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An online platform connecting businesses with freelancers to work together and find time-bound, cost-effective solutions. Noble House was founded in 1988 in a garage with a vision to be one of the most prominent HR consulting brands in India. Initially, the platform focused on offering the highest quality and the most effective HR services to the leading businesses, startups, and other small-to-medium enterprises by connecting them with highly skilled and experienced independent consultants. 

However, to meet the market demands and to keep up with the present business world, the digital platform became open to other functions as well such as Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, Web Development, UI/UX Designing, and more. Currently, Noble House has a rich network of around 12K freelancers and 400+ corporates covering more than 60 industries.

With the help of AI and automation, Noble House provides a highly user-friendly and tech-driven platform interface that enables freelancers and corporates to engage with ease and deftness. The talent pool is also spread across geographies to help organizations find the right talent on-demand for their requirements.

The objective behind the Inception of Noble House

With the aim of creating a digital marketplace for independent consultants to find quality gigs and unleash their maximum potential and businesses to find top talent for time-bound and skill-based projects, Noble House made its way to the business world.

The end-to-end solution provided by the platform enables clients to quickly find and utilize freelancers at scale. Through Noble House, businesses can get more done by collaborating with proven professionals to work on different areas of work ranging from HR and technology to sales & marketing, business strategy, design, finance, and much more.

The core objective of the brand is to build an ecosystem offering the right resources, tools and technology to find solutions for Companies and have freelancers deliver quality solutions tailored to the needs and budget of the businesses.

Services Offered by Noble House

The platform offers a talent pool with skills needed to meet the challenges of disruption and the modern business world. To help clients find the right talent for critical assignments, the website offers ready-to-use implementation solutions designed to fulfil custom and end-to-end requirements. It offers a user-friendly, intuitive experience supported by robust, secure infrastructure.

Noble House has so far executed more than 400 freelancer-based assignments across 11 domains for its clients across 60 industries.  

  • Here are the topmost services offered by the organization –
  • Independent Consultants – A rich network of trusted and talented professionals from 11+ domains and 60+ industries to offer best-in-class and most cost-effective solutions for your business.
  • Featured Companies ( Microsite)  – A white-labelled website featuring the company’s branding and promotional activities on the Noble House platform. Becoming a featured company with Noble House will help you position yourself as an employer of choice for gig workers.
  • Turnkey Solutions – To help organizations find quick solutions for their complex projects by utilizing ready-to-use implementation solutions entirely owned and managed by Noble House or self-create a virtual team of select NH verified freelancers to get it done. This will help you reach and access talent faster.
  • Expert Connect – A select pool of industry professional experts to provide the smartest solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Expert Connect lets you focus on things that matter to you the most and provide simple yet effective networking tactics to stay competitive and fit within the business world.

Early-stage Challenges Faced by the Company

Initially, Noble House encountered many challenges such as gaining the trust of people to work with someone halfway around the world, finding the right talent for specific skillset and experience. The objective was explicit to create opportunities for both businesses and freelancers to connect and deliver highly effective cost-efficient solutions.

However, some of the biggest hurdles they underwent and handled successfully are – 

  • To educate the market about the new concept of the gig economy and how they can utilize resources with the specific skillset for short-term requirements.
  • Gaining acceptance of the gig model was resisted in the beginning but post COVID many Companies were much more willing and open to try this new model out!
  • Concerns about data security had to be addressed by informing them of the various processes available to counter this problem.
  • Companies were unable to grasp the idea that many professionals voluntarily chose gig assignments over having a full-time job.
  • Also there were questions about the motivations and sincerity brought to the table by a freelancer. But these judgements were let go, once they had positive experiences with the freelancers their Companies hired.

Milestones Achieved 

Since the beginning of 2018, the growth of the organization has been staggering, and they are on a growth trajectory where they foresee moving at an even much rapid pace. So far, Noble House has: 

  • 12K registered freelancers who come from a diverse background and experience range
  • 400+ registered corporates
  • 400+ assignments posted
  • 11+ active domains
  • 60+ industries

Noble House intends to expand into the APAC region, and if everything goes according to plan, it will also spread its wings in UK and US in the next three to five years. The company has successfully extended its service line to four offerings, each of which caters to different business needs as mentioned above.

Factors like quality assignments, assured timely payments, freelancers with deeper skills, low-cost delivery model differentiate Noble House from the rest in the market..

The Leadership & Work Culture at Noble House

The workforce and the culture of any organization play a critical role in determining the future of the business. At Noble House, the leaders take care of the workforce by building an individual association with them; giving them accountability and flexibility; by sharing their difficulties and life lessons to help them fight their battles.

The willingness to learn new skills and put what’s best for the business at the top is the driving force behind the success of the business.

Under the leadership of Sanjay Lakhotia and Sumer Dutta, Noble House is truly unrivalled and is always a leap ahead of the competition in the market, with their services, standards, and their reputation. They make sure to empower their employees by setting short-term goals and advanced performance metrics, which in turn results in enhanced employee engagement, satisfaction, and efficiency.

The Anchor of Noble House  

Sanjay is a gig economy evangelist and contributing significantly to building an ecosystem that supports work flexibility and adaptability. He is a determined strategist and holds more than two decades of rich professional experience in providing expert guidance to key stakeholders on all aspects of business strategy and change management initiatives.

Sanjay is a Post Graduate in Human Resources from XLRI Jamshedpur and has worked in organizations like Crompton Greaves and Godrej Soaps Ltd. He is passionate about helping freelancers find top quality assignments and provide solutions for businesses by tapping into the on-demand talent.

Sumer on the other hand has a passion for nurturing new business opportunities and is sought after by various Indian and Multinational organizations. He has successfully delivered consulting assignments on compensation strategy, equity-based incentives, HR strategy and top management search.

He is a Post Graduate in Business Management (Finance) and has worked in organizations like Willis Towers Watson India and The HR Fund. His core strengths lie in empowering Business Leaders, Board and the Executive Committee by providing strategic guidance and direction.

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