Arjun Nijhawan – A Prominent Leader Charting New Paths

Arjun Nijhawan- Nijhawan Group

Mr. Arjun Nijhawan – A Prominent Leader Charting New Paths

With over 40 years of experience in India, Nijhawan Group is one of the leading travel conglomerates and has vastly diversified entities within the Travel Industry. Nijhawan Group has a history of successful business partnerships with leading airlines and hotels. The company has successfully represented British Airways for 34 years and has three decades with an array of major international airlines (including Kingfisher Airlines, Sama Airlines, and Fly Dubai) providing them with wide-ranging services, from passengers to route management. The Group also represents top hotels chain across the world.

The Group also owns equity in TBO Group which is the largest online B2A travel portal in India.

Nijhawan Group has the means to commit dedicated resources to provide product focus and committed ownership – right from adopting our partner’s processes to enhancing the quality of service delivery with meticulous planning and foresight suited for the Indian environment.

Their airline and Hotel partners depend on them to provide complete management of their business in India to International standards. The group works very closely with the representation of their relationships to maximize revenues and ensure cost-effectiveness and high quality of service delivery. And in recent years, Nijhawan Group has taken bold steps in increasing the value offered to an extensive client base while broadening business horizons with new ventures.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston S. Churchill.

With a workforce of 1200 employees and 47 fully automated and well-located offices across India, the Far East, Middle East, Africa, and Europe the group continues to grow and strengthen its network of services.

Nijhawan Group has a strong foothold in travel technology, hotel representations, outbound & inbound tourism, retail, e-commerce, angel investments to many start-ups in the digital world, mobile app developing services (e.g, Dineout, Inshorts), and the catering industry. The group knows its responsibilities towards society very well and always strives to contribute to the well-being of society through the CKRDT foundation.

Mr. Arjun Nijhawan, Director, Nijhawan Group

Mr. Arjun Nijhawan took part in the family business in 2006 and as of now, he is in business for 14 years. Mr. Arjun Nijhawan handles Nijhawan Group’s retail vertical. When Mr. Arjun Nijhawan started working in the retail vertical, there were only 3 stores, and today there are 46 stores that reflect his dedication and futuristic vision towards growth. Their customers in the retail business keep coming back because of the quality services they provide.

Mr. Arjun Nijhawan is also managing director and Co-founder of Fork ‘N’ Spoon catering Pvt. Ltd.  After studying Economics and International business he decided to follow his passion for the art of hosting the perfect party. Mr. Arjun Nijhawan used his business skills to bring together the combination of commercial, technical, and personal expertise to create delicious and innovative buffets for curating the perfect events.

Mr. Arjun Nijhawan believes passionately in bringing great tasting foods to discerning people. Mr. Arjun Nijhawan thinks that adding a bit of soul and flavor into life is good for us all, and that is why Fork ‘N’ Spoon was born. With no prior experience in the food sector or without having any degree in culinary arts, today Mr. Arjun Nijhawan and his team at Fork ‘N’ Spoon got tremendous success and a huge number of clients only because of his willpower and apt management skills.

You should compete with yourself as after winning the rat race; you still end up as a rat.

Arjun Nijhawan

Every wedding event consists of different families with different mindsets. If the food is awesome, everyone will appreciate the event. Fork ‘N’ Spoon’s clients come to them after an event and appreciate the efforts they took to make the event successful.

Mr. Arjun Nijhawan admires Bill gates the most. He says, “Bill Gates does things quite differently. Mr. Arjun Nijhawan researches the subject at most he is going into and he is the master of his craft”. Richard Makin’s business story has been a source of inspiration for Mr. Arjun Nijhawan for a long.

The legacy

Late Shri B L NIjhawan, Founder, Nijhawan Group.   

Late Shri B L Nijhawan is popularly known as the father figure of the Indian travel industry. The group today is blessed by his blessings. He has been to many villages in the early 70s and 80s and developed many entrepreneurs into travel agents. He founded the group as the GSA for British Airways in 1974.

With his 61 years in the business he is one of the gurus and by far one of the most respected people in the booming travel business in India. He built his empire steadily with sheer grit and gumption. People in Punjab, India used to call British Airways Bansilal Airways after his first name.

Nijhawan Group’s Business Verticals

TBO Group         

TBO Group today proudly services nearly 34,000 Travel Agents across 78 Countries for their selling requirements. The TBO Group is a truly Indian multinational corporation, which focuses on providing a wide range of travel services to clients and agents the world over.


With India’s economy growing year on year and with the increasing buying power of people, Nijhawan Group diversified into the retail vertical in 2009.


The Nijhawan Group has invested in many startups. The popular ones are, Inshorts, Lets Transport, Pee Buddy, Advantage Club, Dineout, My Green Box, etc

Nijhawan Group – Representations

Nijhawan Group- Representations is one of the leading travel representation companies and is the preferred choice for travel, tourism, and hospitality representation in India that provides sales, marketing, research, PR, and media solutions to International Hotels, Theme Parks, and Travel Related Products through a professional and motivated team in a cost-effective manner thereby increasing market share, maximizing revenue and building new markets for the clients. It aims to deliver tangible business results through strategic marketing, personalized service, innovation, quality, and commitment.

Airline Representation

The Nijhawan Group represented several world’s top airlines like British Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, and Fly Dubai. British Airways was represented by the group for 34 years across India. With the travel domain expertise, Nijhawan Group worked very closely with its airline partner in its Sales, Distribution, Operations, and Marketing strategy to be successful in the fast-growing Indian economy. Nijhawan Group continues to prove that local expertise and relationships can help some of the best international airline organizations to maximize their reach, visibility, and revenue in India.

CKRDT Foundation

Understanding its role as a responsible corporate responsibility, Nijhawan Group manages the CKRDT foundation from its New Delhi office. Foundation is involved in the upliftment of poor and very poor and works towards the betterment of downtrodden women & children in different parts of the country.

The main objective of the foundation is to propagate Indian culture. At its centers, apart from vocational training, students are trained in yoga as well. Nijhawan Group runs a home for orphan girls and provides shelter to 79 girls. This home for orphans provides education and meets all other needs of these girls. The youngest of them is only 2 years old, who was brought to the orphanage when she was abandoned at the age of 10 days. CKRDT foundation also helps to perform marriages of many poor girls, annually.

The Driving Force

The team is a true asset for any business which is a backbone behind its long-standing success. ‘Nijhawan Group’ has more than 1200 employees who always strive hard for their client’s satisfaction. The management considers their team as a family more than employees.  They empower employees so they can make important decisions on their own which can boost up productivity.

The group values loyalty. People once joined the company, work in the company for more than avg. 8 years. Every promise made to an employee is very well documented and fulfilled on time which creates no chance for “Ye Kaha tha aur hua nahi”. The management respects their employees as they believe; it’s all a team that can accelerate the growth of the company and helps to overcome any obstacles they come across.

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