Rolling Arrays: HR Solutions Keeping Businesses Ahead of the Curve

Rolling Arrays HR Solutions Keeping Businesses Ahead of the Curve The Enterprise World

 HR is not just a department in our companies, HR is all of us. 

Such a line of thinking was pivotal to Rolling Arrays becoming a frontrunner SAP SuccessFactors Solution Provider globally, cultivating a human experience transformation across the entire employee lifecycle.

This vision of HR being more than a department was initially laid out by its Founder and CEOManu Khetan when he intercepted the organization in 2009. Beginning with just four members to over 300 employees, the organization has become a go-to HR firm that stays ahead of the industry curve, establishing itself as one of the Best SAP SuccessFactors Solution Providers of 2024.

Top-100 Fastest-Growing Companies

Rolling Arrays specializes in SF Consulting, implementation, and support. It also builds applications that enhance the utility of the SuccessFactors platform to help its clients attract, develop, and retain talented individuals. In 2021, The Straits Times and Statista recognized Rolling Arrays as the Top 100 fastest-growing companies in Singapore.

Manu attributes this success to its double-down strategy of specializing in SAP technology and focusing on just one domain—Human Resources (HR). As a growing firm, Rolling Arrays recognized its role accurately as it competed with established custom software firms, system integrators, and consulting firms.

“We believe this single-minded focus, combined with continuous improvement, is the foundation of our success.”

An Acquisition that Turned Tables

One of the notable milestones for Rolling Arrays occurred in 2011 when SAP acquired SuccessFactors, a cloud-based HR solution in the US. It became a turning point that led the firm to focus on HR technology, aligning with SAP’s shift toward cloud solutions. Prior to this, SAP primarily offered on-premise solutions, and Rolling Arrays was among the first partners in Southeast Asia to embrace SuccessFactors.

Over the past decade, Rolling Arrays has received numerous awards for its impact on HR. Moreover, it celebrated ten years with the SAP SuccessFactors team as a consulting partner.

A Transformation Highlight

Over the past 14 years, Rolling Arrays has successfully executed numerous HR transformation projects. Here are a few examples of its extensive experience in HR transformation:

Rolling Arrays: HR Solutions Keeping Businesses Ahead of the Curve | The Enterprise World

A Positive Industry-Shift 

While once seen as a cost center, the perception of HR is undergoing a positive shift, with more and more businesses recognizing HR as a strategic business partner vital to optimizing organizations from scratch. 

Considering the simple metric of “revenue per employee,” companies with highly engaged and well-placed employees often outperform competitors with larger workforces–HR is critical to execute this process seamlessly.

  • Hiring the right people: Matching individuals with the right skills and roles maximizes their potential contribution.
  • Optimizing talent deployment: Deploying people strategically within the organization ensures the full utilization of the talents.
  • Managing exits: Identifying and transitioning underperforming or redundant employees improves overall efficiency.

Managing these areas is a significant part of improving financial performance. In addition, the concept of willingness to hire, join, and stay” (WTJ and WTS ) highlights how HR impacts the bottom and top lines of the organization. A high WHJS enables the organization to reduce costs, boost retention, and attract top talent—contributing to profitability and growth.

This shift in focus is encouraging for the HR industry collectively. Modern businesses increasingly acknowledge the potential of HR to unlock value and drive success.

By showcasing data-driven results and demonstrating strategic alignment, HR can solidify its position as a core function, not just a cost center.

A Culture of Care, Growth, and Gratitude

Any company consists of two major parts—customers and employees. However, many leaders and organizations do not pay equal emphasis and focus predominantly on customers. Manu has incorporated this 50-50 approach in Rolling Arrays, owed by the potential benefits.

Rolling Arrays follows a defined culture code that aims at helping every employee to become a better professional and human being. With the proper execution of this approach—the employees perform—the customers are happy—and with happy customers, the company attracts better talent—these high performers will create a better brand for Rolling Arrays.

The Power of Learning

Manu considers himself fortunate to be in the HR space, getting a closer look at the latest trends, people functions, and strategies to boost productivity. At its core, it is all about the people.

I believe in the power of learning: both through personal experience and by gleaning insights from others.

Reading is the best way to learn from others, says Manu. He admires HR influencers and thought leaders like Josh Bersin and Dave Ulrich, whose work helped him learn valuable perspectives, industry trends, and future directions.

Manu’s background in tech fuels his interest in staying updated with the latest HR technological advancements. He is actively researching AI applications, new tools, and their impact on people management practices. He also follows relevant people and influencers on social media to stay informed on the topics of his interest.

Led by Manu Khetan, Rolling Stories is a compelling initiative that brings together handpicked HR thought leaders to delve into their unique journeys and share their invaluable experiences. Season 4 of this podcast, hosted by Adrian Tan, is launching soon, featuring David Ulrich as the opening guest.

By continuously learning and embracing new information, I equip myself and our team to drive impactful HR solutions for our clients.

Aiming for More Markets

Rolling Arrays is the market leader in the South Asian region. However, the firm aims to amplify its strategy to capture more markets and enter numerous other markets to cater to a larger demographic.

The firm also wants to enhance SuccessFactors as a solution and give complementary add-ons. Currently, Rolling Arrays offers add-ons such as Reimburse, ePFile, and CICO—extending the functionality and the value of the SuccessFactors platform globally.

Rolling Arrays: HR Solutions Keeping Businesses Ahead of the Curve | The Enterprise World

*What are the USPs*

  • Focused Expertise: We double down on SuccessFactors solutions and cultivate deep knowledge within the HR Tech domain. This focused approach allows us to excel in both product expertise and industry understanding.
  • Customer-Centricity: Every project serves as an opportunity to solidify our market credibility and build strong customer relationships. Our localized approach ensures we can cater to the specific needs of our regional market with unwavering dedication.
  • Local Focus: Instead of global expansion, we concentrate on servicing our current region exceptionally well. This prevents us from spreading ourselves thin and compromising our service quality or expertise.

*Awards & accolades*

  • Singapore’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies by Straits Times in 2024, 2021, 2020 – Asia’s 30 Fastest Growing Companies (Silicon Review) 2017 
  • HR Cloud Champion Award (SEA) 2016 
  • Best Cloud Partner Award (Indonesia) 2016 
  • 25 Most Powerful SAP Solution Providers (CIO Story Magazine) 2016 
  • Best Cloud Partner (Singapore) 2015 & 2014 
  • Best HR BPO Partner Award (Singapore) 2015 
  • SAP Gold Partner 2013 – Innovation through RDS Award 2013
Rolling Arrays HR Solutions Keeping Businesses Ahead of the Curve The Enterprise World

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