PointGrab – Where Technology Meets The Future!

PointGrab - Where Technology Meets The Future! Doron Shachar

Smart sensors are the crucial element of today’s building automation capabilities as they provide the data required for optimizing building operations, energy savings, and business intelligence. A critical sensing breakthrough is capturing valuable data on how and where occupants use a building.

Pointgrab – Sensing the Future.

Pointgrab was established in 2008, with its base of operation in Israel with employees in three other countries. The company started its journey by developing technology that was related to TV gesture control. They went through a paradigm shift in 2015, creating a solution that today is considered the most sophisticated IoT platform for commercial real estate, starting from smart sensors, all the way to an analytics platform.

Founded by pioneers of ultra-accurate computer vision technologies PointGrab applies its innovative artificial intelligence (deep learning) technology to the building automation ecosystem where real-time occupants’ analytics is lacking.

With the advent of its CogniPoint edge-analytics sensing solution, PointGrab is fulfilling its mission of making truly intelligent buildings by providing valuable data on how and where occupants use the buildings. The solution also includes additional features such as people count in and out of spaces, Energy saving module, Air quality monitoring and heatmaps.

Having nearly 40 Fortune 500 companies already  installed with PointGrab’s technology and sensors, the company has a proven ability to identify and deliver effective solutions on a large scale!

Initial challenges in the PointGrab journey

Right from its inception, PointGrab and its team knew that their journey would be full of tricky situations and complex challenges. Their work with large enterprises especially on the indirect business model proved to be a big challenge. 

The “new Normal” or “Future of Office” used to be only buzzwords but they are real now, with more and more organizations bringing their employees to the office one way or the other. For Pointgrab, understanding the market needs may not be enough, as this industry is far from equilibrium and  and in many ways educating the market is a huge challenge. Pointgrab’s technology and innovative approach,  helped them blast past the challenge and gain tremendous recognition and respect in the industry.

The pandemic was a whole new challenge for them, as most Enterprises stopped their projects for at least six to nine months when the pandemic erupted.

Another challenge that the pandemic brought was how can PointGrab and its team help large organizations reduce real estate footprints and provide better value for the real estate cost

As things have taken a drastic turn, becoming different, PointGrab and its team geared up towards answering a lot of important and revolutionary questions, like, how do I plan, monitor, and visualize the way I use my real estate? How do I provide better and safe surroundings and a workspace for my employees? How do I grow? How do I get data about whatever is happening in my workspace? And the list goes on.

This dedication and focus of PointGrab and its team allowed them to withstand every challenge, and pave their daunting journey with exceptional services and unmatched support standards. Today PointGrab has created services that are not only taking the industry ahead, but also making it future-ready, and blowing past previous innovations and standards!

What factors establish PointGrab’s long-standing success?

It’s a mix of a few factors that make PointGrab one of the leading smart sensing solution providers. One of these factors is understanding that the market is changing, the technologies are evolving and they need to come up with a comprehensive solution that will not only be  state of the art but also new, inspiring and exciting.

One of the outstanding factors about their success is that they have stepped into a market that is very conservative, (real estate), and totally interrupted it, and the way leaders think. What’s even more daunting and invigorating is their ability to penetrate such a market with new technology, proving to be a key reason for their success.

When talking to Doron Shachar, Pointgrab’ CEO, he emphasizes that the success  belongs to the dedicated team of PointGrab, which is not only hardworking and creative but also is curious, challenging and inspiring. They understand how and why they are here and what should be done every single day to make the company and its business better, to make their product better, and to make their customers happier.

It’s always challenging, and that perhaps relates to other sections as well here, when a company, especially a small one, is trying to target large enterprises on a B2B solution.

Pointgrab had to deal with multiple barriers, including long sales cycles, the ability to spot the right decision-makers, and make sure that the pitch works well, and product privacy issues. Facing those challenges, and handling them,  led them to the success that they’re experiencing today, because of their determination and their will to go through that process, and see the whole way without wavering a single inch from their goal and mission!

PointGrab’s revolutionary solution

PointGrab’s set of solutions, from ceiling mounted sensors to analytics platform is considered by many to be  better than others, some may claim the best in its breed. It has been made possible owing to many reasons, some of them are:

The sensors  consist of a set of different technologies, including Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud, HW and more. This makes it very difficult to copy or duplicate, but also is very difficult to develop and maintain. It is highly accurate and easy to operate, and provides an “all-in-1” sensor solution.

They have developed one of the most secured and comprehensive IOT platforms for commercial real estate. 

Using advanced technology, each sensor serves as  an edge device, which allows processing to be done on each sensor by itself. This means that even though the sensors are camera-based, an image is neither kept anywhere nor is it transmitted anywhere. Thus, allowing them to meet the highest standards, including GDPR, and ISO, including every different segment of security that is required around the globe.

Another thing the team of PointGrab takes pride in is their solutions integration capabilities.

Not only does it provide a fleet of solutions, but can also be very easily integrated. They have over 50 different partners  around the globe, with extremely satisfied clients.

Their solution was already proven in some of the largest enterprises around the globe. The competition is relatively limited, and PointGrab is all in to push that gap even further.

Their sensor provides not only people counting at desks and meetings but also people counting in and out of space, what they call a virtual door counting. This is considered to be the only solution out in the market that provides all these use cases within one sensor. No solution or service comes close to them, and all of that available on a single platform is what sets them apart.

Another important point is the ability to support the customers with different needs and platforms. Typically, this is a pain point for many organizations, and Pointgrab’s experience and integrated solution enables them to meet all these expectations and beyond.

How does PointGrab go a step ahead with its products and services?

They keep looking and thinking of how they can do things better, faster, cheaper, and more resilient both for their customers and for themselves.. They keep interviewing customers, and partners encouraging them to challenge the market, solution and use cases over and over again . They understand what is important to them. It helps them to put the focus on what is right in the market rather than what they think is right.

They understand that they do not have a complete understanding of how to do things better or what is required out there in the market. But they keep being curious and keep being innovative and attentive to what the market needs and what the market wants. 

And then they translate all of that into real products and real business, something that is very tangible, holistic, and provides value to customers.

Our next-generation solution. They keep enhancing their offering when it comes to sustainability, energy saving, relating to capacity in their offices and the quality of life for the employees, and working in providing great value to their customers. In turn, it provides value for them, so all in all, they are not only fueling their growth but also the growth of their clients.

“We are never satisfied with what we provide to our customers. We never think that what we do is enough. We always aim to do more and we’re going to do more. We also believe that perhaps an integral and a major part of our growth is the understanding of how, and in which way we should partner with other companies, with other providers, with other solutions to keep being the best at what we do!” – Doron Shachar, CEO of PointGrab

The leadership at PointGrab is among the best, taking its reins and directing the company to a splendid growth and development route. PointGrab has been endowed with an original and  charismatic leader, who not only guides his team but also holds the company’s revered position in the market.

Doron Shachar is the CEO of PointGrab.

Before joining PointGrab, Doron held various roles of management in public and private companies. His roles included director and executive roles related to real estate, facility management, procurement, and finance. 

He has spent over 20 years in Private and Public Companies , managing real estate procurement and facility management for big global companies.

“I think that every single job that I fulfilled in the past, provided me with additional tools and contributed  to what I have today and what I do today. This is something that helped me grow, learn, and understand the material and the needs of the market.”, Doron adds.

When asked about his achievements, Doron feels that key achievements are yet to come. It is not  that he and his team aren’t proud of their accomplishments so far, but the best is yet to come! However, winning so many big accounts, and servicing them faithfully during such tough times, should not be taken for granted.

The work culture and the team of PointGrab

To PointGrab and its management, their team is the biggest asset of the company. Every individual on the team is highly valued and understood right down to a personal level. 

This goes a long way in establishing a bond of trust with them, and also understanding what motivates them, what is painful for them, understanding that sometimes simply sending a box of ice cream to their homes or sending flowers to their spouses, could make such a big difference, and show attention and care.

This creates an environment where each member is accounted for and valued, creating a bond of oneness between the team and the company. This in turn enables them to nurture their creativity, and strive for perfection. 

The caring environment, and the enriching and inspiring leadership, act as a catalyst that makes the team of PointGrab one of the best in their field, allowing them to produce revolutionary services, and propel the company’s brand name to the top!

“I think that as a manager my approach to them is understanding that if I need to micromanage my people and tell them where to go, what to do, how to turn right, and when to accelerate, that means that I chose the wrong people. I trust my people, and this is something that they will testify to. I  empower them as I believe this will make them better managers, and help the company achieve its goals”, Doron adds.

The team is unique because they are making good use of this trust and this mechanism, and grow through it. This goes on to add more about the nurturing and looked-upon work culture of PointGrab. Thus, making the teamwork together like a single unit, planting innovation, and producing impeccable services that break industry benchmarks.

Doron’s take on the rat race in the market, and how does he cope with it?

I think the challenges in my eyes are how and where to set the checks and balances, where to set the boundaries. How do I find quality time with my best friend who happen to be my life partner, How do I find some quality time with my kids? How do I get the time to enjoy a holiday abroad?

While connecting from everything, how do I enjoy the small things in life, which might be coffee in the morning, and a walk with my dog in the evening?

I think that those small breaks put balance in my life. And also the understanding that I do not have to feel guilty if I’m coming late to the office in the morning because I chose to take an hour in the morning to take a walk with my father, or if I decide to take a holiday for a few days, I shouldn’t be feeling guilty about it as I’m not doing anything wrong. And that obviously applies to my entire team. This is also the way modern life and work/life balance are changing these days, especially with people working from home on a regular basis.

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