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Potential Genesis – Teachers of the Leaders

Human resource is the most valuable and most important resource on the planet and if made the best and most efficient use of this resource, the world will not only push towards accelerated growth and development but will also bring in a revolution to the things and perspective about things in the current times. Human resource is not only important but also highly sensitive as a step wrong in the process of teaching or training can bring back an individual’s learning curve, career, etc.

HR plays a great role in the formation and smooth functioning of a company or institution as they not only hire the right personnel but also take care of them and other related tasks to keep the employees in top form and make them give their best performance and efficiency, in turn boosting the overall growth of the company, etc. Thus, HR departments or agencies need to be strong with the knowledge of latest trends, industry practices, etc. as one step wrong can bring down the whole process and negatively affect the company and its interests.

Thus, rises a need for HR coaching companies who are not only packed with years of experience but also are more than capable to train the HRs of tomorrow.

Potential Genesis is a leading name when it comes to the best HR coaching companies in the domain. They are not only industry experts with extensive knowledge, practical and hands-on experience of latest industry practices and trends but are able to impart all of their skills and much more to their clients in the most efficient and best way possible.

Genesis makes sure that HRs are packed with all the required knowledge, hands-on approach and skills, that too taught in such a way that it is easily understood and applied, making Potential Genesis a leading industry names, with a long list of satisfied and loyal clients. They truly are a notch apart from the competition in the market and a notch above the current trends and practices.

The Company:

Potential Genesis was founded in 2014, but before Potential Genesis began its operations, the idea was in play before Potential Genesis was set up with an advisory committee consisting of people spread pan world, such as India, USA, etc. to make sure Potential Genesis approaches a tight set track to achieve their goals, upholding their vision – Ignite Potential and mission- Design Customized People Development Solution for Business Thrivability.

Potential Genesis aims to provide the best coaching, training, etc. to create the best personnel fit for the roles. They have tie-ups with various global organisations to offer the highest level of services and strategically design and develop services that are fir for purpose are unique for the clients according to their needs and demands. The company is a pioneer in offering corporates a very unique service to reduce ” Allosatstic Load ” through it is subsidiary – helpezy.com

The work culture at Potential Genesis is something that companies aspire to have as employees are always kept and treated as family.

The company is associated with the following international partners to offer high-quality people development and learning solutions.

  • Charted Management Institute, UK – High-level managerial skill development.
  • Bainbidge Leadership center – 3 Vital Questions
  • AQR International – Mental Toughness Training
  • International Association for counseling – for cognition intervention program

They provide their services with a plethora of options to find the best fit for the clients and provide an unparalleled service and user experience, giving them the best tolls and knowledge to take on any challenge or issue they may face in their career ahead. The ways in which they deliver their services are:

On Demand Content:

  • eLearning
  • Simulations
  • Pod/Vodcasts
  • Media libraries
  • Job aids


  • Communities of practice
  • On the job content creation
  • Following leaders
  • Sharing via wikis, blogs


  • Decision Trees
  • Feedback capture
  • Help integration


  • Performance support applications
  • Assessments
  • Checklists

Instructor Led

  • Presentation materials
  • Media assets
  • Print materials
  • Team activities
  • Facilitation support

Service offerings with an extra-edge and the factors taking their services ahead and boosting their growth.

Their services revolve around 4 specific factors – Learning, Coaching, Helping and Holistic Development. They work solely on training and developing individuals with their unique approach that not only enhances learning but also helps their clients retain all the knowledge and seamlessly apply in the line of work with complete accuracy and confidence. They are constantly working with groups of people which has given them and is still providing them with enormous experience in understanding the common problems and issues faced and applying it to their services to make the learning curve as easy and understandable as possible.

Their services include:

Full Scope Learning Solutions

  • Most suitable for any one taking first step in learning.
  • You start with a theme and take the full learning from Basics to Advance.


  • Leading others to Leading Enterprise.
  • Team Management to Enterprise Management

Learning Solution Upgrades

  • Suitable for Advanced Learner.

Leverage your existing learning into an application for any, be it your organization life or personal life challenges, using a tool that will fit your purpose.

Micro Learning – micro credentialing Program

Fir for individuals as part of on demand program.

You complete the learning show improvement and you will be awarded with “Badge of Honour” which you can display in social media. You will also be a part of the Micro site which you will create and maintain. Their Learning program will help you to upgrade skill and enhance your employability.

They believe in creating industry leading professionals, breaking their service offerings into parts, making them suitable for their clients and needs. All these factors along with their dedication, relentless work and all-round support not only makes their clients packed with the tools and knowledge but also boost their employability, etc. take their services ahead and defy the competition in the market.

Team of the future HR leaders

The work culture at Potential Genesis is something that companies aspire to have as employees are always kept and treated as family. As teachers, as coaches the team should stay healthy and fit mentally and physically, so that their performance and capacity is always at their peak. They always aim for having a professional and personal life balance which also shows in their services and teachings.

The employees feel they are working in a second home as they not only feel the same way but also keep the interests and the name of Potential Genesis as their foremost priority, making the team unique and an unparalleled one with their dedication and relentless work keeping the name of Potential Genesis as one of the leading and sought-after names as HR coaching companies.

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