously adapted its franchising format to align with sectoral changes throughout its evolution. The company embraces new technologies to modernize its approach, recognizing that while advancements are crucial, the core business remains rooted in human-to-human interactions. A notable example of this adaptability is the successful launch of e-commerce and tele-consultation services during the initial COVID lockdown.

NaturHouse leveraged technology to enhance performance, demonstrating its ability to remain responsive to changing circumstances. Presently, the company is actively developing a new app and wearable devices to elevate the perceived quality of remote services to mirror the in-shop customer experience. This initiative signifies NaturHouse’s commitment to utilizing technology for efficiency and delivering a seamless and high-quality customer experience, irrespective of the interaction mode.

Presently, the global rise in obesity and overweight issues has reached a pandemic scale, emerging as a significant health concern worldwide. However, in 1992, when NaturHouse inaugurated its first store in Vitoria, a small town in northern Spain, societal awareness of these health issues was nearly nonexistent. In light of these challenges, establishing a retail chain centered around the “NaturHouse Method”—featuring complimentary professional dietary consultations and herbal supplements—became a formidable cultural undertaking. In fact, NaturHouse has successfully overcome these obstacles by delivering outstanding results to clients and offering effective, genuinely professional, and simultaneously affordable service.

Spearheading with the ‘Us’ Concept

At the helm, Raffaello spearheads the NaturHouse team and propels it toward growth and success. However, despite being one of the leaders at the forefront, he emphasizes that the concept of “boss loneliness” is often discussed, firmly believing that the experience of leading a team is not predetermined; rather, it is shaped by how one exercises leadership. An embodiment of this belief is evident in his long-standing team members, showcasing the profound impact of effective leadership on team dynamics. Since 2005, Chiara, the inaugural alimentary consultant of the first Italian shops, has been an integral part of Raffaello’s journey.

From these early days, she has evolved within the organization, now holding the esteemed position of Chief Technical Officer for the entire group. Similarly, the first area manager hired in 2007 to aid in developing the Italian network has recently been appointed as Chief Development Officer. This strategic evolution of team members reflects their individual growth and the cohesive and lasting bond formed under Raffaello’s leadership.

The unique strength of Raffaello’s team extends beyond mere professional resilience; it lies in the shared passion for the company’s mission. Despite Raffaello’s renowned workaholic tendencies, the team maintains a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in their daily endeavors. The ability to infuse passion into their work while adapting to Raffaello’s work style is a testament to the team’s exceptional character.

Regarding his team’s longevity and satisfaction, Raffaello attributes it to a straightforward approach. He emphasizes treating team members as he would like to be treated, coupled with a commitment to transparency and consistency. Raffaello’s leadership is characterized by openness—saying what he thinks and doing what he says. In times of success, he celebrates with the team. During challenges, he empathizes, fostering a culture that transcends individual victories and losses to focus on collective achievements. Raffaello’s leadership philosophy revolves around a collective “us” rather than an individual “me.” This approach, combined with sincerity, coherence, and a shared commitment to the company’s mission, has cultivated a resilient, focused, and content team. 

Why franchise with NaturHouse?

With over 1,500 operational shops and a network of more than 2,000 dietary consultants requiring ongoing training, NaturHouse acknowledges the delicate nature of the innovation process. The company prioritizes effectively verifying new products and services, typically initiating trials in a select number of directly managed shops within a specific market. This careful approach ensures that any innovations are rigorously tested before being extended to franchisees and introduced in other countries, ensuring a measured and successful implementation. Following are the selection criteria for franchising with NaturHouse:

For Individual Franchisee:

  • Preferably with a background in nutrition-related studies
  • Commitment to self-employment
  • Passionate about promoting a healthier lifestyle

For Multifranchisee:

  • Current single shop owner with ambitions for expansion
  • Local entrepreneur with a vision for developing specific geographical areas

For Master Franchise:

  • Local entrepreneurs with international expansion aspirations
  • Financial capacity to invest in a startup plan
  • Previous success in introducing new franchising formats to their respective countries

As the leader in a niche market it pioneered three decades ago, Natur House finds itself at the forefront for several compelling reasons. The company’s sustained success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to a niche it established and continues to lead. This unique positioning has become a hallmark of NaturHouse, marking its influence and expertise in the field. The global prevalence of overweight issues, exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, has led to an ever-expanding market for NaturHouse. The company’s relevance has grown as the world grapples with the health implications of being overweight, reinforcing NaturHouse’s role as a crucial player in the wellness and weight management industry.

Essentially, the cornerstone of NaturHouse’s enduring success lies in the effectiveness of the “NaturHouse Method,” a solution that transcends borders and resonates globally. Following are the pillars of the “NaturHouse Method’’ solidify its universal applicability:

99.7% Effectiveness:

  • Proven track record with over 7 million clients
  • Demonstrated satisfaction as only 0.3% did not return for a second consultation

100% Natural Approach:

  • Rooted in dietary education and herbal supplements
  • Aligned with natural, holistic principles for overall well-being

Ease of Application:

  • Incorporates practical teachings on conscious food buying, combining, and cooking
  • Simple to integrate into daily life for sustained results

Affordability for All:

  • Positioned as the most cost-effective weight management solution in the market
  • Accessible to a diverse demographic, ensuring inclusivity

Leveraging the Vitality of Franchise Networking

NaturHouse not only provides benefits and opportunities to franchisees but also recognizes their success as pivotal to the enduring vitality of its network. The company believes thriving franchisees contribute significantly to the network’s long-term success. The symbiotic relationship is grounded in the principle that financially successful franchisees are inherently content, emphasizing NaturHouse’s commitment to their profitability and prosperity. This commitment is both strategic and ethical, extending beyond financial transactions to foster a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership. By prioritizing franchisee satisfaction and financial well-being, NaturHouse positions itself as a steward of long-term success, ensuring its brand’s sustained performance and resilience in the competitive landscape.

A Brief Look at the Road Ahead

As a seasoned industry leader, Raffaello asserts that franchising contracts remain optimal and tightly controlled for distributing products or services within a country. This belief is grounded in the recognition that, despite the prevalence of franchised brands, ongoing franchising development opportunities persist due to emerging innovative retail concepts. Even in the U.S., where over 40% of retail operates under franchised brands, the landscape welcomes novel retail ideas.

The evolution of information accessibility online has reshaped franchising dynamics. Raffaello emphasizes that only serious franchisors with a track record of satisfied franchisees will thrive and expand in this age of immediate information. The digital era necessitates a commitment to excellence, transparency, and partner satisfaction for sustained success in competitive franchising. Raffaello observes a transformative shift in franchise leadership in tandem with industry evolution. He acknowledges its complexity, emphasizing that maintaining leadership and credibility with franchisees requires a fundamental commitment to providing continuous opportunities for financial success in their ventures.

Advising the aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make a mark in this sector, Raffaello states: “If we’re talking about a potential franchisor, always put your franchisee’s profit before yours because the only way to create and give a future to a franchising network is to make them happy. Suppose we’re considering the issue from a potential franchisee perspective. In that case, I’d strongly suggest analyzing the franchisor’s quality, talking to another franchisee of the aimed brand to ask if they are happy, and trying the products or services as a ghost client before deciding. It is impossible to be a successful franchisee without being a potential customer or, worse, an unsatisfied one.”

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