4 Non-Monetary Rewards to Keep Staff Motivated

Best 4 Non-Monetary Rewards to Keep Staff Motivated

You’d love to keep your staff meeting and exceeding their targets. Although financial rewards are always welcome, you need a predictable payroll and can’t raise costs too high.Can you really motivate staff with Non-Monetary Rewards? The answer is a resounding “yes.” If you’re already paying a competitive salary, you won’t have to dig too much deeper to keep your staff motivated. Make it fun and encourage healthy internal competition by offering gifts for employees who go the extra mile. Need some ideas? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Here are Best 4 Non-Monetary Rewards to Keep Staff Motivated

1. Worker of the Month Certificates

Just saying “thanks” as publicly as possible is already a great way to keep employees feeling recognized for their efforts. Having an employee of the month vote might turn up some surprising candidates. Try not to award the same people too frequently and keep the competition open to workers at every level in the organization. In bigger companies, you may want to narrow things down to departmental awards just so that it is easier for folks to gain recognition. A framed certificate that includes a good photo of the winner makes for a great memento.

2. A Free Afternoon Off

Here’s a gift that costs you little or nothing! And who doesn’t like a little free time off work? However, remember that recognition in front of their peers is just as important as the gift itself, so make your announcement public. Consider adding news about in-house awards to your newsletters – even the ones intended for your customers. Showing that you appreciate your staff makes for a feel-good story that everyone loves.

3. Sponsor a Team Outing or Luncheon

Has one of your teams completed an important project ahead of time? Did your sales team exceed its targets? Sponsor a fun outing or a lunch to give them a chance to relax and strengthen their team bonds.This is also one of the Non-Monetary Rewards. Ask for photos and add them to your noticeboard! While working together is serious business, it can have its fun side too.

4. Annual Awards and Acknowledgements

Every business should have a year-end function in which the year’s achievements are celebrated. This is a great time to recognize your top achievers, and since this is an annual presentation with everyone present, it checks the box for keeping rewards as public as possible. Gift ideas include branded goodies, gift vouchers and cards, chocolates and flowers. Include a few fun awards like “best smile in the business.”

Best 4 Non-Monetary Rewards to Keep Staff Motivated

Always an Extra, Never an Expectation

People are strongly motivated by recognition for their efforts, no matter how big or small that recognition may be. However, never allow rewards to become an expectation. Here’s why. If you expect a reward, work for it, and receive it, it’s no longer a pleasant surprise – just something you believe you earned. The whole point of workplace awards should be that they come as a bonus to the winners. You certainly don’t want those who don’t receive an award to feel they didn’t get their “due.” The reaction you’re looking for is surprise, delight, and a feeling that even if they didn’t win an award this time round, everyone has a chance to shine.

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