Trident Law Corporation – Going Above And Beyond

Trident Law Corporation

Trident Law Corporation – Going Above And Beyond

Whether in a game or one’s personal life, there are rules. Rules can be universal or temporal. Some rules are founded on mores whilst others are introduced to adapt to evolving circumstances. At its highest, the rules of life for any given society are its laws.

The concept and operation of Justice is inextricably linked with the Law, and looked upon in turn by different actors as part Art and part Science. Many great minds have contributed to and developed various legal theories and distinct schools of jurisprudence. “What is Law”, “What Makes it Law” and “What is the Law” are (at times) deceptively simple-sounding questions that have vexed scholars and communities alike for centuries.

Helping to shed some light on the matter, Lord Thomas Bingham, a British judge and pre-eminent lawyer of his time, painstakingly laid the illustrious working definition of Justice – Justice is present in a society where the Rule of Law exists. In his book, the “Rule of Law”, Lord Bingham identified 8 core principles that underpin the doctrine of the Rule of Law:

  • Accessibility
  • Law not discretion
  • Equality
  • Exercise of Power
  • Human Rights
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Fair Trial &
  • Compliance with International Law

The preceding paragraphs illustrate the complexities of the tasks that society has assigned to its legal machinery. Lawyers are the machine’s operators. Where the layman would be at a loss, lawyers help them navigate the labyrinth of governing laws to uphold justice.

With its team of lawyers ingrained with the firm’s core values and DNA – Tenacity, Rigour and Ingenuity – Trident Law Corporation stands out amongst its peers as one of The Enterprise World’s “Most Influential Law Firms to Watch in 2020”.

The Firm

We punch above our weight and have expanded our geographical reach. Our growing clientele stretches from Australia to Africa (and several countries in between).

Established in 2013, Trident Law Corporation is a Singapore Law Firm with a reputation of unflinchingly going above and beyond for its clients. It boasts a wide array of practice areas and provides advice of the highest quality to its distinguished clientele. It does not sugar-coat advice or pull its punches – all with a view to ensuring that its client’s best interests are safe-guarded.

Trident Law’s inspired lawyers have fought in a wide range of high-profile cases that have left an indelible mark on Singapore’s legal landscape including:

Ismil bin Kadar which established a common law duty of disclosure of unused evidence for the Prosecution in criminal cases, in the process acquitting a man of murder in one of longest criminal trials in the history of Singapore;

Afro-Asia Building Fire which was the first prosecution of its kind in Singapore for murder under Section 300(d) of the Penal Code, and where, once again, the Trident Law team secured an acquittal on the capital charge. The accused was found guilty by the Court of a reduced (manslaughter) charge; and

Azlin Arujunah where their Mr. Thangavelu secured an acquittal on the murder charge despite his client exercising her right to remain silent at her trial. Mr. Thangavelu’s client was instead found guilty by the Court on a lower charge.

These cases bear testament to Trident Law’s core values and DNA of Tenacity, Rigour and Ingenuity, bringing into sharp focus the firm’s ability to solve problems and setting it apart from its competitors.

If a needle is in the haystack, we will find it! We ALWAYS have our clients’ six!

Although best known for its litigation pedigree, Trident Law’s Corporate practice has burgeoned as clients who had originally engaged the firm to manage their disputes, obtained a taste of the Trident DNA (and the value it brought them), and increasingly turned to it with the well-placed confidence that they will meet their corporate needs as well.

Mr. Thangavelu

The strongest steel must go through the hottest fire.

Fortifying Trident Law’s formidable Criminal Practice is Mr. Thangavelu, a lawyer widely regarded by his peers as a heavyweight.

A doyen of the Criminal Bar with over 35 years of experience, Mr. Thangavelu has established a reputation for being tenacious, dedicated and successful. He has obtained acquittals and won appeals in several matters across the entire gamut of criminal offences, from murder to corruption.

Although he has a penchant for criminal practice, Mr. Thangavelu has also represented clients in civil litigation. Notably, Mr. Thangavelu won an appeal against the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, a statutory board of the Singapore Government, successfully saving his client tax on a gain of S$4.6 Million that the Authority had erroneously classified as “profit”.

Given his formidable reputation and vast experience, Mr. Thangavelu is held in high regard by his peers and is regularly instructed by lawyers and firms when entering deep waters or unchartered territory.

Mr. Thangavelu’s illustrious legal career has seen him celebrating the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows with his clients – securing acquittals and chaperoning those on death rowto a dignified demise. Mr. Thangavelu can think of nothing more sobering than dealing with such cases and finding deeper meaning in his work that grounds him in his profession to this day.

You can catch Mr. Thangavelu’s life story on television in Mediacorp’s “Karangal / The Hands that Built the Nation” TV series. His high-profile cases have also been dramatized in the “Theerpugal/Verdict” TV series.

In parting, Mr. Thangavelu left the Enterprise with this eloquent quote encapsulating his take on successful legal strategy:

To be vigilant is to be aware; to be aware is to know. To know is to discern. With discernment comes the realization of what one’s needs are. And real actions are (usually) founded on needs. Real needs prompt thoughts and actions and propel you towards a strategy.

With its willingness to go above and beyond in finding creative solutions that are tailored to resolve its client’s problems, its track record of high-profile success, enlightened philosophy and dedicated legal team imbued with the Trident DNA, it is easy to see why Trident Law Corporation ought to be your firm of choice for Criminal Representation and Corporate solutions alike. Trident Law Corporation’s results speak for themselves.

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