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Nicole Martin – HRBoost

If you want to build an HR Department that is efficient in all its way, it takes a lot of patience, time, and most importantly planning. For most business owners, hiring a full-time HR representative may seem like an easy job and an immediate solution for most of their work problems. But for the practitioners, organizing HR and making it work effectively requires time and careful consideration. With this, organizing an HR department also requires a neat plan to identify the flaws and correct them when necessary.

HRBoost LLC is one such Shared Services HR firm specializing in building HR from scratch and implementing practices that add value. Nicole Martin founded HRBoost in July 2010. As the Founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer), Nicole Martin has the privilege of leading a high-performance team of HR leaders to partner with businesses and meet them wherever they are on their journey to being a best place to work. They have experienced tremendous growth and proudly nearly ever client has been sourced via word of mouth.

“Our Boosters are experienced and provide custom human resource solutions, systems, training and support to develop and optimize your investment in people.”

The Company-

HRBoost has served businesses spanning various industry sectors. Their clients have included Professional Services, Non-Profit, High Tech, Manufacturing, Staffing firms, Hospitality and Healthcare environments to name a few. Their clients are typically high growth businesses with 50 to 250 employees, though they have served smaller (10 to 20 employee) and (20-40 employee) Small Business Bundle clients and larger businesses with up to 500 employees on a project basis. HRBoost specializes in building HR departments from scratch and is proudly recognized as a 2017 Annual Awardee for Business Excellence (AABE) by the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

“The greatest enemy of success is fear.”

When she started it, Nicole Martin’s business had high growth and with high growth comes challenge. She had to get access to financing, attract skilled talent that believed in the brand promise, and the most difficult challenge was overcoming fear. Being a disruptor in the industry, you can get attention from big competition and calls can come in for acquisition before you even realize you are profitable. Staying true to the vision, personal values and keeping the faith led to a solid team, and together they were able to bring joy and purpose to people through their work.

But what triggered the growth of the company was in 2012, when Nicole Martin learned what HR outsourcing was through many of her introductions and engagements.  Having always been in-house HR, her perspective on HR was nearly 11 HR strategic areas and through discussions with prospective executives, she came across others that were selling “HR” but it was not “HR” as she knew it.  

Their Services-

HRBoost has diversified their offerings by allowing clients to engage them on an ala carte, project, or retainer basis. This provides multiple ways in which clients can choose to contract with HRBoost.

“Essentially, it is our mission to meet them (clients) wherever they are on their journey to be a best place to work, we deliver talent not just software or an 1-800 number.”

Whether they are a small, growing business or a large, corporate employer, we can address their specific needs at a price point and service level that is customized for them to maximize their investment. Tools are only as good as the people behind them. With the future of work ahead of us, the external influences do enough to keep you innovating. By pulsing in conversation with their clients, the customer centric approach keeps them focused on delivering services the clients need to embrace change in the workplace at a pace that is necessary today.

What the future holds-

HRBoost has a new product launch coming in 2020. It is the Facilitator’s license program and materials for Facilitators, Trainers and the HR and/or business community to license HRBoost’s complete program for an Organizational Leadership System program offering they call Character-Based Capitalism. The program will feature the training presentations, tools, exercises, and materials to create organizational leadership in businesses today. The complete Facilitators program will be offered nationally.

Organizational Leadership builds upon the premise of capitalism with intention to build great companies by driving profitability and sustainability through tenets and practices of shared leadership and Character-Based Capitalism. Breaking the mould from the simple definition of capitalism, the Character-Based Capitalism is built to engage leaders at all levels, build organizational knowledge, align the workforce with organizational purpose, and establish a character-based culture of performance excellence. At its core, organizational leadership is rooted in the term “Character-Based Capitalism” to describe the beliefs, principles, and practices unique to the framework of four pillars of high performance companies embracing Character-Based Capitalism. The system itself has been built over the course of a decade and has been tested and proven within the middle market and municipal business environments where leaders were dedicated to building high performing organizations. With this new offering, the company will enable the training and facilitators across our great country partnering with businesses to build aligned workforces for the conscious businesses of tomorrow.

“I think we have endless tools, resources, and relationships that keep us constantly innovating.”

Nicole Martin- More than an Entrepreneur

“I like to believe we are all leaders from wherever we stand.”

Nicole Martin entered the job market right after high school and was more interested in being self-sufficient. Nicole Martin was promoted right into an HR role at 18. That hands-on experience led to her first role in management at the age of 23. Nicole Martin learned that early experience is priceless, and education was the ticket to play the game. When she was promoted to the role of a Director, she thought nothing of being the sole woman on what had been a purely male management team.

With no intentions of growing a business, Nicole Martin turned her former CEO into her first client post-recession. Her vision was to find another CEO that wanted to be an employer of choice and build it from scratch all over again. Nicole Martin feels that “It’s exciting and you can feel the difference when you walk in the door of a high growth business.”

“Looking back, I now consider myself an accidental entrepreneur.”

As diverse as she is, Nicole Martin’s entrepreneurial journey is just the same. It was 2 years after she founded HRBoost.

“I remember feeling delighted when I proved the concept and the business model had proven value in the clients’ eyes.”

Her first client wanted to invest in her business, when she still perceived herself as a Consultant. It took a year to see in the mirror what he saw in me. About the same time, she was aiming to pay herself what she had earned in Corporate when she was approached for acquisition.

The Team and the Race-

“I trust my team and I further trust my clients.”

The team is extremely unique. Every Dedicated Team brings a minimum of 40 years of experience to a client. Furthermore, collaboration is a cornerstone to our success. We are not just responsive rather we are proactive. We all understand transactional tactical HR work is essential, but it must meet strategic and transformational work to add value.

“I play fair and I don’t keep pace with the rat race.” If “constant vigilance” means continually being on watch or guard against threat, then that is not the need as Nicole Martin never perceives threat. Nicole Martin remains open and honest and seeks feedback from peers in her field and C-Suite community. Everyone and everything are interdependent. So, she prefers to think critical evaluation is a strategy and allowing collaboration to mean shared creation.

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