Priya Prakash- The Pallet Queen

Eco Pallet Pvt Ltd -Priya Prakash-The Pallet Queen

What is a pallet? Apart from being one of the most important aspects of several industries, let’s first break it down in layman’s terms. Think of these pallets like tires on your car. The primary function of the tires is to make up for a smooth ride. Similarly, the pallets are the point of contact for shipments and the other many transportation modes constituting the global supply chain. 

In the global industrial supply chain, the existence of pallets is as good as invisible, but nothing can move forward without them. Just like how a car won’t run without tires! 

These pallets form some of the most basic and the most primary interface for the unit load. They keep the product safe, act as shock absorbers, take in the stresses, they hold the weight, protect the goods moving forward in the supply chain, and much more. Considering all that they have to do, the quality of pallets has a huge impact on the outcome of a shipment. 

Now, what if these pallets were eco-friendly yet effective? 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Influential Women To Watch In 2022 is Priya Prakash, the Queen of pallets, innovating a product that is effective. 

Priya Prakash- Leading the Way-

For years, pallets have been the neglected ‘backbone’ of the entire logistics industry. Pallets are often made out of Pinewood, after the use of which most of them end up in landfills. Only a few pallets can be reused. 

This was a major pain point of the entire process. Priya identified the scattered and unorganized structure of the way most manufacturers work. 

“It was unsustainable and caused a lot of harm to the environment.”

Priya Prakash set out on a mission to correct this and thus Co-founded EcoPallet, a start-up that focused on manufacturing lightweight yet high-strength and environmentally friendly pallets. 

With a background in commerce and an MBA ‘on the roads’, Priya is set out on a mission to bring about a revolutionary change in the pallet industry. Priya’s previous experiences include working for various companies that created innovative and futuristic products. 

With Eco Pallet, Priya’s aim is to make the manufacturing and the supply chain industry understand the importance and advantage of sustainable pallets. 

“Although Eco Pallet has been in the market for six years so far, we still consider ourselves as a start-up as we decided to develop our own product.”

Being the MD is merely a title and the beauty in a small organization is that everyone dons multiple hats and gets to learn a lot. 

This has helped garner Priya’s immense experience and exposure in IP, New Product Development/Establishment, Certifications/Licensing, Handling ROC requirements, Developing Machines for a new product, Installation of Machines, and so on. 

“As a business leader challenges are a part of our daily lives and I thrive on them. Personally, I do a thread-bare analysis of my challenges and then face them methodically.”, says Priya Prakash

The Journey of Eco Pallet

Incorporated in 2015, Eco Pallet makes sustainable, eco-friendly, certified, and Patented pallets. They are patented manufacturers of EPS, a Hybrid combination of wood and EPS and all varieties of wood spray pallets in India. These pallets are completely safe, extremely lightweight, cost-effective, and can be customized. They are also FDA/Medical certifiable.

To ensure safety Eco Pallets are flame resistant, water resistant, bug & mildew resistant, and temperature & thermal resistant. Their zero exposure to nails and splinters, and anti-static and hermetically sealed (ISPM complaint) properties make Eco Pallets unique. 

“Our Pallets come with the ability to resist impact, have abrasion resistance, oil & chemical resistance, and are shock absorbent as well.”

Eco Pallets ensure hygiene, are anti-fungal and have increased weight-bearing capacity. These Pallets are recyclable and repairable, making them the right choice for a sustainable future.

Eco Pallet is Environmentally Compliant. They contain no food sources or the natural habitat for any insects. The fully jacketed coating used by Eco Pallet also has no cracks, crevices, or nesting areas for insects and is fully washable.

Overcoming the Challenges- 

“Pallets are the backbone of logistics. I can recount numerous instances where pallets have killed logistics and the business.”, says Priya Prakash

While trying to sell the pallets, Priya understood the true underlying environmentally sustainable problems, which were and are totally ignored by every corporate using pallets. Companies ‘want’ or ‘have’ decided to be penny-wise TODAY. 

“The very challenge and the satisfaction of changing a mindset was one of the main motivations for developing Eco Pallet.”

Eco Pallet’s first pallet was a combination of EPS and HIPS. Though every corporate understood the importance of lightweight pallets, fuel saving, and so on, breaking the misnomer of EPS being a hazardous product was the first challenge. 

The Products and Services-

Eco Pallet, is the only company today in this entire world that makes sustainable pallets, which are also cost-effective along with a multitude of advantages. Eco Pallet saves all 40 pallets by spraying and sealing the life of the pallet. 

“This way we save cutting of more trees, apart from the unique ability to save a scrap pallet and give it an extended lease of life.”

Eco Pallet also has pallets that are not made from wood and can be recycled to the fullest even if it’s a one-time use pallet. Eco Pallet alone has the ability to let the countries rotate the pallets with other countries today. Our Wooden Spray Pallets are made of Post-Consumer Recycled wood ( Scrap) and Spray, resulting in usage of discarded wood as one of the primary raw materials thus making Eco Pallet the Economical and Ecological Pallet ever..

“Our pallet is the only solution to end the one-time usage problem.”, says Priya Prakash.

What the Future Holds-

“I would consider it as my personal milestone achievement if the Government of India decides to turn all their wooden pallets into Eco Pallets without scrapping them and giving us an opportunity to do our magic on the old pallets. I would love our country’s produce to be stored safely on a sustainable and hygienic Eco Pallet.”, says Priya Prakash.

For the past six years, Priya’s focus has only been on Eco Pallet. She believes that knowledge is power, and being informed helps you be a step ahead of the competition. Being a voracious reader, Priya thrives on ResearchGate, continually researching ways to innovate products. 

“In our case fortunately we are the ‘Change-Makers’.”

Priya Prakash’s Message to the New Entrepreneurs-

“Success is subjective. I have been blessed with an amazing family where my parents never treated me or my two sisters differently, as much as the world around us reminded us that we were women. 

I am married to a Fighter Pilot from the IAF who has sacrificed his career of 20 years to support me realize my dreams. My daughter understands my love for my work. To all the women and girls out there, don’t make or let anyone make you feel guilty for loving your job. Focus, be consistent, and don’t give up.”

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