The plane crashed in Kazakhstan, 15 dead

Plane crashed in Kazakhstan

A plane crashed on Friday 27th December, immediately after taking off from Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan. 15 people died in this catastrophic accident. The aircraft carried 95 passengers and 5 crew members. Till now the news of the death of 15 people in the accident is coming.

Beck Air Flight 2100 lost contact just minutes after take-off from Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan at 7.05 am local time. Almaty airport officials said the aircraft lost its balance at 7.22 am.

The aircraft collided with the concrete enclosure and two-story house immediately after take-off. News agency Reuters has reported that 66 people have been injured in the accident, out of which 50 people have been admitted to the hospital. Almaty Airport reported on its Facebook page that there was no fire in the plane. Relief and rescue operations started soon after the accident. The aircraft was going to Noor-Sultan.

Kazakhstan – 100 Passengers, 15 Dead

The aircraft was a two-turbofan jet airliner Fokker-100; whose manufacturing company became Diwali in 1996. In 1997, production of Fokker-100 aircraft was halted. The AFP report states that Qasim-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, has spoken of providing financial assistance to the families of the victims. He tweeted that a government commission has been set up to investigate the circumstances under which the accident happened. The responsible officials of the accident will be punished according to the law.

According to a news website, Tengri, a woman whose name was saved by this traumatic accident, Maral Irman, told that the plane was shaking during take-off. Initially, it felt that the plane had landed, but it was actually hit by something. Later I saw that the plane was split into two pieces.

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