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Premier Health Center

The digital revolution has changed the health sector across the globe. Today, not only the health system but also the common people are now becoming alert and ready for their rights, health, and fitness. Especially the COVID19 epidemic has made people aware of their health and wellness.

Digital transformation has made it possible for patients to get information about the disease at earliest using a variety of tools. This has not only made life easier but has also created new methods of medical diagnosis with various innovative researches. While the healthcare sector is in the throes of a digital revolution, Premier Health Center is accelerating this transformation with its cutting-edge and comprehensive diagnostic solutions.

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has increased the need for accurate and on-time diagnosis as it provides the direction to the treatment to solve patient’s health issues as well as to break the spread. Since there is a long queue for diagnosis, there is no doubt about the need for fast-paced and high-capacity diagnosis solutions provider. In these difficult times, Premier Health Center’s team is providing COVID19 tests with approval from ICMR, Gov. of India. Their dedication to the well-being of society is commendable.

Bootstrapped by Mrs. Prasanna Janardhanan and Mr. Janardhanan in 1980, Premier Health Center is a niche chain of diagnostic centers and hospitals empowering the healthcare sector.

Our primary objective is to maintain an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement and provide a prompt quality of service to our customers meeting their needs.

 Mr. Pradeep Chakravarthy J, Managing Director at the Premier Health Center is the backbone behind the company’s long-standing success. Under his visionary leadership PHC’s team of experts in providing top-notch and comprehensive diagnosis solutions under one roof.

The Company – Premier Health Center

Premier Health Center started as the finest diagnostic facility over 40 years ago to become the largest private Diagnostic Center. PHC provides Pathology & Radiology to all private medical facilities, public hospitals, and community centers and also operates a series of standalone Hospitals across Chennai. PHC’s team is expert and they attract the finest healthcare professionals. PHC’s expanding team of skilled professionals’ aims to provide access to high quality, cost-effective, best practice diagnostics 24/7, and 365 days of the year. The company has a full complement of Radiologists, Pathologists, Medical Imaging Technologists, Lab Tech, Clinical Assistants, and Support Staff.

Premier Health Center, one of the pioneering diagnostic centers of Chennai offers diagnostic services with a brand new, cutting edge technology providing results of uncompromising quality in a transparent and customer-focused manner. Premier is regarded as one of the finest diagnostic centers; it has been recognized by the government and various hospitals for successful ventures and diagnostic services for over a decade. What were never compromised in all these achievements over the 40 years are the ethics and the original vision of providing the best in diagnostics at an affordable price.

PHC’s Head Processing Center is spread through 8,000sqft in an area with two floors, a Separate lounge dedicated to corporate and association clients. The lab is conveniently located in the heart of the city well connected with the other 27 centers around the town through online reporting and is run by an efficient team of 220 technicians.

The ample range of services

Premier Health Center caters to the diagnosis needs of patients in 360 degrees. Their top-class infrastructure, advanced labs, higher quality equipment makes PHC a diagnostic center on which patients can rely on. They provide a wide range of tests including biochemistry, hematology, serology, immunology, immunohistochemistry, and so on.

A clear vision makes a smooth road ahead. Imaging is a vital part of a treatment process as it provides a vision to cure patients. Click here to know more about medical imaging such as MRIs, CT Scans and so on. Premier Health Center’s top-notch imaging services like computerized ECG, Digital X-Ray, Ultra sonogram, echocardiogram, helps medical professionals by providing an accurate view of the cause.

Comprehensive Health Packages

PHC offers a wide spectrum of health packages that can make your life healthier and happier. Packages like Master Health Check-Up, Premier Executive Health Check-Up, Well Women Health Check-Up, Child Health Check-Up, Premier Senior Citizen Check Up, Pre Martial Check-Up, etc. caters to every health checkup needs of all age groups.

A boost in the digital economy has created numerous opportunities for people and businesses to spread their wings and touch the new heights of success. This race has impacted our lives in many ways. Stress, exertion, and other things have ruined a peaceful way to live life. To cater to the corporates PHC offers specially designed corporate packages that can help to track the health and wellness of employees and make a workplace healthier and happier.

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Home Collection Services – Stay Home Stay Safe!

Premier Health Center offers you affordable & Customizable Home collection Service. Premier is regarded as one of the finest diagnostic centers. It has been recognized by the government and various hospitals for successful ventures and diagnostic services for over a decade. What were never compromised in all these achievements over the 40+ years are the ethics and the original vision of providing the best in diagnostics at an affordable price.

PREMIER HOME CARE is a convenient, technology-driven platform that serves as a one-stop solution for patients. It is a home collection solution for all lab services, offering patients the convenience of making their choice based on time, comfort, location, and turnaround time. Patients also enjoy the added luxury of getting their samples collected in the comforts of their homes by a trained phlebotomist.

Hospital Lab Management

Under the Hospital Lab Management (HLM) model, they set-up clinical laboratories in newly established hospitals as well as manage “in-hospital” clinical laboratories in existing hospitals, to conduct onsite testing as per the hospital’s requirements. Under the terms of their contractual agreements, the hospital typically provides space and access to its utilities and other infrastructure, and they provide the diagnostic equipment, and responsible for all costs relating to personnel, consumables, including the purchase of equipment, training of manpower, and other administrative responsibilities about the laboratory. PHC’s agreements are exclusive, and generally for terms ranging from three to ten years.

Online Report Download

While we are getting almost everything on a single click, why wait or visit the center to collect reports and waste the invaluable time of treatment? Keeping this in mind Premier Health Center delivers all the reports on a specially created mobile app and a website. Using the same one can get the reports anytime, anywhere which can add a pace to the treatment process of the patient. PHC sends the SMS update about the report on your registered mobile number.

Mr. Pradeep Chakravarthy J – An unmatched leadership

Amidst his strong Industry contemporaries, Mr.Pradeep positioned PHC on top of the healthcare map by providing quality medical diagnosis & technology.

Ever since his humble beginning in 2000, after he was ready to take over the family business he has been tirelessly & consciously working to build up the brand and established tie-ups with several medical establishments in Chennai & other parts of Tamil Nadu. As a result, PHC now stands as a Finest Diagnostic facility catering over 28 locations across the city.

His vision is to make healthcare accessible and affordable to all, his vision, determination, and futuristic approach enabled the common man to access quality diagnosis, which was once unaffordable for a set of people. All of his corporate ventures are aligned with one goal – improving access and affordability of healthcare.

PHC’S Values

  • Patients First: Patients are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Medical Leadership: Improving outcomes through evidence-based care.
  • Everyone Counts: We work safely and inclusively and respect each other.
  • Create Value: Deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders.
  • Embrace Change: Strive for excellence, dare to innovate.

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