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In this era, an online presence has the most impact for any organization. It is easier to access a large audience on the internet than with any traditional marketing options. When we say that the internet has changed businesses, it has in a way also helped us to look beyond our sight. It has opened new possibilities for businesses.

When an online presence is vital, you must make sure it is worth it. You cannot miss out on opportunities because you lack a good website or on-page SEO.

With years of experience in SEO web design, Proceed Innovative, a Chicago Internet marketing agency will help you accomplish your business objectives and meet your ROI goals.

Cutting through the Complexity-

Introducing a change is always tough. And tougher than that is making people accept these changes. Client Service Manager, Patrick Panayotov has been able to identify the pain points and gives us an insight on the set of challenges the company had to face in its initial days.

He says,

“Even in the year 2020, Search Engine Optimization is not understood by most business owners. Many are under the impression that paying for a nice-looking website is enough to bring in potential business. Unfortunately, even the best websites require ongoing maintenance and new content to stay competitive. All of us trust the results on Google inherently, and the businesses found first are the businesses that flourish. My work starts with convincing business owners that being found online is not random; it is a step by step process that can be implemented for anyone. When done right, good SEO is a game changer for business owners.”

Proceed Innovative is a digital marketing agency focused on working with business owners to find value from their online presence. The owners they work with are trustworthy and good at what they do, and unfortunately you would not be able to tell any of this from their website and online presence. Proceed Innovative’s process creates new sales opportunities for their clients by creating a powerful online presence, so they never lose a single job.

Our process allows owners to have the same level of trust online as they do in person and be found first on Google for the services or products they offer.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success!

The original business was founded in 1996 and Proceed Innovative has been around since 2008.

“Our long-standing success can be attributed to the mantra: what gets measured gets done.”

Every item of importance is measured month over month and communicated with the clients along with the entire team. Their team keeps each other accountable for these KPIs and if there is a client in need of improvement, team members will offer their advice to the Account Manager responsible. Usually these are 3 simple KPIs that are directly tied to the success of a digital marketing program. By hyper focusing on metrics they are able to control, and understanding that their improvement drives real world results, they can sustain their success and that of their clients.

Honing in on their ability to assign values to their work; connecting the abstract world of digital marketing with real results was a game changer. The business owners with whom the company works provided trackable metrics that connect their online visibility to the new potential clients reaching out to their business. This understanding provides a feedback loop for the businesses with which the Proceed Innovative team works. They also ask for feedback on the incoming leads and can adjust their work to fit changes in the market.

The Products and Services-

Our work is results driven.

The company’s services include SEO, Web Design, and Google Ads Management. Other businesses may take advantage of the general lack of understanding of SEO and settle with doing a subpar job. Proceed Innovative ties the work they do to clear metrics, with the goal of improvement month over month.

They do not sugar coat it either; SEO and digital marketing are not a onetime event, they are a process. Just like going to the gym, you will not see results after one workout; true success requires consistency and an understanding of the process. This approach is not for everyone. The businesses they work with succeed because of their combined drive to grow. Every service the company offers has a purpose: SEO has the best long-term return on your investment, your website is an extension of your business, and Google Ads can provide the necessary support for quick potential client acquisition.

The company has a dedicated division and services tailored to Disaster Restoration businesses. Their dedicated website is a platform that uses organic search results to generate leads for Disaster Restoration businesses. This platform can improve the online visibility for a business owner, without asking them to invest in a website and update it frequently. They started this idea in 2009, with the help of a few disaster restoration business owners. The goal was to create an easily approachable platform to generate online leads. A decade later, in 2019, they had generated over 50,000 tracked phone calls and have over 120k visitors per month on the website.

Innovation is the Key-

With the best quality services already under their wings, it is still important to keep a close eye on the market to improve their suite of services and keep innovating, providing their customers with better services at every step.

Proceed Innovative is introducing Marketing Automation as the next step for businesses looking to find even more value from their online leads. Marketing Automation is for the business owner looking to understand and track their online sales processes effortlessly. The life of every lead can be recorded, from when they visit a website, to when they reach out for more information.  Owners interested in strengthening their sales process can use Marketing Automation to send leads specific information based on their preferences. The goal is to improve the sales process by providing leads information they are directly interested in, instead of another generic newsletter.

Patrick Panayotov- Proceed Innovative

Know the Leader- Patrick Panayotov

Entrepreneurs solve problems. They do this by creating an environment where the right people can connect, share ideas, and grow together. The clients we work with need to be interested in growth and improvement of their business. The team members of Proceed Innovative need to love what they do and have a passion for their client’s success. When these two things meet, we see true improvement happen.

His path at Proceed Innovative started in the early days of the business as a Data Analyst. He was behind the scenes supporting the work of the Managing Partner and the Account Managers on the front lines. His job duties consisted of sifting through data and building out reports that supported the business. When he came back, he entered a Client Service Manager role.

He was tasked with supporting several current clients and expanding the business through new client acquisition. With it, he learned the business from an outward-facing perspective and grew his book of business. As a result, his work also expanded the company’s relationship with the community, local organizations, and businesses. That role leads up to his current position as Partner at Proceed Innovative. The position of Partner ads on a layer of understanding the company holistically and looking for additional growth opportunities. There are still the same duties of supporting our clients and finding new owners to work with.

The Enterprise World has always been keen on finding that one thing that pushes the entrepreneurs to the limits, a book that they found motivating, some specific lines in the book that are forever in the mind and those keep motivating them every day. This especially helps the budding entrepreneurs to get a perspective at what they are doing.

When we approached Patrick with this section, he told us his favorite book and the one part in the book he found motivating. Surely, after reading his reply we will all want to start reading the book immediately.

“Start with Why – Simon Sinek. Reading this book during the beginning of my career gave me a view of the world outside of the routine day to day tasks.

The question of “Why” we do things was essential to running a business. This approach is the exact opposite of the common approach to training. Usually people tell each other “What” must be done. If the conversation starts with “Why” on the other hand, you can work as a team to find the best “How”, and “What” to get there. My favorite part of the bookis when it would tie its lessons to real world companies like Apple. Apple’s ability to find a strong “Why” dictates its decision-making process and has led them to become an industry leader in more than one field.”

I am focused on putting our business in the best position to succeed in the long run.

The Work Culture-

The team at Proceed Innovative has a unique opportunity to directly impact business owners. The team’s mission starts with Proceed Innovative’s core focus: Bring new sales opportunities to their clients. Every team member can bring this focus to life with their work. They preach being effective, efficient and results-driven.

The team starts with the end in mind, generating more business for their clients. They celebrate their wins, and the team does not settle with failure. Not all projects are straightforward, and the team works together to find solutions. Proceed Innovative offers its team the freedom to work on what they believe will lead to the best results for their clients. Every account manager is responsible for their clients and their work directly impacts the business owners they work with.

It is a special experience knowing our work has a direct impact for a business owner and their team. It feels fulfilling when you can positively influence another’s journey.

Patrick Panayotov’s Word on How to Deal with Competition and Sustain-

Constant vigilance creates a sense of pressure and intense focus on one’s surroundings. Without the time to self-reflect and let the mind find some headspace, there isn’t an opportunity to grow. We need to be vigilant and also find time to appreciate our successes and think of new opportunities for growth. Our mind needs time to breathe, which it cannot do if it is constantly vigilant.

Doing everything we can for the ones around us. Our clients, team members, and surrounding businesses rely on each other to be performing at their best to succeed. If all of us can do the best we can with the tools we have, there is an opportunity to positively impact the resulting circle around us, starting a chain reaction of positive change.

The key to my success is learning how to ask questions and using feedback to drive improvements. With any role, I did not naturally come into it with the knowledge I needed to succeed. I was successful by asking the right questions and looking for feedback at pivotal points in my journey. This feedback along with positive results leads me to where I am today. The best way to grow personally and professionally is asking questions and feedback.

A goal is a dream with a deadline.

Napoleon Hill

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