The Most Recommended Pharma & Bio-Tech Solution Providers In 2022

The Most Recommended Pharma & Bio-Tech Solution Providers In 2022 features,

Techsol: Techsol Life Sciences is an integrated clinical development, medical affairs, and post-marketing surveillance business solutions provider to global biopharmaceutical, medical device, food, and nutraceutical companies. With their commitment to bringing novel treatments and therapies faster to market, Techsol delivers regulatory-compliant clinical research services and GxP technology consulting solutions in combination with our unified SaaS platforms.

Using their deep-domain scientific expertise and technology innovation, Techsol helps sponsors to reduce time-to-market, save costs, and realize maximum value, across pharmaceutical and medical device business functions through clinical research, compliance oversight, insights generation, digitalization, and GxP process automation.

Techsol Life Sciences had its humble beginnings in the heart of Hi-Tec City in Hyderabad. Satya Sagi founded the company in March 2010 with the vision of becoming a market leader in delivering Tech-enabled scientific solutions to Pharma and Life Sciences organizations. 

RxAll: RxAll is a drug quality authentication deep-learning IoT and authenticated drug delivery Platform solving the problem of fake and substandard drugs globally.

Our drug quality checking platform called the RxScanner is used by the country’s FDA, Big Pharma, hospitals, and pharmacies to confirm the quality of medicines before they are dispensed to patients. Through the RxScanner platform, we build a customized database of drug spectral signatures for Big Pharma. We enable them and their brand security vendors to carry out real-time testing of drug quality on the field.

Big Pharma gets real-time information about drug quality and can immediately see and respond in real-time to locations where brand counterfeiting is taking place.

The RxScanner platform allows Big Pharma to enable their patient’s test medicines and also see the provenance of the drug. This provides real-time data about patients to Big Pharma enabling them to interact with their patients as well as get feedback including on adverse drug effects.

PDC Pharma Strategy: PDC Pharma Strategy is a consulting firm that offers services to the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. We develop and execute risk-based strategies that support comprehensive global regulatory compliance throughout the drug development process and product lifecycle. 

A focus on innovative business and scientific strategies for drug development using technology has been a natural progression for most of the primary functional areas within pharma over the last 15 or so years. This includes finance, human resources, supply chain, clinical trial design, drug safety analysis, and operational processes. However, a critical area left behind in terms of strategic, innovative change has been how the industry documents and ensures regulatory compliance

MediSpend: The MediSpend Global Compliance Platform represents the industry’s first global solution designed to manage the end-to-end process of HCP engagements all the way through to transparency reporting, facilitating compliance with global healthcare laws while streamlining business processes.

The unified MediSpend Global Compliance Platform includes four individual applications: Transparency Reporting Solution, Engagement Manager, Grants Manager, and Insight. While the components can be sold independently, together they represent a unified end-to-end solution that helps clients meet their global compliance needs.

The combination of MediSpend’sbest-in-class technology platform with their high-touch, client-focused service model is what keeps their clients happy. With high client satisfaction scores of 97% in client services and support and 91% in product functionality, the demand for MediSpend’s Global Compliance Platform is at an all-time high.