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“Beyond material pursuit real life exists- a life of giving, a life full of satisfaction, via expressing gratitude, thankfulness, and sharing your joy with people who need it the most.”

Dr. Sam Swapn Sinha is a multi-talented individual who has successfully donned many hats. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce him as one of the Most Influential Business Leaders To Watch Out For – 2023.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Strategism, Dr. Sinha has demonstrated his exceptional entrepreneurial skills, insightful investment strategies, and outstanding project management expertise. 

In addition to these roles, Dr. Sinha has also served as a proficient consultant, agile coach, educator, corporate trainer, and mentor to numerous companies in the Bay Area. However, these titles alone do not suffice in encapsulating his dynamic and unwavering leadership persona. It is marked by his exceptional aptitude for navigating complex business environments and driving organizational growth. 

Dr. Sinha’s journey to becoming a successful business consultant was anything but ordinary. Born in India, he moved to the United States to pursue higher education. He earned a Doctorate from Golden State University, San Francisco, Silicon Valley. And later went to California after his MBA and MS degrees from India.

His diverse educational background proved to be a valuable asset in his consulting career. Dr. Sinha’s expertise in technology management, coupled with his business acumen, enabled him to provide holistic solutions to complex business challenges.

In 2008, Dr. Sinha founded Strategism, a business consulting firm that has gained a reputation for being highly effective in addressing critical business issues. The firm offers a range of services, including strategy development, organizational management, financial management, marketing, clean technology, and technology management.

Dr. Sinha’s approach to consulting is unique in that he tailors his solutions to each client’s specific needs and challenges. He works closely with clients to understand their business goals, and then develops customized strategies to help them achieve those goals.

His expertise has earned him numerous accolades and recognition. Dr. Sinha has been honoured with the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani award. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a sought-after keynote speaker. He has delivered talks at various business conferences and events, sharing his insights on a range of topics.

In addition to his consulting work, Dr. Sinha is also an acclaimed author. He has authored four books on business strategy and management, including his latest work, “World War III: Corona.” His books have received critical acclaim and have been widely read by business professionals around the world.

Dr. Sinha’s dedication to helping others extends beyond his consulting work and writing. He is deeply committed to social causes and is involved in various philanthropic endeavours. He plans to establish a non-profit organization in the future to support underprivileged communities and promote education and entrepreneurship.

His contributions to the field of business strategy and management, as well as his philanthropic endeavours, make him a true inspiration to many.

The game changer

Strategism is a business consulting firm that offers customized solutions to clients across diverse industries. With over a decade of experience, Strategism has gained a distinguished reputation for being an effective and results-driven consulting platform. The firm offers services such as strategy development, organizational management, financial management, marketing, clean technology, and technology management.

What sets Strategism apart is its unique approach to consulting, which involves tailoring its solutions to meet each client’s specific needs and challenges. The firm’s team of consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, allowing them to offer comprehensive solutions to complex business challenges. The team has extensive experience working with both leading and startup companies across various industries.

In addition to consulting services, Strategism also offers training and development programs for clients. These programs are designed to help clients improve their skills and knowledge in areas such as project management, leadership, and team building. The programs are led by industry experts who have extensive experience in their respective fields.

Technology in Consulting

“I try to learn about new tools and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, quantum computing and so on.”

Dr. Sinha firmly believes in continuous learning and development. His passion for technology extends beyond mere self-learning; he actively experiments with the latest technologies to learn new skills and stay relevant to his clients. 

By providing impeccable solutions that meet the demands of his clients, Dr. Sinha ensures that his firm, Strategism, stays ahead of the curve and at the forefront of technology.

Along the way

Dr. Sinha’s entrepreneurial journey has been one of constant growth and learning. With almost 15 years of experience working with various organizations prior to founding his own company, he initially struggled with transitioning from an employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur. However, by continuously challenging himself and developing the right mindset, he was able to elevate his career to new heights with a seamless focus.

“Although the journey has been very much challenging, at the same time it is also exciting due to the versatility it offers.”

One of the most memorable moments in Dr. Sinha’s illustrious 13-year journey with his company was achieving the first million-dollar revenue milestone. Creating a billion-dollar business in the American market was a formidable challenge, and undertaking the growth and expansion of the company from scratch to reach this landmark was an unforgettable experience for him. 

Dr. Sinha continued to refine and improve his business model, focusing on creating a quicker, more efficient system to further drive the company’s success.

Setting it apart

Strategism offers a plethora of services enabling startups and businesses to thrive. There are three primary services that set the firm apart from the rest.

1. Training:

One of the key services offered by Strategism is training, which is an integral part of its business consulting approach. With a team of nearly 23 trainers who specialize in different technologies, Strategism provides customized training solutions to individuals and organizations.

The training programs at Strategism are designed to be comprehensive, covering a wide range of areas, including agile coaching, project management, financial management, marketing, and clean technology. This allows clients to choose training programs that are aligned with their business goals and objectives.

2. IT consulting

Clients of Strategism have benefited from a range of services, including software testing and assurance, business intelligence and performance management, business analysis and project management, and application development for desktop and web-based platforms. Additionally, Strategism offers business process outsourcing, cloud services, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and guiding teams in adopting technology and systems.

Other services provided by Strategism include engineering and industrial services, enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure services, mobile solutions and services, platform services, social networking solutions, and big data management on cloud platforms. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on innovation, Strategism continues to provide exceptional services and solutions to clients around the world.

3. Career guidance

Strategism’s placement services cover a wide range of industries and sectors, including IT, healthcare, finance, and engineering. Whether clients are looking for full-time, part-time, or contract-based work, the company offers a diverse range of job openings and career opportunities to choose from.

The firm also provides comprehensive support throughout the entire job application and interview process, helping clients prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and make informed decisions about their careers.

4. A step ahead

Dr. Sinha, as a trainer, teacher, coach, and mentor, has been investing significant time and resources in keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in the online education sector. Recognizing the potential of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), he is constantly striving to offer cutting-edge training solutions to clients and students.

To stand out in the highly competitive market, Dr. Sinha has identified financial accessibility as a crucial aspect of the success of online courses. He is targeting the market by creating exciting and innovative products that cater to a broad audience.

To address the high attrition rate and lack of student engagement, Dr. Sinha is building a platform called Smarter Learner. This platform promises to be interactive, visually engaging, and highly user-friendly, keeping students motivated and invested throughout the learning journey. With these efforts, Dr. Sinha aims to create a space for Strategism Inc. as a leader in the online education sector.

5. A Visionary Entrepreneur’s Story

Dr. Sinha’s journey as an entrepreneur has been nothing short of inspiring. With a passion for excellence, he has built Strategism into a global strategic management consulting firm that offers cutting-edge technology services, training, certifications, project management consulting, and thought leadership to its clients and customers.

Dr. Sinha’s unwavering commitment to continuous learning and innovation has enabled Strategism to stay ahead of the curve and offer the best-in-class solutions to its clients. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a highly skilled team of experts, Strategism has been able to make a mark in the industry and establish itself as a leading provider of IT services, consultancy, and business solutions.

As Strategism continues to grow and expand its services, it is clear that Dr. Sinha’s vision and leadership will continue to guide the company towards even greater success. His journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and innovation in building a successful business that empowers other businesses to achieve their goals.

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