Robert J. Rebori: Building a Sustainable Future with Astute Water Treatment Solutions 

Robert J. Rebori: Building a Sustainable Future | The Enterprise World

Climate change is real and so is the way it impacts various environmental processes, including water. The ‘renewable’ tag often thrown at water only applies when its sources are well-managed. On the other hand, overlooked water sources can severely impact socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems, and human survival.

The negative signs are already visible in some parts of the world, with around two billion people without access to safe drinking water. A primary contributor to this global issue is inefficient water drainage systems and the lack of water treatment plans vital to maintaining long-term societal health, safety, and functionality.

BioMicrobics, a leader in Water Treatment solutions, is on a mission to solve all such problems with its top-of-the-line water solutions. Whether Wastewater, Stormwater, or Graywater, the company has all the necessary treatment resources, tools, and expertise. At the helm of BioMicrobics is its President, Robert J. Rebori, leading the charge toward a sustainable future.

Water Treatment Expertise

BioMicrobics began in April 1996 with the manufacturing and selling of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Over the years, through various acquisitions, the company expanded its horizons into treatment systems for ships and offshore platforms, ballast water treatment, grey water, stormwater treatment, and drinking water disinfection. However, the objective remains the same today: providing everything necessary for treatment systems.

Simple yet Competitive

Everything manufactured at BioMicrobics is simple and priced competitively which has led to its current success. The success is not solely attributed to the products; it also stems from the policies, talented employees, and dedicated professionals, both direct and indirect, associated with BioMicrobics. These factors collectively provide the company with a competitive edge in the industry.

“At BioMicrobics, each individual strives to ensure that end users, advisors, and installers have a pleasant experience—from the first inquiry to the final use.”

Leadership Evolution

As a leader, providing employees with an environment that lets them choose their tasks based on their strengths without micromanagement is imperative to success. Moreover, using the employees’ skills that play to their individual strengths  will lead to a better future for the employees and the employer.

Products, Policies, and People

Robert J. Rebori ( Bob) is grateful to have a life where he gets to meet new people and travel to places most people will never have experienced. Robert credits this success to BioMicrobics and considers the client’s continuously positive feedback owed to the hard work everyone is doing as his pinnacle achievement.

Under Robert J. Rebori’s effective leadership, BioMicrobics never takes the feedback and inputs from each individual for granted while constantly learning from others before finalizing any decision—be it the mistakes or the positive steps taken. Most people associated with BioMicrobics are the primary wage earners, and any decision will have a direct impact on them along with their families. However, BioMicrobics follows its general rule of thumb with a simple, low-cost, robust approach through its products to ensure it makes a positive difference in everyone’s life.

“Our success comes from excelling in the ‘Three Ps’ – Our products, our policies, and our people.”-Robert J. Rebori, President.

Beyond the Money and Power

Throughout his illustrious career, Robert J. Rebori has looked up to many individuals as his inspiration. In his life, the biggest takeaway for Robert was not being greedy for money or power while remaining humble, thankful, and appreciative. In addition, Robert emphasizes that it is equally essential to mentor people.

In business and life, one can learn valuable lessons by having clarity about things NOT to do. Similarly, when faced with unfavorable situations, any individual must always think of a prevention plan and how to turn the situation into an advantage, says Robert J. Rebori.

Handling Setbacks and Striking a Balance

According to Robert J. Rebori, it is paramount for a leader to encourage people to admit their mistakes and then plan how to avoid them, an approach he aims to incorporate throughout the organization and associates. Furthermore, it is imperative to create a thriving environment that encourages inclusion.

Talking about future generations, Robert says we must allow and respect the increasing value of younger people. He predicts that the younger generation will be better at choosing their leaders and constituents and with their approach regarding inclusion when compared to his generation.

To strike a work-life balance, Robert J. Rebori ensures his availability on special occasions at home and takes time for vacations and holidays. In his free time, he especially enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, gardening, hiking, golf, and outdoor cooking on a grill or with smokers.

Words of Wisdom:

“Try not to micromanage and be very open to others’ ideas. Most of the things you will learn and the skills you develop will be from others. My personal success is mostly due to others doing what they do well.” Robert J. Rebori, President.

Water Solutions Benefits (Source: UN)

Robert J. Rebori: Building a Sustainable Future | The Enterprise World
  • Healthy aquatic ecosystems and improved water management can lower greenhouse gas emissions and protect against climate hazards.
  • Wetlands such as mangroves, seagrasses, marshes, and swamps are highly effective carbon sinks that absorb and store CO2, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Wetlands also serve as a buffer against extreme weather events. They provide a natural shield against storm surges and absorb excess water and precipitation. Wetlands also provide water storage and purification through the plants and microorganisms that they house.
  • Early warning systems for floods, droughts, and other water-related hazards provide a more than tenfold return on investment and can significantly reduce disaster risk: a 24-hour warning of a coming storm can cut the ensuing damage by 30 percent.
  • Water supply and sanitation systems that can withstand climate change could save the lives of more than 360,000 infants every year.
  • Climate-smart agriculture using drip irrigation and other means of using water more efficiently can help reduce the demand for freshwater supplies.

Benefits of Bio Microbics

  • Improved Water Quality
  • Water Supply Reliability
  • Ecosystem Benefits
  • Ground Water Management and Enhancements

What Makes Bio Microbics Unique?

Robert J. Rebori: Building a Sustainable Future | The Enterprise World
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Award-Winning
  • Innovative
  • Result-oriented
  • Low-Cost
  • Robust
  • Popular Alternative to Traditional Septic Systems
  • 90,000 Installations in 90+ Countries

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