Ideas! Keep them organized for a better outcome.

Organizing Your Ideas for Better Outcome

Ideas! They may occur no matter what time it is, where you are, or with who you are. If one doesn’t try to become a good host for ideas and treat them well, they might get disappointed and don’t work for you! Keeping Organizing your ideas is as much needed as oregano on pizza.

An idea is not yours until you make it into an action or make legal documentation. Before taking an action on a particular idea, there are many phases involved like brainstorming, planning and etc. While working on an idea many other ideas might occur to you. Focusing on a particular idea is a must as well ignoring another idea won’t help. And here the importance of organizing your ideas properly shows up.

The Digital revolution has changed the scenario of our research. Whatever comes to our mind, we just Google it and save the webpage or bookmark it. It becomes tough to find a particular webpage from hundreds of saved, on which you got an idea. If you prepare a neatly named and organized spreadsheet to save all those links it may help you a lot while working on it. The use of an internet-connected platform to store your ideas is the best possible way to get them at any moment whenever you need them. You make use of Google docs, Google sheets, and google drive by creating different folders in it.

If you keep all your ideas alongside your work, they might become messiah if you get stuck in a problem. There are many paid as well as paid web-based project management systems like ‘Workzone’ that are available in the market that can help you to do so. 

Labeling your idea is a vital thing to make it easy. Inspirational, Activities for Team, Advertising, Marketing, Business expansion and etc are some examples to label your idea.

Many of us still love the traditional paper-based storage of memories. It becomes easy to take out a notebook and get your idea where you have noted it down, anytime, anywhere. On a paper-based system, one can paste newspaper or magazine cuttings to store ideas.

The most important thing is reviewing your ideas

If you are a creative person you come across many ideas at every moment. This can fill up your notebook fully as well as create hundreds of spreadsheets. Just noting down or saving your idea won’t profit unless you review them. For this, you need to schedule a review time for all your ideas. For example, if you have a month full of ideas and free time, the readout to them at the end of the month is a must. This can be parted shortly in weeks or days. Also, a quick look at an idea book in your free time like traveling or etc. can help you a lot.

Keep thinking! Keep innovating!!

We don’t know if it increases the lifetime, but we definitely know it helps to live a happier life.

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