Techsol Life Sciences- Helping Clients Navigate to Excellence

Techsol Life Sciences- Helping Clients Navigate to Excellence Satya Sagi The Enterprise World

When one thinks of the new technologies and developments in medicine, it is somehow very natural to think of the images of some of the most futuristic technologies, like that of AI Computers, 3D-printed organs, and robot surgeons. But there are a number of ambitious and some lesser-explored drug development technologies that are being adopted in the medical sciences, which can prove to be just as exciting. It could also lead mankind to a new leap into the future. 

Featuring The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Recommended Pharma & Bio-Tech Solution Providers In 2022 is Techsol Life Sciences, a company helping clients navigate to excellence. 

The Foundation-

Techsol Life Sciences is an integrated clinical development, medical affairs, and post-marketing surveillance business solutions provider to global biopharmaceutical, medical device, food, and nutraceutical companies. With their commitment to bringing novel treatments and therapies faster to market, Techsol delivers regulatory-compliant clinical research services and GxP technology consulting solutions in combination with our unified SaaS platforms.

Using their deep-domain scientific expertise and technology innovation, Techsol helps sponsors to reduce time-to-market, save costs, and realize maximum value, across pharmaceutical and medical device business functions through clinical research, compliance oversight, insights generation, digitalization, and GxP process automation. 

Company Growth-

Techsol Life Sciences had its humble beginnings in the heart of Hi-Tec City in Hyderabad. Satya Sagi founded the company in March 2010 with the vision of becoming a market leader in delivering Tech-enabled scientific solutions to Pharma and Life Sciences organizations. 

“Our initial footprint was focused on delivering GxP technology and related professional services.”

In 2014, Techsol Life Sciences began engineering its first flagship product called MedInquirer for Medical Information Management. By 2020, SciMax Global, a subsidiary of Techsol Life Sciences was formed under the leadership of Joe Pierce to offer a comprehensive technology platform and specialized consulting services for Medical Affairs Program Management. 

Today, the company has a client base of Contact Centers and Biopharma companies using various SciMax platform modules such as MI, Pubs, Grants, IIT / IST, EAP, and so on for the digital transformation of the MedAffairs business function. 

Last year the company acquired Hinge Clinica, a global CRO to strategically form its Clinical Research Services Division which focuses primarily on providing functional services to Biopharmaceutical, Medical devices, Food, and Nutraceutical companies. 

The CRO division is headed by Dr. Laxman Jakkala, and he has an expert team of medical doctors, pharmacologists, and scientists who have broad expertise in various therapeutic areas. 

The Growth Quotient- 

“We strongly believe that taking the risk-based approach to tackle any business challenge provides the right approach for taking the appropriate steps in choosing any technology solution. Keeping up to speed with rapid advancements in technology requires a considerable amount of dedication to reducing talent development time. Clients trust us because we are very agile in accommodating changing tech requirements.”, says Satya Sagi, the Founder, and CEO of Techsol Life Sciences.

Techsol has been meticulous in balancing existing investments and continuously empowering its talent pool to advance into new areas. 

Techsol’s work culture is fabricated with an unwavering commitment from all team members toward client success. They have garnered the trust of the clients and partners primarily because of their team’s close-knit collaboration and enthusiasm to provide high-quality services all these years.  

As part of their corporate responsibility, Techsol has established an amicable work environment with an open-door policy, talent recognition, continuous learning support, and celebrating their success together.

“Our talent pool is constantly nourished with continuous knowledge capital, autonomous work ownership, festival get togethers, social cause shouldering, individual and team empowerment.”

All these elements positively influence the team to bridge with clients, understand their business goals, and work towards common success.

The executive leadership from behind the scenes has been instrumental to ensure that all team members get the best out of every client interaction as it is an opportunity for them to contribute with their competence and increase the value of the entire business relationship.

Techsol Life Sciences provides a growth-focused competitive environment by investing in the resources for upskilling and mentoring them to become future leaders. With their offices in Princeton (NJ), Hyderabad (India), and Seoul (South Korea), they have team members who work collaboratively across time zones to deliver projects and support the company’s global clientele. 

Their Suite of Products and Services-

After its 12+ years journey in the pharma industry, Techsol is perceived as an emerging leader in providing both GxP technology and scientific business process solutions for the pharma industry.  Today they have three primary strategic business units, GxP Tech and Managed Services, Clinical Research Services, and Unified Platform Services that fuel their growth engine. 

GxP Technology & Managed Services 

Digital Transformation in the pharma industry is taking place at a very fast pace. As a trusted technology partner, Techsol specializes in providing strategic consulting services to pharma and MedTech companies for solutions implementation, systems validation, cross-platform integrations, data migration, end-user training, and facilitating ongoing change management. 

To add to this, Sriram Varma, Vice-President said, “We are constantly evaluating opportunities to expand our solution portfolio to extend the depth and breadth of coverage in the existing process areas and in new process areas with our automation-enabled, process-driven, and analytics-based solutions”.

“Our team has successfully delivered over 250+ enterprise level Life sciences IT Projects across different verticals.”

Currently, they are expanding their Validation & Assurance Services, System Integration, and Data Transformation Services to accelerate the development of drugs and devices across various therapeutic areas using their scientific expertise, quality-focused processes, and proprietary technological innovation.

Keeping up to speed with rapid advancements in technology requires a considerable amount of dedication to reducing talent development time. Understanding the challenge and offering the right solution for clients with changing tech requirements is a key specialty of Techsol because they have learned to thrive with agility.

Clinical Research Services

The Biopharma industry is set to take a transformative leap with the rapid adoption of technology-driven scientific development. Techsol offers full-range Clinical Research Services with a focus to deliver high-quality, regulatory-compliant, and cost-effective clinical development results. 

“With our expertise and experience, we partner with sponsors as a trusted scientific solutions provider to bring novel medicines faster to the market.”

The team has deep scientific, technology, and regulatory knowledge to formulate the right study design, selection of a suitable reference product, coordinate with stakeholders, lay pathways for regulatory approvals, complete patient recruitment as per inclusion and exclusion criteria, evaluate statistical considerations based on immunogenicity and safety, timely coordination amongst stakeholders and so on to successfully complete different types of biopharmaceutical clinical trials.

All their end-to-end clinical development, pharmacovigilance, and ancillary post-marketing scientific functional services are delivered using regulatory-compliant GxP technology that enhances process quality, and operational efficiency, and reduces time to completion. 

Techsol Life Sciences has a robust digital quality management system with certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14155:2011, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, and GDPR to ensure quality and compliance across its global service delivery processes. 

Techsol’s MedTech team has extensive domain knowledge and practical experience in handling end-to-end complex global trials and working with US FDA, EMA, PDMA, SFDA, Health Canada, DCGI, and ROW for regulatory approval submissions. 

Across medical device classes, they help sponsors to conduct First-in-Man (FIM) studies, prospective CE Marking, Randomized Clinical Trials, RCT (blinded/unblinded), and Post-Marketing Clinical Follow Up (PMCF) studies. We have a team of Medical Doctors, Pharmacologists, Toxicologists, and Clinical Research SMEs to deliver end-to-end Clinical Trial Services, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Device MDR Compliance, and Regulatory Services to multi-national medical device organizations.

Unified SaaS Platforms

In the Medical Affairs domain, Techsol began developing “MedInquirer” about six years ago and this was their first cloud solution just for medical communications. Today, they have broadened their innovation landscape by launching SciMax Global which is a patient-centric Outcomes & Evidence driven global medical affairs platform.

“Our commitment to introduce high-end technology through SciMax for Medical Affairs will be a game changer for Pharma & Service providers.”

Techsol Life Sciences will be the first company to provide such a comprehensive collaborative platform for multi-functional stakeholders. As they look more closely, this adaptive change will require synergy with other business systems. Hence, the company has dedicated itself to building configurable technology solutions that can easily support cross-platform integrations.

Based on its success with MedInqurier, Techsol Life Sciences has engineered its second product, Compier. This is a purpose-built process orchestration and compliance governance solution to streamline, track and report the outcomes of GxP operations and related cross-functional activities managed by sponsors across different vendors, partners, and affiliates. 

The platform is engineered with modern technology to facilitate automation-driven process workflows and enables companies to make informed decisions using actionable insights.

Satya S Sagi and His Views on the Future of the Pharma Industry-

“Today the pharma industry is rapidly transforming with the adoption of modern technology and advancements in scientific medical research. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to leverage modern technology such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robotic process automation, virtual clinical trials, knowledge graphs, precision medicine, etc. to solve business problems in emerging pharma and biotech sectors. 

Although the fundamental challenges of Pharma, MedTech, and Life Sciences have not changed for the last two decades, the current landscape has introduced new paradigms such as understanding complex disease models, accomplishing patient centricity, optimizing product value, and building proactive regulatory intelligence. These new market trends offer tremendous opportunities to innovate and bring value to sponsors. 

The learning curve to develop an innovative solution is very steep in the pharma domain. Therefore, it is crucial that entrepreneurs understand core business processes, stakeholder variances, cross-functional teams involved, compliance obligations, and the value chain of the existing tech ecosystem. 

To succeed in the Pharma industry entrepreneurship, the timing to launch an innovation with a sustainable partnership model is very important to go against market barriers. Entrepreneurial leaders should keenly observe current market trends, and innovation landscape, and staying updated on regional regulations, observe the pace of technology adoption, and gain competitive intelligence is of paramount importance to win against the odds. 

The challenge for any new tech innovation in this arena will continue to revolve around quality, compliance, and risk. One of the critical factors to ensure entrepreneurial success is to constantly work towards the long-term scalability of business solutions.” 

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