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David Conforti, Francesco Carante, ofcourseMe

OfCourseMe is one of the leading companies changing the way learning culture and behavior works in the corporates. They are one of the few and one the best companies providing services that not only enhance the content aggregation, organization, etc. in large corporates which are not only useful to provide a better learning environment but also increase the efficiency and performance of the employees, in turn generating a more learning-centric work culture and adding to personal as well as professional growth and development of the employees.

All these factors directly impact the overall performance of the enterprise and lead to holistic growth and development. Their customers are not only satisfied but also give due credits to them for their services, which have not only enhanced their learning curve and but has also given them a better and efficient approach to their work and enhanced their knowledge and skills at the same time.

In conversation with the CEO of OfCourseMe, Davide Conforti. Let’s hear more about OfCourseMe, the company’s services, and the CEO’s professional journey. 

Please tell us about OfCourseMe and the starting challenges of the company’s journey.

OfCourseMe is transforming learning culture and behavior. As trusted partners in employee learning and development, we work with learning and development managers to change the way their teams learn, whether it’s upskilling, retraining, or simply gaining a new perspective. We work with them to develop curated learning solutions for their team, designed to encourage a culture of lifelong learning in their employees so they can thrive.

We do this by creating a more agile and productive learning environment that enables every employee, regardless of age, ability, or skill, to reach their full potential through customized, on-demand, self-training paths. OfCourseMe – in a nutshell – exists to create lifelong learners.

Tell us about the engaging services offered by OfCourseMe, any new additions, and how these services keep up with the changing time and trends.

We offer a full-service solution centered around the concept of content aggregation, search, recommendation, and curation for our customers. We want to help solve a couple of issues: helping you organize your digital training materials in one place, making them easily accessible, comparable, and well organized and – at the same time – we want to avoid content overload for your learners by curating relevant and contextual learning pathways to help your people upskill and reskill on their own, contributing to change their attitude and mindset toward personal development.

As regards the market we think OfCourseMe has unique capabilities when it comes to delivering solutions that integrate well into existing learning ecosystems; we also excel in content scraping and tagging, as well as in content curation, marketing, and people analytics. Offering content curation + people intelligence + marketing support as a service makes our value proposition unique and extremely attractive to Learning Managers who are struggling to deliver learning pathways at scale with nimble teams and shrinking budgets.

Creating a learning culture has to do with daily behaviors and routine, which is grounded in relationships with management and peers. For this reason, we are consistently investing in the social aspects of learning, from sharing comments and views about content, to notifying users about their colleagues’ relevant interactions with content. In parallel, we are improving our search, ranking, and recommendation functions to provide users with results that are more and more personal, hence relevant. Learning culture is about people, hence we believe in a technology that is helpful for human beings.

Mapping contents vs. skill sets is a set of features in high demand in these months as upskilling and reskilling need to be grounded in skills and continuous performance appraisal/feedback loops to identify gaps. On top of this, we are going towards our first million content sources organized in OfCourseMe, which allow us to serve learning content in over 20 languages, 160 topics, countless formats, and – of course – skills. We do have a very structured 12-18 months product roadmap, which we evolve and update every quarter using weighing and discussing users’ feedback, behavioral data analysis, and R&D, within an Agile framework.

Please tell us about your professional journey and any highlights you wish to share.

I have graduated in Industrial Engineering in Milano, 6 years in Management Consulting, 5 years as BI Director and CFO. Then, in early 2017, the decision to create something from scratch.

Creating from 0 a 1 million € ARR profitable and fast-growing business without the support from any investors. Closing 6-digit deals with some of the largest companies in Europe, flagship customers we are proud to serve. Growing with a Team of 20 exceptional people, sharing the same passion, values, and ambitions.

How are the work culture and team of OfCourseMe?

At OfCourseMe I and Francesco started with this concept of building a working culture centered around the same values we foster with our solution: transparency, accountability, integrity, curiosity, and empathy. OfCourseMe never had an HQ – a physical office – but we worked remotely from the beginning, way before the pandemic forced most people home. You can do this only if you trust your people and they trust you. You need to create and reinforce the right culture, as well as put in place the right processes.

Your take on the competition in the market and how it affects you or the company? 

We prefer to focus on our customers and people rather than being obsessed with what our competitors claim. There is a lot of buzz and “marketing” in the EdTech business. Everybody boasts that they have the most innovative and disruptive technology, etc. Instead of following such “company bragging” exercises – which we find sterile actually – we like to remind ourselves that what matters is our customers’ success, and this has mostly to do with granting high service levels, communicating well, helping our customers achieve measurable goals.

What brings out the best is not competition per se, but rather setting high expectations with ourselves and our customers and finding a way to hit/exceed them, no matter what.

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