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As we are approaching the second quarter of 2023, the business world continues evolving rapidly, with new challenges and opportunities emerging daily. Keeping up with these changes requires leaders who are both innovative and adaptive. The most innovative business leaders show exceptional vision and leadership, driving their organizations to new heights of success. 

One such leader is Yusuke Asano , CEO and Founder at One Act, Inc. Yusuke has made waves in the tech industry by developing PieceX, the world’s first AI-powered marketplace for software development. His commitment to innovation and social responsibility has earned him a reputation as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking business leaders to follow in 2023.

Innovator and CEO

Yusuke was born in Japan in 1978 and began his career at KEYENCE Corporation, known for its efficient manufacturing process. There, he gained expertise in sales consulting, team management, and strategy planning. Yusuke later founded ACT MARRIAGE and ONE ACT, where he served as representative director. Yusuke’s management skills were tested when he oversaw the successful launch of two ventures.

PieceX has received numerous awards, including Europe 4YFN 2022 Best Startup Selection and USA Top 50 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2022. Yusuke has expanded ONE ACT’s reach by establishing affiliated companies in the UK and US and launching an industry-university collaboration ICT education project with the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology. Yusuke’s experience improving manufacturing processes at KEYENCE has contributed to his success in software development. ONE ACT has become a prominent player in the industry, and Yusuke has earned accolades such as Japan Independents Club Grand Prix 2022 Annual Grand Prix Winner and UK Best Software Development CEO 2022.

Today, Yusuke leads PieceX, focusing on innovation, social responsibility, and positively impacting society. His professional journey has equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed to drive success in the tech industry. He remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Entrepreneurship with a Social Mission

Yusuke believes that entrepreneurship goes beyond simply making profit. He sees it as an opportunity to fulfill a social mission and contribute to the global society. While creating jobs, paying taxes, and donating to charity are important responsibilities for entrepreneurs, Yusuke’s biggest mission is to create new infrastructure to benefit society. He believes that the transportation of people and distribution of goods is important, but he focuses on creating a new web infrastructure.

Revolutionizing Software Development

Founded in 2013, One Act is a global startup specializing in software development and AI technology with headquarters in Japan and offices in France, India, the UK, and the US. The company is dedicated to the development and management of PieceX that provides a global platform for trading software components, allowing sellers to earn income from the source code. At the same time, buyers save up to 80% on software development time and costs by purchasing ready-to-use source codes. One Act’s mission is to make a difference in the world through innovative technologies. Its vision is to create a world where anyone can create innovative services. 

Birth of PieceX 

One Act started its journey as an IT venture, primarily engaged in outsourced development. The company used the surplus funds to develop its innovative service, PieceX, which led to a steady rise in its business performance. However, Yusuke sensed a potential delay in PieceX’s launch due to social demand, which prompted a shift towards a startup type that obtains external funding. This transition led to the typical U-curve associated with startup growth.

The growth of One Act can be traced back to two factors – the global shortage of IT engineers and the development of IT itself. Yusuke has been considering the future implications of these factors for over ten years and has envisioned the need for new methods and tools to overcome these challenges. The shortage of IT engineers made it difficult to develop systems with large teams and extensive resources. At the same time, the intensifying competition demanded faster development times and the ability to launch incomplete projects. One Act saw an opportunity to create a service to solve these problems, and PieceX was born.

Overcoming Globalization Challenges

One Act faced initial challenges when developing PieceX. The target audience for its services was global, as source code is a universal standard that can be used across borders. Yusuke recognized the need to develop the service according to global standards rather than solely from a Japanese perspective. One Act focused on globalizing and diversifying the company to overcome this challenge. 

Revolutionizing Code Market

PieceX is a pioneering source code marketplace that provides high-quality enterprise-level source code to businesses worldwide. Its unique AI technology, including dynamic pricing, quality control, and recommendations, sets it apart from other marketplaces. PieceX helps people overcome software development’s significant challenges and costs with a patent in Japan and a US application. While other marketplaces offer only small and cheap source code, PieceX works with large-scale enterprise source code, speeding up service development and partially accelerating software development. Incorporating AI technology into their platform makes PieceX the first in the world.

Sensational Kickstart

One Act has quickly made a name for itself in the global business world. Despite being relatively new, the company has already established a presence in 5 countries, with members from 12 different nations. One Act’s success has not gone unnoticed by major companies in the industry. The company has partnered with big players in South Korea and Japan and companies in Spain, Kazakhstan, India, and Poland.

The startup has also gained recognition through various awards and pitch contests across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan. It has been selected for several awards by magazines in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. One Act’s innovative approach to business is now attracting attention worldwide.

Global Success

One Act’s global success can be attributed to its fully global approach. With offices in multiple countries, the company has created a path to success anywhere and anytime, regardless of location. The company’s innovative service, PieceX, is currently used in 200 countries, further expanding its global reach. This innovative web infrastructure creates a new economy, enabling anyone worldwide to develop new services rapidly. While the company has yet to claim long-term success, its global mindset and focus on creating a universally in-demand service have undoubtedly contributed to its success.

An Ideal Partner in System and Software Development

One Act offers various services, including System Consulting, System Development, and Software Development. The company is an expert in the field and provides clients with the support they need to develop and implement innovative solutions for their businesses. When it comes to System Consulting, One Act provides advice and guidance on service development proposals using PieceX, system survey analysis for selling on PieceX, and how code can be used as components. Its team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to help clients make informed decisions about their system development projects.

One Act also offers System and Software Development services, including developing smartphone apps, web systems, websites, and web design. The company is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the needs of its clients and has a proven track record of success in this area. In addition to its in-house development services, One Act offers outsourcing options for System and Software Development. The company develops WEB systems and Business systems. It has experience working with a wide range of programming languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, R, C, C++, C#, C#.NET, VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Android-java, Objective-C, Swift, Linux, UNIX, Windows, SQL, Oracle, AWS, and more.

Innovation is the Key 

Yusuke emphasizes the importance of continuous innovation when expanding the company’s offerings. Yusuke’s team has already curated Source Code, Open Source Support, and IoT platforms. However, the company remains dedicated to exploring emerging trends and developing new ideas daily. By conducting extensive research and analysis, the team has gained a comprehensive understanding of emerging technologies such as AI and is leveraging its expertise to create breakthrough solutions.

Expansions and Collaborations

PieceX primarily sells high-quality enterprise source code. However, One Act has expanded its offerings to attract customers from different sectors. With PieceX-OSS, the platform now offers support plans for open-source software development, which has attracted the attention of the open-source community. Additionally, PieceX-IoT sells source code specialized for hardware, such as IoT, which is popular among manufacturers.

But the company isn’t stopping there. PieceX plans to expand its platform further to make it easier for companies with intellectual property software to buy and sell their software. It also plans to expand its offerings to include Prompt engineering, a popular trend in the industry.

Fostering a Diverse and Passionate Team

One Act takes pride in its team of multinational professionals who all share a common goal: positively impact the world through its services. Despite coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, One Act’s team members show respect and understanding toward each other. The startup’s flexible environment encourages innovation and welcomes new ideas from any team member, regardless of seniority. One Act recognizes the importance of taking care of its employees. Its team members are highly motivated and passionate about their work, and the startup ensures that they are given the necessary support and resources to thrive. 

Innovating Across Borders

Yusuke has led the company to win numerous prestigious awards. One Act was selected as the best startup at Europe’s largest event, 4YFN, out of over 500 companies worldwide. The company was also chosen as a finalist for AI innovation at Supernova, the most prominent pitch contest in the Middle East and Africa, from among 1000+ companies worldwide. Additionally, One Act won two pitch contests sponsored by economic organizations in Japan and was evaluated highly for its business model, future potential, growth potential, internationality, and team.

Constant Vigilance in Business

Yusuke understands the importance of constant vigilance in the world of technology. He believes it is necessary to stay on top of emerging trends and potential threats to the business through research, analysis, and proactive risk management. This approach allows them to identify opportunities for growth and development while staying ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

However, Yusuke also believes in the power of personal strategy. He focuses on envisioning the future and creating strategies for the company, leaving the responsibility of constant vigilance to the management team. This balance of personal strategy and diligent management has allowed PieceX to continue providing innovative solutions in the software development industry.

Coping with the Competitive Industry

Yusuke understands the intensity of competition in the software industry. He prioritizes innovation, streamlines decision-making, and maintains a consistent approach to market demand to cope with this. Yusuke believes consistently developing new ideas and striving for excellence is crucial to staying ahead of the competition and providing customer value. Despite the fierce competition, he remains optimistic and motivated to achieve the company’s goals through hard work, unique culture, and discipline. By maintaining this mindset and approach, One Act can navigate the rat race and emerge as a leader in the industry.

Yusuke’s Vision for One Act

Yusuke envisions a future where anyone can create innovative services with the world’s largest web infrastructure. To create an environment where people can effortlessly create new and innovative services that have never existed before. One Act is working on challenging automatic source code generation to achieve this goal. It aims to create a system where people can simply type in what they want to create, and the system will automatically generate the code to connect all the necessary parts.

Yusuke believes that if they can achieve this goal, a wonderful world of innovation will be born. Anyone with an idea can easily bring it to life without extensive coding skills or knowledge. As for Yusuke himself, he envisions continuing to lead One Act when this future becomes a reality. However, he doesn’t want his face to be the first thing people notice when considering One Act. Instead, he wants to focus on the amazing services people create using the platform.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Yusuke has valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into his sector. He emphasizes the importance of speed, urging entrepreneurs to fail fast and improve fast. By doing so, they can rapidly progress and reach a different place. Yusuke believes software development should help achieve this rapid pace. He recommends that entrepreneurs look for ready-to-use products that suit their needs on PieceX before diving into further development.

Even if entrepreneurs have excellent IT skills, Yusuke suggests using them for proof of concept (POC). One Act is open to all partnerships and is happy to provide any necessary help to entrepreneurs.


“One Act’s vision is to revolutionize software development, making it accessible to people all around the globe, and PieceX is making that vision a reality.”

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