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The healthcare sector is at the cusp of a major digital revolution.  The businesses in these sectors are adopting the latest technologies to diagnose, cure patients, and make their workflow as smooth as possible. In the past pandemics like the Plague took the lives of over 50 million people across the globe. However, today, technologies have helped countries worldwide to stop the spread of virus and secure lives by making people aware of the virus and circulate vital decisions at earliest.  

The COVID 19 Virus has been identified as a once in a 100 year pandemic, and has brought to attention the need for Healthcare Global uniformity and the lessons thereof to the world. Healthcare digitization is a need of the hour, including Healthcare Informatics, and a world that is remotely connected and a meaningful continuum of care is established. Today, Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd is empowering businesses in the healthcare industry with its cutting edge offerings. Founded in 2002, Manorama has created a unique position in the market under the strong leadership of Ms. Ashvini Danigond, Founder & CEO at the company.

The Inception

Inspired by the major growth of the Indian IT industry due to the Y2K crisis during her college days, and being a part of a family that was involved in education in the medical areas Ashvini founded Manorama Infosolutions in 2002. The vision was born out of a dream to create an IT company that addressed the needs of the healthcare ecosystem. 

Manorama is based out of Kolhapur and they have been delivering Healthcare solutions for over 18 years now. The company has served customers regularly across Asia & Africa, and have had delivered health solutions in the US and Europe as well. 

Manorama is a health technology company, a short summarization of their width of solutions and the complexity of the projects that the company has undertaken include:

  • Hospital Information Management Systems for large corporate hospitals, SAAS based HIMS for smaller hospitals, and for government systems
  • Health & Medical Insurance solutions that address the needs of Insurers, Third-party Administrators, Brokers, and Micro Insurers
  • Specialty EMR that cover over 50 conditions 
  • Telemedicine solutions that aid in the detection, management, and tracking of patients suspected of having COVID 19
  • Point of care solutions for diagnosing diseases
  • Solutions for alternative medicine including Ayurveda.
Manorama Infosolutions_Growth Map

The quality and complexity of the solutions that they have developed include:

  • Deployment of one of the world’s largest HIMS turnkey solutions spread across over 500 discrete entities
  • Deployment of countrywide automation of hospitals with all care providers and integration with national platforms
  • Deployment of a nationwide health scheme that included, Health insurance solutions, over 50 HIMS, and a technology backbone where a network of 2000 medical providers was managed
  • Deployment of a specialty EMR for cardiothoracic needs, and building of a national repository of the treatment of all pertinent cases
  • Deployment of Telemedicine solutions and providing managed services for government agencies

The Antecedent Hurdles 

Ashvini faced several challenges, the first was where the business was birthed, Kolhapur had absolutely no IT infrastructure and no experienced talent was available. The second challenge was cultural, accepting a woman as an entrepreneur and a boss was difficult. And the challenge of self-funding the start-up was tough, there was really no concept of venture funding, and banks and other financial institutions were reluctant lenders. The concept of lending money based on a good business plan and purchase orders was not enough to get finance. 

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Ashwini faced challenges inspired by a quote by Winston Churchill

And then the growth started…

  • 2012 – Manorama was successfully established in the Middle East market with a Private Hospital & Kuwait Ministry of Health. 
  • 2014 – Manorama Telemedicine Solution deployment for 22 locations with Telemedicine Africa and Sunpa, China-based manufacturing device company under WHO subsidiary.
  • 2015 – Manorama entered into a Strategic Partnership with Inspira Enterprise. This has led to winning several large projects and paved the way for business expansion.
  • 2016 – Manorama began a strategic foray into international markets and won deals for implementing HIMS, Insurance, and Telemedicine solutions globally.
  • 2020 – A Strategic Partnership with Allscripts, USA was formed focused on delivering integrated technology solutions globally to drive digital health transformation.

The factors behind Manorama’s long-standing success

At Manorama, they have invested in people and the domain knowledge that their teams possess ranks as equal to the best in the industry. The quality of Manorama’s solutions coupled with the deep healthcare domain knowledge of its people ensures that the value they deliver to the customer is unparalleled. This coupled with a 100% adherence to delivering quality and defect-free products, and addressing every customer need is an important foundation for Manorama’s success over the years. 

Empowering the healthcare sector with…

Manorama has a suite of healthcare solutions; some of them are listed below:

  • LifeLine Enterprise Suite – Best in class Health Information Management Systems
  • LifeLine Health Insurance Suite – Solutions for HMO’s, Insurers, TPA’s and Broker
  • LifeLine Telemedicine Suite- Healthcare Communicable Disease Convergence Platform
  • LifeLine Cardio science  Suite- Comprehensive EMR for Cardiac & Thoracic surgeries
  • LifeLine Smart City Suite- Population Healthcare Management for Smart Cities

Manorama offers a much-differentiated approach and their services have:

  • Deep Domain knowledge
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Consultative in deliveries

The company, taking a step forward with… 

Investments in cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Block chain, and Healthcare IOTs will be the linchpins for future growth. Manorama plans to continue investing in people, skills, and talent up gradation. Additional thrust in marketing and sales in identified geographies will drive future growth.

The company aims to leverage its agile and nimble organizational capabilities, innovative approach, and new commercial models. With an array of Business solutions that run on cutting edge technologies and attractive commercial offers to the customers, Manorama is poised for significant growth in the future.

Constant vigilance is both a need and a strategy at Manorama. What is happening today needs to be addressed, and we want to be vigilant about what happens tomorrow and plan likewise.

Serving nation by taking innovation to the table

The company has launched a Product Lifeline Communicable Disease Management Suite (CDMS) in March 2020. This is a solution to manage a Pandemic situation for communicable diseases like Covid19. They have implemented the product for the District Administration of Kolhapur. Based on this success, the company has approached Covid19 hot-spots like the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai & other government bodies. Both the Government bodies realized the immediate benefits that would accrue to the citizens by implementing this solution and this have led to a word-of-mouth spread of Manorama’s solution across other Government bodies. As a result, the company has already won 2 Projects in a short span of 1 quarter.

Kolhapur District Administration implemented a CDMS solution at each Port of entry in the District including Highways & Airport. The solution has also been implemented in all COVID 19 Centers and Hospitals. Apart from this, the District Administration is also leveraging the solution for tracking patients’ in-home quarantine. By implementing Manorama’s Solution, the District Administration is able to track Citizens from the time they come in the District, screen them, and triage them so that further action could be decided for each Citizen. Remote care has also been made possible through the implementation of Tele-Consultation. Operational efficiency has increased by more than 40% as earlier there was no solution in place to control the pandemic

Manorama Infosolutions_Partnership

MCGM has implemented CDMS across most of the Covid19 Hospitals and Quarantine Centers. By implementing the solution, MCGM is able to get real-time information about Covid19 suspects, confirmed cases, Symptomatic or Asymptomatic cases, Patients with co-morbidity, Deaths, Available beds, etc. This has enabled MCGM to take proactive measures to divert focus to most affected areas and also plan for resources like Beds, Lab testing capacity, etc. This has led to an improvement in operational efficiency by more than 40%.

While talking about the responsibilities of entrepreneurs Ashvini says,

“The responsibility of an Entrepreneur is to create a culture of innovation, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the growth of the Company and its Employees.”

She further adds, “I have built, grew, and led the company based on principles of integrity and delivering excellence to customers. We do not ever compromise on delivering quality products and services. This principle has been inculcated in every employee of the company and delivery of quality products is mandated not just to customers but also to other stakeholders and internal customers as well. This has resulted in creating an organizational culture of quality consciousness across the board.”

Ms. Ashvini Danigond – A visionary leader in the field of healthcare solutions 

Ms. Ashvini Danigond is the Founder of the Company & has executed its operations and steered the business since Company Inception in 2002. She has traveled the world over, met prospective customers, and worked closely with professionals from different cultures. Having donned multiple hats and closely interacted with people who had no prior experience in engaging with CXOs of fortune 100 companies has been continuous learning.

She has received over a dozen awards from national and international bodies like NASSCOM and International Women’s Leadership Forum awards.

“However what I hold as the key achievement is that I have been in business is a sense of satisfaction after every successful project implementation. We have helped hospitals streamline their operations and improve health outcomes. In some ways, we are touching and improving the lives of people around the world.” Ashvini commented.

The Work Culture at Manorama Infosolutions

Ashvini has built a culture of innovation and learning in the organization. These are built around her fundamental belief that without continuous innovation, the organization will stagnate.

Ashvini believes in Team Spirit, she continuously motivates the Employees, to work together for creating excellence. There are systems in place for the skill enhancement of every employee. All employees are empowered to make decisions, make calculated choices when faced with ambiguous conditions, and are given a stress-free and transparent work environment. 

Ashvini’s take on current Tele-Medicine industry scenario

The sudden global outbreak of coronavirus has increased the usage of telemedicine as these solutions help caregivers to communicate effectively with their patients during the pandemic and provide better solutions to their health concerns.

More and more hospitals are adopting remote Tele-consultation to limit exposure at the frontlines, and to protect health workers as well as other patients. Telemedicine is bridging the gap between people, physicians, and health systems. Enabling patients to stay home and communicate with physicians through virtual Tele-consultation.

People can receive care and consultation from home via Telemedicine, without entering medical facilities, minimizing their risk of contracting the virus. This is helping healthcare provider organizations and caregivers better respond to address public healthcare. Hospitals & governments are expanding their utilization of Telemedicine solutions to address the corona pandemic and provide better care.

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