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Established in 1996, PiLog Group is a global group of independent companies, specializing in Quality Data and Digital Governance and Analytical solutions supporting multiple data domains in a variety of industries all over the globe. PiLog is a leading provider of Master Data Quality Solutions, supporting multiple master data domains in a variety of industries. 

The PiLog solutions are state-of-the-art, focused on creating a common business language and managing the rules for the creation of high-quality, multilingual terminology using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence technologies, and human-augmented algorithms for its customers who are eager to transform their businesses digitally. 

PiLog group provides exclusive technical dictionaries, and industrial libraries with content repositories that are the culmination of research, development, and execution over the past twenty years embedded into the platform of PiLog – Data Quality Hub. All its methodologies, processes, and solutions are compliant with international standards for delivering seamless systematic integration of content into various platforms and ERPs such as SAP, S4 HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Maximo & MS Dynamics, etc. PiLog is an ISO-certified company. 

PiLog Group has marked its presence across the globe. It has its footprints in the following countries:

  • PiLog India Private Limited, India
  • PiLog India Labs (R&D)
  • PiLog Technology Solutions, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • PiLog Pty Ltd, Dubai, UAE
  • PiLog Saudi International, KSA
  • PiLog Innovative Solutions, Qatar
  • PiLog Systems Pty Ltd, RSA
  • PiLog Inc, USA

Offering Premium Solutions for Utmost Customer Satisfaction

As The Master Data Experts™, the team at PiLog group has processed & built tens of millions of records. 

The company has saved clients many millions of dollars by eliminating duplicate inventory and spares, eliminating free-text spend, and driving more effective spend analysis through proper item and service classification. PiLog group delivers these results through multiple solutions including both software and services. 

• Its flagship product is the industry-leading tool for Master Data Governance, Master Data Record Manager (iMDRM.) Turn your master data into the asset it should be. 

• Its Enterprise Asset Data Acquisition services are designed for companies acquiring large assets, such as new facilities through construction or mergers and acquisitions. 

• The exclusive PiLog group Technical Dictionary Content provides a rapid boost to any Master Data Project, with over 6,000+ data classification templates to guide accurate data creation and maintenance.

• Its remote Data Enrichment Labs and on-site teams provide extensive cleansing, cataloging, and classification services utilizing an engineering mindset.

• For those wanting to start with structured descriptions now without waiting for historical data cleanup, it offers the Structured Description Generator to build class-driven descriptions to improve search capability and eliminate free-text spending.

The key challenges faced by PiLog company are a reflection of its change management

  • Rebranding of its company with associated products and services
  • Price war from low-cost competition 
  • Market lookout on data quality management products and services
  • Industry Trends and Investment 

Meet the Driving Force behind PiLog Group

A powerhouse of performance and excellence, Dr. Imad Syed is the CEO of Zone 3Group CIO, and Board Member at PiLog Group. With two decades of profound experience and progressive career growth, Imad has climbed the success ladder by serving in many executive roles. From being the Sr. Systems Engineer to today, the CEO, he spearheads the company with utmost dedication and diligence. 

He is a dynamic leader who led organization initiatives from the forefront for all value management initiatives for PiLog group development and its esteemed customers in the go-to-market, revenue management, innovations, profitability, product development, and corporate advisor.

Dr. Imad also serves the role and responsibilities as a Senior Executive, Digital Advisory, and Visionary Leader with vast experience in conceiving and designing business, enterprise information, and data quality HUB strategies for medium to large enterprises. Expertise in designing simple yet powerful strategies for data governance, management, transformation, and analytics of complex system landscapes, proven track record of excelling in operational efficiency and effectiveness, revolutionized product and solution development using innovative frameworks that are agile and sustainable from the perspective of futuristic technology evolutions.

Dr.Imad has been developing and executing business strategies be it for GTM, Product, Operational Management, or Deep and Diversified Value-Engineering solutions has been Imad’s core strength over the years. He is passionate to nurture, build, and lead high-performance teams, resulting best of both worlds in the form of Customer and Employee experience is the principle believed and proven several times by Dr. Imad Syed. He has conceived, designed, and built the architecture of Enterprise Solutions with state-of-the-art futuristic technologies, Cloud-based content micro-services (web services) with subscription models.

He is conceived and designed the data lifecycle management processes such as iDataAcquisition, iDataHarmonization, iDataGovernance, and iDataAnalytics for on-premise and on-cloud enterprise solutions that can be integrated on-demand across various platforms and operational systems.

PiLog’s Key Products and Services

PiLog group offers a wide range of products and services including tactical and strategic services:

  • DATA Quality HUB including Data Harmonization, Data Migration & Governance Solutions for multi-domain master and metadata objects with impactful tools of Industry Standards (repository, templates), ML & AI-driven, and IoT enabled
  • Business Partner Life Cycle Management (Vendors & Customers)
  • Business Performance Analytics Platform (Spend & Inventory Visibility)
  • Fixed Asset and iSPIR software
  • Master Data and Process Maturity Assessment Software Add-On (ECA, MCA, SCMA, ALCMA)
  • Cleansing Services covering Cleanse, Standardization, Categorization, and Enrichment of multi-domain master data
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Process Outsourcing (AR/AP, Data Management, S2P, Category Management)
  • Asset and Supply Chain Process Optimization
  • Master Data and Process Maturity Assessment Software Add-On (ECA, MCA, SCMA, ALCMA)
  • Data Management & Standards- Taxonomies, Dictionaries, Data Harmonization, ISO, NATO, IEC Compliance, “Clean & Lean data saves money”
  • MDM Solutions- MRO Master Data, Data Enrichment, Optimization, On-Premise Solutions, “Single Version of Truth”
  • MDM & Data Quality Solutions -ISO 8000, 29002, 22745, Enterprise Master Data (All domains), Data Quality & Governance, “Data Quality Foundation”
  • Data & Analytics Practice, Solutions -PiLog Cloud, Data Science Powered, Data, Methodology, Consulting -Process, Analytics, Software, “Self-serve Cloud Platform”
  • Latest platform iDXP – One Stop solution for all the Master Data Management offered as SaaS model

Surviving and Thriving during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

As an organization, PiLog Group was prompt to understand the technicalities of the respective situation. It wisely acted upon it and integrated effective measures to run its business and operations in a smooth sailing manner. 

PiLog’s simple business rules had helped it to sustain and pick up its growth trajectory even during COVID-19:

  • Being sustainable, reliable, and transparent in operations
  • Right and timely investment in people, processes, and technology
  • Having like-minded people from Board to Analyst with a Zeal to learn, unlearn, perform, and go that extra mile every time!!!
  • More than 40 percent of revenue is generated from existing customers showcasing their confidence 
  • Early adoption, innovation, and business process focus on applications, products, and service lines

Building Robust Partnerships

Business partners are key to strengthening organizational operations and achieving organizational outcomes. PiLog group is successfully associated with leading and reputable partners over the years helping in the further development and advancement of its company. Its partners include:

1. Siveco Group- COSWIN

Since 1993 PiLog group has been a partner with Siveco Group, a major international player and the European leader in the CMMS market since 1986. For over 20 years, we have enjoyed a close working relationship to assure client confidence in the supply of complete solutions in Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS).

2. SAP – Silver Partner

PiLog group is a long-standing partner with SAP, having done a large number of projects supporting SAP R/3, ECC, MDM, and now MDG. PiLog is enrolled in the Partner Edge program as a Software Solution Technology Partner (SSTP) and has certification for the integration of PiLog-MDRM with the SAP MM module, which in most projects is the main user of Material and Services Master Data. PiLog is Co-Innovated with SAP, implementing the SAP master data governance application.

3. Oracle – Partner Network

PiLog has been an Oracle Golden partner since 2010 and has strategically decided to leverage and enhance our relationship with Oracle to capitalize on our competitive edge as Subject matter experts in the Master data arena. Oracle is one of the world leaders in integrated data solutions for Customer Party data which is generally referred to as structured data.

4. In Synergy with the Latest Technological Advancements

With Industry 4.0 and New Normal, Stiff & Aggressive Competition, and New Operating Models, PiLog group is adhering to its core value system but making intrinsic changes, a synopsis:

  • Market Penetration across Geographies and Industry Sectors with effective partnership management
  • Retention of knowledge base with effective career progression plans; equal opportunities for 360 Degree development and profit-sharing models
  • Adoption of evolving technologies and synchronization of platforms to meet dynamic customer demand. Forward-thinking product release plans and improved customer user experience and limited change management
  • Transformation of Employees and Customer relations for improved customer experience.

5. Staying an Edge over the Competitors

There is a constant race in the industry, be it to stay a notch up compared to competitors, upgrade with the latest advancements for better services, or satisfy customers for company growth. In every form, there is the competition to secure the top spot. Recognizing the competitive nature of the business, PiLog uses its USP to withstand its competitors, 

  • Make products and services modular and available on cloud, on-premise, remote or onsite services, etc. always providing flexibility to our customers and prospects
  • Help or handhold customers right from business case building to the final transition to support or operations had been highly appreciated by our customers; So we become partners of choice!!!
  • Price wars were always there and will continue; but our pricing is always blended by value-added services to enable realistic ROI, IRR, and TCO forecast

6. Embracing a Holistic Work Culture

PiLog highly emphasizes the work culture and its employees. It is focused to provide its employees with a work environment that boosts employee growth and confidence. 

It is simple for Employees, Investors, Partners, and Customers stakeholders to choose PiLog as their Partner of Choice:

  • Employee Welfare & Society Wellbeing First Policy.
  • Focus on deriving value for investment.
  • A strong advocate of the win–win Model to endure Sustainable Partnership and growth.
  • Faster time to market with Cross Industry Innovative & Modular Products (Both on cloud and on-premises) on PiLog Data Quality HUB built on the latest and greatest technology. 
  • Agile delivery with 100% compliance to SLAs, OLAs, etc.
  • Standards like ISO 8000, ISO 22745, ISO 11179, ISO 29002 & IEC 60050 (IEV), ISO 45000, ISO 55000, KKS, UNSPSC, ISIC, NATO, etc, imbibed in products and services.
  • Development and Innovation partnerships with major ERP players like SAP and Oracle.
  • Large customer base across industries with extended partnerships for decades or more with industry giants. 
  • Data speaks volumes – 
  • Winner of the Garner Voice of Customer Award for the Year 2020 
  • Best Idea Award in Supply Chain Optimization from Crain Energy India – Vedanta Group for the Year 2020
  • Recognition in Gartner Magic Quadrant as Niche Player for the Year 2021 in MDM Solution
  • PiLog has been named as Leader in MDM Data Quadrant 2022 and also recognized as Gold Medalist by Info-Tech Software Reviews

The Wall of Achievements

Dr. Imad envisions accomplishing these key achievements in progression to be reckoned entrepreneur:

  • Harmony, culture, decentralized governance, zero roadblocks for change, ability to prove and improve every day, non-monotonous with highly professional and competitive business.
  • Dr. Imad’s passion for technology changes and adoption as an early bird; building business-driven technology excellence and Love for Data; knowledge management; employee first notion to build strong and long-lasting customer business transformation.
  • Mission and goals had been very simple for Dr. Imad, with his motive to make organizations efficient and structured to meet dynamic business and technology demand with TOP and BOTTOM line improved by min. 20 percent YoY and Revenue to 100 MUSD by 2025 and 300 MUSD by 2030.

Key accolades which enabled overall success and progression within the organization:

  • Transforming Data Management Organization into a Digital and Business Process Transformation Organization
  • Ability to hold a large client base for sustained and long-term business.
  • Build NextGen DATA QUALITY HUB on the latest and greatest technology platforms.
  • Innovation HUB and high-performing team management
  • Value Management in the Delivery Process

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