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Testing is one of the most crucial parts of any software development journey. It becomes highly important while reviewing and validating the software’s performance, quality standards, functionality, and user experience. As we know this process was mainly achieved by performing manual testing, which required expert personnel and countless man-hours.

Then came automation testing which required specialized professionals or software that were not friendly nor simple to use. Thus, increasing the complexity and difficulty of the testing process.

What if anyone on the QA team was able to contribute to writing tests, increasing coverage and thus leading to higher application quality?

testRigor is a codeless test automation tool helping companies empower manual testers to build test automation via executable specifications in plain English 15X faster, and spend 200X less time maintaining tests compared to Selenium.

testRigor is best applied as a no-code automation testing tool for cross-system testing to build tests spanning web, mobile, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and any other 3rd party systems. It can cover entire user flows with end-to-end tests.

The vast majority of testRigor’s customers achieve 100% test automation coverage within under 12 months of deployment.

Enabling you to Code Clever, Clearer, and Smarter – testRigor

testRigor is a no-code end-to-end testing system that helps companies to empower anyone including manual testers to build automation and spend only 0.5% of their time maintaining the tests. The company was founded in 2015, with its base of operations in San Francisco, California.

testRigor provides most tools needed by Enterprises to quickly and efficiently test everything they need in end-to-end flows. It is the only system that makes it easy to adapt to new functionality with almost no effort at all.

Tests in testRigor are written in plain English from the end-user’s perspective, they withstand changes in details of implementation and allow fast test development and dramatically reduced test maintenance efforts.

On top of that, because tests are easy to understand, it significantly improves collaboration within your company, allowing product managers to take part in assessing test maintenance and making sure that the product works as intended.

What makes testRigor successful, and establishes its success?

During their initial journey, testRigor and its team faced many hurdles. One of the most daunting ones was education. As testRigor offers something very unique, intuitive, and simple in a highly complex industry. It was making the market learn and understand that the test maintenance problem is already solved. 

Not only that, they spread awareness of what was going wrong with the old approaches, and how simple things can rule out the complexities, and make test maintenance a simple thing. This enabled the market to understand the innovation of testRigor and its revolutionary service offering in the field of Automation and Testing.

Also, this helped the testRigor and its team to get an in-depth understanding of the problems companies faced, allowing them to drill deeper, get to the root cause of the problems, and create solutions that best meet their client’s problems while evolving their solution(s) continuously. 

testRigor is an executable specification engine designed to allow anyone on your team to build, maintain and understand functional end-to-end automated tests. They also provide a Chrome plugin to further speed-up test creation, and an AI-powered system dramatically reduces test maintenance to a bare minimum and autonomously generates tests that reflect your end users’ behavior.

What’s more interesting and amazing is that testRigor’s systems help clients to achieve test automation goals, requiring almost no maintenance, and being highly cost-effective at the same time.

These factors enabled testRigor and its team to establish its prowess and superior services in the market propelling them past the growth barrier to an incredible place, making them the most trusted and sought-after automation testing solution providers.

Service Excellence of testRigor and what sets them apart?

testRigor helps its customers to empower their manual testers to build test automation 15 times faster than QA Automation Engineers with Selenium and spend 200 times less time maintaining these tests.

testRigor achieves this by allowing our users to write specifications in plain English, the same way they would write them for manual testing. What sets them apart is an unrivaled test stability, allowing teams to get accurate test results as often as needed.

With testRigor, you achieve:

  • Generate tests to reflect how users interact with your application.
  • Non-technical manual QA can build and maintain test automation while never falling behind.
  • Focus on your product, not test code.
  • UI changes don’t affect test cases.
  • 20X less time to create tests with the Chrome extension.
  • 99.5% less time maintaining tests in testRigor compared to Selenium.
  • Anyone on the team can now understand test failures.
  • 30 minutes or less to retest all functionality with parallel testing.

testRigor and its team constantly strive to push past their boundaries and believe in having a constant evolution phase that enables them to grow and innovate the company’s services. All of the features they release come from client feedback. They are always on the lookout for feedback, listening to their clients, and delivering what makes them successful today and more than capable tomorrow!

“I have not failed, not once. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Maestro of NoCode Automation Testing

testRigor is known for its simplicity, innovation, and precise perfection. The company and its services project excellence, creativity, and expertise which is unmatched, earning them a highly respected and dominant position in the market. But all this would not be possible without an equally crafted and talented team of expert personnel, getting testRigor where it is today, and aiming ahead with no plan of stopping.

“We help our employees to make a huge impact and empower them to achieve unprecedented results.” – Leadership at testRigor

What brings the company, the team, the services, the benchmark standards, and everything together is the set of core values and leadership that the company’s foundation is built on. testRigor has a leader who believes in enabling and inspiring the team, who believes in carving perfection out of complexities, encompassing all traits and qualities of a true leader.

Artem Golubev is the Co-Founder and CEO of testRigor.

Artem has been building business software for the last 25 years. The majority of his career went into working on business systems like ERPs, CRMs, Business Marketplaces, Banking Software, etc. targeting business customers and grew to appreciate the importance of the quality of large complex systems.

“I believe we are in the business of helping our customers to deliver high-quality products and doing our best to make this process as easy and seamless as it is technically possible”, Artem adds.

Artem believes testRigor is an absolute game changer in software testing by introducing what is essentially common sense into end-to-end testing, which resulted in explosive growth over the last couple of years.

Artem’s views on constant vigilance as a need or a strategy?

It is a business necessity. There are always several different things that go wrong and need to be addressed ASAP. It is a part of running any business, I believe.

However, I don’t think it can be called a “strategy” since it is rather a tactic. A strategy would be something like “Bullets, then Cannonballs”

testRigor’s one of many successful client stories?

Customer Overview

For three decades, IDT Corporation has pioneered technologies and services that

enable people and businesses around the world to collaborate and share more

fluently and affordably. Today, IDT leverages its expertise to provide consumers and

businesses with innovative communications and payments services through their

flagship brands: IDT®, BOSS Revolution®, net2phone®, and National Retail


The Problem

IDT’s QA automation team was stuck at low test coverage. They had a goal of

reaching 90% test coverage. They spent 32 man-years of QA Engineering building automated tests. After that, they were not making any progress

towards their 90% automation goal and were stuck at around 34% automation

because all of their QA Engineers were 100% busy maintaining existing tests instead

of building new ones. 

When it became clear that they were not building tests efficiently enough, IDT began

looking into other ways to build test automation. To find the right tool for the

challenge, they explored and tried out several tools for automated testing. IDT was

specifically looking for a tool that would let manual testers implement automation,

regardless of the level of programming skills. Furthermore, the test automation tool

had to be able to handle applications built with a wide range of frameworks like

Android, iOS, Angular, React, React Native, Flutter, etc. – again, without requiring

that testers have in-depth knowledge about these technologies.

What IDT Wanted:

Less Maintenance

IDT QA Engineers were stuck with test maintenance and couldn’t progress after

reaching 34% of test coverage.

Speed of Test Creation

IDT needed a tool to build automation quickly because manual testing was taking up too much time and resources.

Key Objectives

  • Save on cost
  • Increase automated test coverage
  • Less test maintenance
  • Eliminate unexpected recurring bug
  • Work across a wide range of frameworks

The Solution

IDT’s manual QA team was able to get from 34% to 91% in under 9 months. testRigor

enabled IDT to empower their manual QA workforce to build automation. Moreover,

each manual QA was building twice as many tests as QA Engineers previously were,

while still performing their manual QA work. Most importantly, they spend less than

0.1% of their time on test maintenance with testRigor.

Instead of spending most of their time maintaining existing tests, they now spend a

majority of their time using testRigor to generate new tests. Overall, IDT has used

testRigor to speed up releases, increase test coverage, and enhance their team’s collaboration.

Cost SavingMinimum $576,000 Per Year
More Automated Test Coverage91% Automated
Less Test MaintenanceLess Than 0.1% Test Maintenance
Elimination Of Unexpected Recurring Bugs90% Reduction In Bugs

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