MGN Logistics Inc – Technology, Innovation, Dedication

MGN Logistics

MGN Logistics Inc – Technology, Innovation, Dedication

Welcome to freight management 101.  Exceptional freight management companies similarly use a systematic methodology and leave little to chance to ensure shipment is routed accurately and without deviation.  The best-performing companies use next-generation technology to route and track packages seamlessly, while ensuring to optimize the transportation process.

Remember playing connect the dots?  The first few dots were always the easiest, and as long as you followed the sequence of numbers accurately, you finished with a neat little picture.  But the advanced version eliminated the numbers and you needed to rely on a systematic methodology.  One wrong sequence and the entire picture started to become distorted.

Big or small, freight management is a complex process. Even when you know the obstacles in front of you, it becomes challenging to put together the entire supply chain picture without distortion. And that can easily translate to added costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Many of the best practice businesses understand these complexities in supply chain management and prefer to outsource the process to specialized companies. This not only gives them peace of mind but as importantly, allows them to focus on their core competency while reducing transportation costs and improving operational efficiencies.

The cover story of The Enterprise World’s Fastest Growing Logistics Solution Providers in 2020, features industry veteran, MGN Logistics, as one such specialized company that has been helping its clients effectively manage their supply chains.

MGN Logistics automates operational planning and helps create shipping efficiencies through its proprietary cloud-based software. Their system automation allows customers to address customer service, transportation, and operational issues in real-time.  Thereby helping customers provide exceptional value to their clients.

MGN’s award-winning platform delivers operational governance with a customizable reporting suite for a business’s supply chain and transportation needs.

The Company-

As an early adopter of web-based technology, MGN Logistics was one of the first companies in the transportation space to launch a fully automated freight marketplace online called in 2000.  By 2004, after exponential user growth, the website was sold to a group of private equity investors. Building on the company’s earlier success, in 2007, MGN acquired a Boston-based freight management company and launched a radically new version of their Transportation Management System (TMS). 

MGN Logistis Office

With the focus on cutting-edge technology, the company continued to develop creative transportation modules, which included predictive pricing, extensive KPI charting and intelligent transportation routing, which outpaced all major players in the space.  By 2009, the company had opened an additional office in Orlando and again in 2013, an office was opened internationally in Santiago, Dominican Republic. 

The following year the company continued its expansion and acquired a truckload brokerage in New Jersey, and then in 2015, made another strategic acquisition of a Chicago-based digital brokerage with a proprietary truckload pricing meta aggregator.

This technology has been the backbone of numerous well-known truckload brokerage titans providing API data to support their operations.  The company’s most recent acquisition in late 2018 expanded the company’s parcel technology and rich client base by two-fold.  Today, the company has operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Chicago, the Dominican Republic, as well as Puerto Rico.

Cutting Through the Challenges-

As with any rapidly expanding business managing growth and cash flow was challenging, particularly in the beginning with numerous acquisitions funded by the company’s cash flow. At times, refusing outside capital was difficult, however, today with the company’s solid financial footing and dominance in the next-generation TMS market, financial decisions are much easier and the reward even greater.

Since 2007, the company has focused on an acquisition strategy that has allowed revenue to double virtually every two years, landing it on INC magazines prestigious Fastest-Growing Private Companies list 5 years in a row starting in 2012.

From the beginning, MGN Logistics has always been very customer-centric. 

We strive to provide an optimal customer experience and view our own work from the customer’s perspective.

This has led to long-standing customer relationships that have continued to this very day, many with their original customers. With the illustration below, one can get an idea of the company’s growth since its inception. What has helped MGN overcome the many challenges is their sheer dedication to provide clients with the best service.  When you show what your capabilities are, how strongly you adhere to your core competencies; it often results in success!

The Products and Services-

With two decades of experience, MGN maintains a unique position to deliver a robust and integrated logistics solution that can address all the complexities of today’s supply chain. MGN creates shipping efficiencies, enhances freight tracking, expedites claims management resolution, and simplifies invoice auditing.

While the company can provide services as a traditional freight broker, their focus and specialization is as a full-service freight management partner.  Their proprietary TMS is cloud-based and powerful enough for large corporations, while still easy to use and integrate with small businesses. 

The company’s suite of services includes price and service optimization, carrier routing, e-dispatching along with fully automated documentation creation, pre and post-audit, freight payment and an extensive suite of interactive business intelligence charts.  Each customer is assigned a dedicated group of seasoned logistics managers to assist in fully coordinating, executing, and tracking all shipments. 

The process is further enhanced with GPS monitoring of full truckload shipments using their integrated technology.  For potential customers that are looking for a standalone or fully integrated solution, to either replace or support their existing logistics departments, MGN’s proprietary TMS is an award-winning platform with few rivals.

Year after year MGN’s clients continue to be surprised at the level of innovative freight management solutions the company presents. Matthew Telesca, the CEO and President of the company is a firm believer of the idea, that “If the customer can imagine it, then we can create it.”  

This resourcefulness has given the team and customers a tremendous competitive edge.  Even their long-time clients continue to benefit from the company’s ongoing product development and innovation.  As they have introduced new technologies and solutions, they often ask their existing clients for feedback and assessments.  This has helped to create a unique user experience, level of trust and insight that companies rarely achieve.  Additionally, this helps to feed their ongoing commitment to outperform their customer’s expectations and the competition.

MGN Logistics continues to innovate and lead.  They are excited about the launching of a new technology start-up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by founder Matthew Telesca.  AI Logistics will explore opportunities and focus on integrating blockchain technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to efficiently optimize some of the industry’s antiquated processes.

Matthew Telesca- Leading the Way-

Being an entrepreneur to me means being the visionary of the company.

To be a successful entrepreneur means you must be willing to take a calculated risk and the ability to effectively communicate this to your team.  You must be able to convey and inspire others in the company to see and follow that vision.  Matthew believes one of the most important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur is to be an effective communicator. 

Along with communication must come innovation.  Like other aspects of business, innovation requires strategy and cannot be left to chance.  In todays face-paced, technology-driven environment, one thing is certain, change.  That means without a clear strategy to innovate, an entrepreneur or CEO, can easily get caught up in the day-to-day of business and fail to look ahead. 

The Work Culture-

Having a flexible and motivating work culture is the gold standard of every employee. A work culture where his/her interests and opinions are valued, where he/she is given an opportunity to excel at their work. This creates a productive work environment, where the employees feel a part of the company. As a leader it then becomes your duty to look after those employees, keep them motivated.

At MGN, they have created a corporate environment where the employees are empowered to think about innovation and make suggestions.  They not only encourage them to participate but incentivize them to engage in creativity and innovative thinking.  They have a specific and crafted strategy to look ahead and innovate.  This strategy helps the company to then align the direction of the vision and then execute the implementation.

You never fail until you stop trying.

Albert Einstein

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