Nikola Corp’s President Trevor Milton decided to distribute shareholding to employees.

Nikola Corp’s President Trevor Milton

The Coronavirus epidemic has affected not only health but also the economic situation around the world. The economy of many countries has derailed. As a result, thousands of people have lost their jobs. Many companies have also cut their employees’ salaries and allowances. In such a difficult time, Nikola Corp of America has emerged as an example.

Nikola Corp has decided to distribute shareholding to its employees other than other companies. Company founder and President Trevor Milton have announced to give 6 million shares to the first 50 employees.

According to Trevor Milton, he promised to give shareholding while hiring these employees.

Trevor Milton has given this information on his Twitter handle. Trevor Milton wrote, “I love my employees. They make Nikola great and are the key to our success. I am good at keeping the promise and fulfilling the promise that I made while hiring 50 employees. I am giving him 6,000,000 of my personal shares. Soon you will see a decrease in my holding. These shares are not sold, but are being given as promised”.
Trevor Milton Twit

He has further written that in this way you help your employees and their family. The current price of these shares is around Rs 1,725 crore. Trevor considers himself lucky to have the support of good employees. He says that good employees are the key to the future of the company, so the company also has some responsibility towards its employees.

On social media, people are heartily praising the founder of Nikola Corp. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, 37-year-old Milton has a net worth of $ 4.6 billion in the ranking of the 500 richest people in the world. However, their assets will decline after the completion of the share transfer. Nikola Corp is an electric truck manufacturer.

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