NSquare Xperts- Solutions that Serve Diverse Business Needs

NSquare Xperts- Solutions that Diverse Business Needs | Kirit Mandavgane

Every organization needs fast and informed data that will ensure the businesses a long-term success. And to help create outstanding customer loyalty, what organizations do not realize is that the integration of CRM and ERP platform benefits bounds and leaps. This integration helps you with a holistic approach on your business, and also gives you 360 degree visibility of all of your customers’ data and the organization. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Best Digital & Business Solutions providers in 2022 is NSquare Xperts, a company that serves solutions to diverse business needs. 

The Company- 

NSquare Xperts is specialized in end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation/cuatomization across industries and now expanding their offerings to Salesforce platform as well. 

NSquare Xperts is a domain agnostic company. With end-to-end D365 solutions across Education, Insurance & Banking, Professional Services, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Utility, Telecom, Hospitality. 

“Our company focuses on customer-centric attributes, which keeps things aligned towards customer objectives.”

Overcoming the Challenges-

NSquare Xperts was founded in the year 2013. Foraging in a space that was highly looked out for some of the biggest challenges the company had to face was that of increasing competition. It was essential to maintain a competitive edge to strive and grow. 

This required acquiring the right talent and building a strong team that aligned with the company’s objectives of growth and success. It was also imperative to continuously work on penetration and identifying conducive segments, along with internal streamlining. 

The factors that helped the company to gain and provide an upper edge were of expertise against experience level and a strong establishment of media footprint and brand value. 

“Well, there is no compromise towards learning and improving. This is an ongoing process with something new to learn every day.”

The growth has been a process paved by careful strategizing. The factors include inevitable aspects like

  • Technical aspects
  • Domain specialization
  • Successful deliveries
  • Continuous technical evolution
  • Passionate and talented team
  • Value-add
  • Process improvement

The Products and Services-

NSquare Xperts is an offshore service company, focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and now expanding its service offerings to the Salesforce platform. 

By virtue of its numerous successful deliveries in domains like; Retail, Healthcare, Utilities, Telecom, Facilities Management, Banking & Insurance and Hospitality, NSquare Xperts positions themselves as domain agnostic Dynamics 365 solutions provider.

Along with the company’s technical and domain expertise, they heavily focus on Customer Centricity. NSquare primarily thrives to address customer objectives. NSquare Xperts ingrains key attributes that serve to be vital for businesses that enables clients to leverage value and overall vendor experience that yields to long-term relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce:  

  • Implementation  
  • Customization 
  • Business Process Analysis  
  • Integration 
  • Data Migration
  • Support

D365 Add-ons and Products: 

  • Call Integra – A CTI Integration Telephony Solution
  • Chatbot for D365
  • WhatsApp Integration for D365
  • Field Service Management Suite [Fi3]

Domains Served:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services
  • Telecom
  • Banking 
  • Education
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Utilities
  • Facilities Management

“While growth is a consistent process as we continue to evolve on the technical front. While continuously adapting newer technologies. We also believe in growing along with the team.”

Being a Customer-Centric software service company, NSquare Xperts works on a model that is primarily based on identifying client-side pain areas and meeting expectations over the major concerns like Risk Attenuation, Ideation, Technology, Quality, and Cost-effectiveness. 

The team not only works on projects but acts a thinking mind helping clients via proactively conveying clients on any identified areas of modification, recommendation, a suggestion which help the clients to capture more panoramic view toward achieving the best out of project objective and as well as visualize the process in every phase. The NSquare Xperts is heavily vigilant towards technology and adapting to technological changes/newer trends which enable to stay abreast as well as increasing the technology horizons.

 Benefiting Businesses with their Services-

“We help organizations to achieve Digital Transformation through leading platforms, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.”

For any business, CRM and ERP forms the core of their organizational operations. It is imperative for business to fine-tune these systems for maximum efficiency. Any business would primarily need efficiency inward and outward to perform best in modern day scenario. The NSquare Xperts being a D365 solution provider helps its clients meet ends with their transformation and objectives towards achieving key benefit like: Efficiency, Transparency, Cost saving, Revenue growth, customer experience, employee engagement, flexibility and also their competitive advantage. 

Having ingrained few of the most foundationally important customer centric aspects, these are the select few aspects which serve to be vital for business objectives that enables clients to leverage value and overall vendor experience that yields to long-term relationship along with delivery consistency.

NSquare Xperts focuses on Cost Effective solutions; their blended pricing allows small to medium scale business to leverage advantages of offshore economics. Along with in-depth technical expertise, an immaculate project management process which ensures delivery and visibility to the client on every step. Further to that, their incubation process helps clients get most of their project objectives. Most important, NSquare’s internal and outward processes ensures maximum risk attenuation. 

Leading the Way – 

We are consistently inspired and thrive to create a quality driven environment. Our virtues are well rooted to make a primary drive towards technology, value and efficiency. 

We believe that regardless of the size of the company, what matters is the quality of delivery which really counts and goes a long way. While, benchmarking based on the best practices and strategies for more effective solutions, we further brainstorm on newer ways to create an edge for providing unparalleled IT solutions. 

The thought process roots on the vitalities of creating a fulcrum for XRM solutions, providing maximum ROI for the clients and nurturing the team as a true asset of the company. We are devoted to achieve productivity driven by a true passion towards Technology consulting and delivery.

Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“Honestly speaking there is long way to go before imparting luxuries of advice. But this is what we would rather follow for ourselves. Everything starts with believing, and once you believe in something then go absolutely all out. “Let that dream know, who’s on its tail!!” Passion coupled with Commitment and Consistency is really the key.”

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