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Best Performing Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Solution Provider - 2022

Best Performing Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Solution Provider - 2022 features,

Considered one of the Top 10 Big Data Analytics Consulting/Service Companies in Europe 2020, BI4ALL helps organizations in the process of Digital Transformation and Data Strategy and has excellent skills in consulting services in the areas of Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, CPM and Software Engineering.

BI4All goes by one and only mission, that is they strive to offer value beyond expectations by providing innovative technologies and excellent services that enable and inspire customers to transform data into insights, consolidating the status of a reference organization in the industry where they operate.

SONEAS is one of the most prominent names in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry, with a pan world presence, a clientele spread throughout the globe, and three facilities in Budapest, Hungary.

They offer a comprehensive and exhaustive range of services that enable and help your company to achieve its goals and success. Their team of experts stays unmatched and offers excellent service and support standards.

They are one of the few names in the industry which emphasize on by-products and work to reduce the global footprint. RxAll is a drug quality authentication deep-learning IoT and authenticated drug delivery Platform solving the problem of fake and substandard drugs globally.

Our drug quality checking platform called the RxScanner is used by country FDA, Big Pharma, hospitals and pharmacies to confirm the quality of medicines before they are dispensed to patients. Through the RxScanner platform we build a customized database of drug spectral signatures for Big Pharma.

We enable them and their brand security vendors carry out real time testing of drug quality on the field. Big Pharma gets real time information about drug quality and can immediately see and respond in real time to locations where brand counterfeiting is taking place.

ThoughtSphere is a cloud-based clinical data and analytics company. Their innovative and patented platform leverages data science expertise using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to increase R&D efficiency by up to 30%. ThoughtSphere is a company dedicated to transform clinical trial processes to increase patient safety, improve trial quality and decrease the cost of bringing new treatments to market.

The Founder and CEO, Sudeep Pattanaik says that the initial challenges for ThoughtSphere were the same as many other tech start-ups. Finding the right people to help bring the vision into a reality and develop the product, getting the initial product to the point where it’s ready for general availability and finding an initial set of customers that were willing to trust them to solve some of their biggest challenges.

The company has been very fortunate from the start that their customers are very pleased with the results they’re realizing with ThoughtSphere Cloud.