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Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd-Diagnostics Services Mr.Umesh Paliwal

Venturing in the diagnostics arena is not as easy as it may seem. And more over, becoming a trusted and reliable diagnostic lab within a few years of foundation can be a challenging task and one that needs every bit of expertise and precision. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Best Laboratory Services Providers in 2022 is Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., a lab that is providing its customers with outstanding and world-class diagnostics services. 

The Company-Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Mr. Umesh Paliwal, the Managing Director of Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, laid down the foundation of Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. (PDPL) in 1997 along with his mother Mrs. Asha Paliwal and wife Dr Mridula Paliwal as a stepping stone towards their dream of providing world class diagnostics services to people of Kanpur. Initially, the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd started a Pathology lab – Parakh Diagnostics Centre at Mall Road, Kanpur. 

An overwhelming response from the clients, medical fraternity & public as well, prompted them to take another leap and Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd as largest of the state came in to being in 2005 at Pandu Nagar (Opp. J K Temple, Kanpur).  A new Company Paliwal Medicare Pvt. Ltd. (PMPL) was initiated in 2006 to cater to services in the field of Radiology, Cardiology etc. 

“We entered a joint venture with Dr Lal Path Labs Ltd. in 2008. The company is providing its services to 250 employees, 24 Labs, more than 200 CCs in and around Kanpur. Also, ours is the only Pathology lab in UP that comes under CSR.”

With a humble beginning, Mr. Umesh Paliwal started his first lab at the KMC Hospital and worked hard for long hours with great focus on quality of reporting. His efforts were rewarded generously and the lab had a great turn-over and grew exponentially in a short time. 

“I just did not want to remain confined to a Hospital Lab & aspired to reach out to the masses, so started my own company with a Pathology Lab at Mall Road.”

There were initial hurdles to reach a break-even due to already existing reputed lab and malpractices in this field. However, with passage of time the clients started recognising quality of our services and since then it has been an uphill journey.

The Growth Quotient-

“Our consistent high quality and timely reports garnered positive response from Doctors and public and that gave impetus to multi-dimensional growth of the company.”

To make the services more reliable to their clients, the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd invested more in technology and manpower, introduced several new tests and latest technology with automation for the first time. Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd also purchased land in 2002 to build the largest lab of the state in 2005. To provide most of the diagnostics services under one roof, the founders started PMPL in 2006. This resonated well with people as it saved them time, energy and money. 

“Finally, in 2008 we entered into a joint venture with Dr. Lalpath Labs Ltd. to provide the best quality and high-end testing at an affordable price.”

Below are a few charts and statistics that show the consistent growth of the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd.

The Products and Services-

Main services of Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd are related to Pathology. Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd have a large test menu that suffices the needs of the customers. As the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd is working in association with Dr. Lalpath Labs for the last 14 years, they are able to provide the latest and largest range of tests. 

“USP of our brand is providing high end testing at an affordable price, within defined time frame but without any compromise in quality.”

Along with this, the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd is also catering these kinds of services not only to people of Kanpur but also in different Districts of UP. They are also providing home collection facilities on a large scale along with the online support to minimize TAT. Critical reports are directly communicated to the healthcare staff for better and timely management of patients.

 Technology Playing a Game-Changing Role-

“We believe in deploying latest technology for achieving higher accuracy and timely delivery of reports.”

Staying updated in automation has always been the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd’s focal point. They have used automation in interfacing of equipment and quality control norms i.e. setting up walkaway quality control runs twice a day to ensure better monitoring and correctly transcribed reports.

New innovation of technology, be it in equipment, IT sector etc. helps boost the services. Automation, integration of equipment, middleware etc. help in reduction of TAT i.e. the team is able to report faster without any compromise to quality. Advancement in IT field has helped in making Paliwal Diagnostics more accessible to its clients and vice versa. Online booking, registration, reporting etc. have bridged the time gap tremendously and this is very crucial for better patient management. 

The Road Ahead-

“We remain in regular touch with our clinicians and always encourage our customers to give their feedback.”

Whenever there is a demand for a new test or technique as witnessed during the customer experience, need of the hour (As happened in 2020, with emergence of COVID), arrival of a better technology or new test to improve patient care, the Paliwal Diagnostics Pvt Ltd team takes the opportunity to upgrade and expand their services.

Mr. Umesh Paliwal- Leading the Way-

“An entrepreneur is full of unique ideas and puts available resources to start, establish and grow a thriving business not only to generate revenue but also to provide livelihood to his employees.”

Taking a look at his professional journey, one can say that healthcare system is becoming increasingly dependent on diagnostics services for managing and treating patients and this puts a great responsibility on diagnostics Industry. 

Mr. Umesh believes that as a diagnostics company they need to continue enhancing their medical education, keep ourselves and associated staff updated with the latest knowledge and upgrade the services to live up to the expectation of the society.

The Strong Team of Paliwal Diagnostics-

“We have an efficient team of employees & they are always supported by the company in learning new & honing their existing skill sets through periodic training programs.”

Paliwal Diagnostics lays emphasis on building good interpersonal skills since the company is a Service Industry where delightful customer experience matters the most. They try to inculcate a sense of ethical and moral responsibility and maintaining confidentiality of patient’s information. 

There are several benefits provided to the staff, in addition to congenial work environment, which include – interest free loan, support to avail benefits of Health Insurance, ESI, maternity benefits etc. They also provide free yearly health check-ups for employees, free testing (up to a certain limit) to their kith and kin and above that limit, they get good discounts.

His Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“There are few advices which I would like to give based on my personal experiences. One should be willing to take calculated risks to thrive in this field. Having a clear vision of your goal and the capability to convert your idea into a stable revenue generation model is a crucial factor to excel in the long run. 

Build a team of talented individuals who are subject matter experts and are aligned to the organization’s common goal with mutual trust and growth opportunities.”

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